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  1. Anyone traveling on her soon willing to take photos of the menus?
  2. Here is a video of the NCL Star December last year. There are no slides anymore. The only activities I saw for children were via the kids clubs. My older teen enjoyed Entourage and met a lot of friends there. Good luck planning!
  3. I’ve sailed NCL and Princess and have done live comparisons IMO the LARGER NCL ships have a lot to do onboard, especially if you are an older kid, but unless you are Haven (perhaps Concierge on Joy), the ship seems a bit crowded. The Royal never felt that way PLUS I LOVE the adult only pool and bar area on the Royal! Not to mention the Sanctuary. Cheaper too. I’d sail the Joy if I could be in the Haven. THAT is awesome! Prices are great right now for the Joy. It all depends upon what you want out of your cruise. Enjoy planning!!
  4. I’m looking for recent pics of the POA wine and drink menus. Trying to decide if the $$ UBP is worth it. We booked the cruise a while ago, so wondering what $15 a drink will buy. Thanks in advance if you have photos to share!
  5. I am so glad I was of some help and that you had a great time! I’m not sure about the air travel but I would guess that it is part of Tauck. I say that because they sent Tauck employees to meet us at the airport. Also, they asked me which airline I preferred, flight times, etc.. top notch service.
  6. I called NCL and they were able to add a night to our package bringing it to 4 nights. Not a problem. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. I agree with OzKiwiJJ. That location has a mix of sun and shade. Here is a video and some pics. You can ask the staff member when you check in which chairs they recommend. Just tell them your preference- sun VS shade.
  8. I’m not sure if this interests you but it is a mobile hotspot that works pretty much everywhere. I always travel with it. It worked great on our river cruises and regular cruises.
  9. Yes, they will. You’ll see the Tauck rep table. Can’t miss it.
  10. They should have mailed you a booklet of all the itinerary and such a while ago. The tags are in the back of that TAke thatvwith you!
  11. Photo of all my luggage - all the blue. I carried on the small blue bag and backpack. Checked the large bag. Tauck Tags on all. My mom had separate luggage.
  12. If you check the ONE large bag EACH with Tauck, and carry on the rest, they won’t care. They will tell you to leave ALL luggage in your hotel room prior to boarding unless you DO want to carry it all day. I kept my backpack but let them take my large bag AND roller carryon bag. Tauck is VERY accommodating. Please don’t worry. Make sure you have the Tauck Tags on ALL of your luggage. It helps. I just photocopied it and put it in those plastic tags. Hope that helps.
  13. Not repetitive doing hop on hop off if you use it to get on and off. So pretty! We loved cruising the canals.
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