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  1. As a Diamond guest you can board the ship way before your Boarding pass time. You can board as soon as the ship is ready. Step right up no waiting.
  2. Yes order 2 of the same or 2 different items. Try something new at no cost.
  3. we got the usb speaker and head phones on our last 2 cruises last year. Lanyard would be real disappointment.
  4. The ones i have attended have all been in the comedy club small theater. (back of boat) Not where they do the shows in the front.
  5. The only scary part about Packing tape and staples is the people who do this before boarding an AIRCRAFT. American, Jetblue, Delta & Southwest don't care were your room is. The tag's get lost have seen many a tag traveling around a baggage carousel. So a word to the wise what ever method you use Do IT at the Port before handing over your bag to the porters other wise you maybe running around look & asking for extra tags
  6. Embarkation lunch will start with BBQ on deck 5 of the Magic. Then i am told Red Frog does 1/2 price drinks between 12pm and 2pm.
  7. Great News. Received a reply confirming my Steak house reservation today. I don't know if all the activity and the email address for the steak house cause a flurry and they answered. Mareliza Minnaar is the Steakhouse Manager who's name appeared in my confirmation. Good luck to all others awaiting reply's PS: send and email.
  8. Believe me i don't mind sharing. Learned a lot and have given a little. All Smiles !! DW and I are platinum members but that does not seem to matter at this point. Will email tomorrow.
  9. Thank you all. The email looks like the way to go at this point. Will wait 3 more days then email. Special Event and don't want to miss the night
  10. Made a request for a Steakhouse reservation a week ago on our up coming September 14th Magic cruise. How long does it take to get a confirmation on the reservation ? Should i expect to get a reply or do i check once onboard ? Anyone dine in the Steak house on Magic recently ? Thanks
  11. Cake , spa gift card, drink coupon and big message on the room mirror for out anniversary cruise
  12. I am also sailing the Magic and the Pixels photo package offer only comes in digital prints. (5 photos and a Canvas) i assume they print the canvas . Do they print all size photos on the Magic even though the package is only digital ?
  13. I hope something that movable and size was in the life vest shelf. Would not know of another location but i have never had a suite.
  14. We sailed 3 weeks after a nude cruise and lots of talk still on ship. Head waiter did tell us that clothing was required in MDF.
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