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  1. I am taking 4 teen girls to Nassau, it is our only cruise stop. 3 of them have never been on a cruise or out of the country. I want to do something fun with them, but not break the bank as they are paying for this themselves. I have been to Junkanoo, and thinking that I might want something "nicer". Should we go to Cable or Cabbage Beach? Any suggestions?
  2. Kuaui is easy, just park at the shopping center by the ship. Their is a person that takes money, $20?, and a trolley that you can hop on to run you back, or it’s an easy walk. Maui is a bit more of a pain. We parked at the airport and taxied back. Maui was NOT my favorite car rental port, but we made it work.
  3. Be careful in Maui....I think we used Advantage (it was booked either thru discount Hawaii or Costco), but they do not pick up at the POA port. I found that out the hard way. We had to get a cab to go to get the car, and the cR rental guy talked quickly and with a huge accent that we had no idea what he added and we agreed to. It was just a mess. Maui was by far the worst car rental experience. The rest of the islands were easy.
  4. We had the Gypsy for all 4 Islands and it was the highlight of our trip. Excellent narrative. The kids enjoyed it too. They named the guy Bob Shaka.
  5. We took ours, we enjoyed snorkeling in Maui at Sharks Cove and then farther up the coast. Hunama Bay was horrible the day we were there. The wind was strong and it was miserable.
  6. We were on this cruise last summer. We drove up to Princeville Ranch and ziplined, then meandered our way back to the ship. We parked overnight in the shopping center nearby ($20) and then got off the ship around 9 the next morning and drove up to Waimea Canyon, dropped the car off at the airport and went back to the ship via the shuttle. Easy!
  7. I have a person asking me for advice on either the American Spirit or the American Comstellation for an Oct sailing of the Puget Sound- both 8 days. Looking for feedback on either of these ships. Thanks!
  8. Every other port was easy. You walk off and wait outside (very industrial area) for the car rental's shuttle to come. They zip you over there and we were in and out with our car quickly in both Kauai and in Hilo. We ended up doing the ships excursion in Kona b/c of the tender situation and we wanted to snorkel there. Kauai parking was no problem, you just park in the Harbor Town? Center parking lot and this lady collects $20 and gives you a window tag. There is a shuttle that will run you the block to the port, or you can walk. We were off before the shuttle began running the 2nd morning, so my husband and I walked over there and then drove back to pick up the rest. We just made sure to be off the ship early and promptly and we had full days in the cars. If I may make a suggestion, if you are renting cars in all of the ports, look into the "Gypsy Guide" app. I purchased the package from the app store for $25 and it had a guide for every island. We were SO glad we did...the guy (the kids named him Bob Shaka) was great in guiding us and telling us very interesting things. It was totally worth it. We plugged the phone into the car with a cord and could hear it over the car speakers. (Only once did we have to google how to use the system, the rest of the cars it connected automatically.)
  9. We rented a car and zip lined at Princeville Ranch in Kauai and loved it. Fantastic experience.
  10. I bought the Shaka app for all of the islands and we LOVED it. The kids named him "Bob Shaka" and we hooked him up to the car on every island. What a great tour guide it is!!
  11. Was just on the POA this summer and rented a car in all ports except Kona. Maui was the worst, all others were very easy. In Maui, I guess I missed where Advantage is the ONLY rental place that will not pick up at the port, and that is who I booked from with Costco. We ended up having to get a taxi to take us to the place, leaving 1 behind b/c we had 7 people and had to return to pick him up. The counter guy spoke VERY poor English and very fast and I had no idea what I was agreeing to and our initial price doubled. Parking in Maui: I had read here to park at the airport is the safest thing to do, we dropped the group off at the port, then drove to the airport, parked and grabbed a cab back (10 min). We had to leave super early the next morning to go grab the car too. It worked, just took time. At the other ports, there was a super easy shuttle that picked us up!
  12. Trying to figure out what time we need our transfer driver to be there to get us. Flight is at 1pm.
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