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  1. When you play trivia you get prize points, usual 1,3,5 etc. depending on your place. Then you redeem the points at the end of the cruise. The cool items require more points. In the past, most of the stuff you can just take from your room-pens, those little flash light things etc. After a few t-shirts what I really wanted was a hat. Took about 100 points, to get it I had to play that silly golf game they do too. Since then I have given away all of my points to any one in my group who needed them for something they want. A t-shirt is probably about 50 points. If I ever cruise with you Mr. Stumbles. I will give you all of my points, so you can get a t-shirt or 2. cheers.
  2. Hi Captain Noodles ( and Jolly). Trivia is a big thing on Silversea. Everyday @5:00 pm. Some people take it seriously, including me, one of my neurosis. As for Jolly, she is the best trivia player among Silversea regulars, by far. I miss it, having to cancel 2 cruises already. Next up is Greece in June 2021. I hate to say this but I have the day circled on my calendar that allows cancellation with minimum penalty. I am in hopes that they do the 125% FFC credit again, because i have $1000 down on a South America to Florida cruise in 2022. Damn I want to be sailing again.
  3. This is such a hard decision. Today I am putting down $1000 which will hold a place on a Buenos Aires to Fort Lauderdale cruise, a double leg for 37 days. The $1000 will hold a place until 12/31/20. For me, especially considering the the first part of the cruise is spent mostly in Brazil, which shortly will be the world's epicenter of the pandemic, this represents a total leap of faith on my part. So I am worried about sailing nearly 18 months out. But damn I want to sail again and I am only risking $1000. I have 2 cruises scheduled for 2021 and I am not optimistic that they are going to happen. My greatest worry at the moment is whether RCL and hence Silversea stay in business until then. I suspect what might happen is RCL might go under and they would sell off Silversea which could be a viable asset. This is all so mind boggling.
  4. Sorry for the length of this but I am angry. I already have two cruises cancelled. I have 2 more scheduled for next year, and I have discovered sailing with Silversea is much more important to me than I have thought. Over the last 7 years, spending at least 20 days at sea it has become an integral part of my life style that I really value. It angers me, among many other reasons to be angry, that the political situation in this country is creating an environment in which it may be impossible for US citizens to sail in the foreseeable future.
  5. Does anyone know when the full 2022 schedule is going to be released. Looking far ahead to see if I take FCC's or cash Thanks.
  6. It seems like I started this topic light years ago. The whole world has changed since. I am glad to see people are receiving their cash refunds. It is more than understandable that it is taking some time. I too am waiting for a refund, for a cruise on the Silver Cloud around Scotland and Iceland. I was also scheduled to fly out to Dublin today. Somehow I think we all have to find a way not to be put off of cruising. Sailing on Silversea. which I have done twice a year for the last 7 years provided some of the best experiences of my life. But I truly do not see a way forward without a vaccine. I think every pharmaceutical company in the world is going 24/7 in a quest to be first. That holds out some hope that they typical 4-5 year process can be compressed into a year. I am trying to be optimistic and I keep checking the Silvesea site looking for their full 2022 schedule. Stay safe every one.
  7. I took the cash. I am booked on a Athens to Venice Cruise in the spring next year. The 125% cruise credit plus the $1000 credit and the $1000 in on board credits would have been very sweet but you can't use those for cruises already booked. So we are looking at other options. I don't know if the deal they have up apply to 2022 cruises. All they have up on their site for 2022 are the Galapagos cruises. Been there. Best cruise I have done in my life. One caveat is that you have to be comfortable snorkeling, it makes the whole trip. So if the current incentive deal which runs to 6/30 is still on the table when the rest of the 2022 schedule comes out I will definitely be booking something. I definitely will be booking something in any event. My biggest disappointment about the Cloud expedition ship being cancelled is that I spent a whole year watching TV series based on the outer islands, like Hinterland, and reading novels by folks like Peter May that are set there. I had a whole list of nooks and crannies to explore.
  8. This to the group. For the past month or so I have been strident, and at times uncivil, in some of my interactions with people active in this forum. That is not me and I truly regret I wasn't able to let things go. I am a Silversea lifer, the next cruise would have been my 10th. An inside joke is that I finally would have been able to get free laundry. For me, in my travels, Silversea has always been the best small ship cruise line in the business. I would not sail with any other company. Any negativity in my exchanges here does not change that. I have been trying to find a way to delete my posts from this period and I have not been able to. So I ask that you allow me to hit the restart button with you and clear the slate. There might have been too much ill will created for that to happen. So in any event I can only apology. chris
  9. Thanks for picking this up and posting this. I think many of us thought this is what they were doing. The financial hit all at once would have been too much
  10. You are right on all fronts of course. I have to learn here to have perfect grammar, to have all of my decimal points in the correct places, and probably to have all of my spelling correct. I expect to start having my grammar corrected soon as well. All's ok, except that I feel like I am third grades. cheers.
  11. Thanks be being understanding. 😎 I have to make a rule not to type until I have had several cups of coffee.
  12. Yeah I got that backward. 1/5 rather than 5 to 1. I used 7 to 1 below just to sew more confusion. The R factor of COVID 19 thus far is 2, The mortality rate is 4.5, which may decrease as more US numbers are brought in, but I believe will increase significantly as African and South American numbers start coming in. And the gold standard of comparisons for the 1918 pandemic, the R Naught was 1.8 and the morality rate was 2.5% and the world population was 1.8 billion. Except for my typo above implying we were breeding like rabbits, can you say a word to those who question my math skills below, that they don't know what they are talking about, and ask them to do the analysis I just did.
  13. That book was also published in 2011, seven to eight years before the period of time you believe she was writing about. Can we start getting this stuff straight please. She was indeed writing about the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu panidemic, and not the "seven to eight years before the period of time " you say .
  14. I don't want to beat this stuff into the ground, but anyhow read The Flu by the New York Times science writer Gina Kolata. She puts the world wide death toll in the 2 years 2018-9 savaged the planet as 40 million. I have seen this number in other sources. Now back to my 3rd grade arithmetic skills again. If the earth's population was then 1/5 of what it is today, and this comes with much conjecture, the death toll may have been has high as 200 million. We are only dealing with our lower numbers today because of the greatest public health effort, the mitigations, which have been more successful than I ever thought possible.
  15. Oh come folks. Its a pile up on Chris time. Under the wire is a common used euphemism to indicate that one made it to the finish line just under the deadline, hence 254 passengers is getting in under the wire which was a minimum of 250 passengers.. Another example, suppose the qualifying time for the finals of a road race was 4:00 flat and I made it in at 359.2 I would say I finished just under the wire. If you are going to criticize me at least get it right.
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