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  1. If I do get off the ship in nassau it is to go to blue lagoon island. Nice relaxing day. Otherwise Atlantis is very run down last year when I went there. Most times I just stay on ship when in nassau.
  2. Imo that is very bad business practices by the TA. I would definitely never use their services again. The fact they didnt reach out to by phone or email during a time when cruises are being cancelled is unacceptable. Even worse they are currently working by email only and have not yet responded. I wish you a speedy refund.
  3. I'm suppose to be in cabin 4586 on jewel ots this week for baltic and next week for norway fjords sailing. My brother and his were booked for 4588. It was going to him and his wife's first cruise. Love these cabins. I have tried to keep them our little secret so they dont sell out but I had to share.
  4. Nope. No noise issues of any kind. No foot traffic. No maid carts parked in hallway throughout the day. Nice private area and great location to stairs elevator centrum the bar and the mdr. Love this area. We have stayed in this location several times on serenade and her sister ship the Jewel.
  5. Whenever we do an OV cabin on serenade we always book cabins in this section 4580-4590. Very private. Not noisy at all. There is even a glass door that you can close at hallway if centrum is noisy. I think we have stayed in all 5 of these cabins and the only one Not thrilled with was 4590. There was a vibration on the wall that connected to empty dining room area. Love the extra large window. Big enough to put my backpack and books on it too. Very convenient location. Go for it. You'll love it
  6. Yes, but sailings for Bermuda are usually May thru October and since Bermuda closed up for cruises for this year I doubt they will want to be part of the slow restart for RCL cruises.
  7. I forget whether it was tui msc or aida cruise line but one that has either started sailing or will be in coming weeks was saying b2bs will not permitted for awhile. As I live in pa and driveable ports are cape liberty or baltimore they aren't any 3 or 4 night cruises from these ports to cococay. I have never done a cruise that short not sure I would.
  8. You should have your refund for other purchased items soon. If you don't have by end of August then I would recommend you call for status.
  9. I haven't seen any live reviews on the tui sailings happening this week on mein schiff. Hoping all is well and they are enjoying!!
  10. I am booked on 12 night for dec 7th on anthem that you mention. It is a casino cruise and not eligible for l&s so I have no choice but to wait till its cancelled to get cash refund. I wish it was a go as I love the itinerary for this sailing but 99.9% it wont go.
  11. We first select cruise by itinerary then ship. Sure there are many activities we enjoy on various ships. An average sea day consists of some exercising, maybe some shuffleboard, lounging at pool / sun deck, conversing with others, reading, napping and of course food at various venues. Evenings we go to the casino, maybe see a movie or a comedian. We enjoy the mid size ships serenade and jewel but we also like Anthem. Not a fan of much bigger than anthem but if there is an itinerary that is only on oasis class ship then I'll book it. I'm on the ship to relax and enjoy the sights. I dont want to feel rushed and be stuck to strict schedules either. Seems people are a little more rushed on the large ships with too much they want to fit in.
  12. Good luck in life with this attitude. I have worn a mask for hours at a time and never was it soaked with spit! Maybe doctors and nurses should stop wearing masks when they perform surgeries since they dont do anything anyway!! If a doctor or nurse contracts the virus who is to say where they caught the virus. Maybe on the train or bus ride to work. Maybe from someone they met up with that thinks masks are worthless! As you are an expert in infectious disease and know masks are worthless I guess you better advise the rest of the world. You best get busy you have alot of people to tell. While you do that the rest of us will try our best to do our part so we can get cruising in the foreseeable future.
  13. Here is a link to a story about The World ship that is private residence for those with lots and lots of money. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/maddieberg/2020/03/16/the-worlds-largest-luxury-yacht-suspends-operations-amid-coronavirus/amp/ They are all "homeless" I wonder if they get refunds of their maintainance dues? Dont you feel bad for them.......
  14. Good luck! I have been holding out hope for my december 12 night sailing. Chances are slim but I really like this itinerary and not able to l&s to next year. I hope you make your sailing too!!
  15. In addition to crew needed to maintain a ship while still at sea let's not forget Rcl has 2 ships. I think they are Magesty and Symphony that are being used as floating hotels for crew that opted to stay instead of going home.
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