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  1. So looking forward to the Re Start fingers crossed that Oct 2020 is the date. I am sailing in Jan 2021 out of Miami and want to hear about others Great Experiences.
  2. I would hold off unless the ship your looking at have limited availability. Carnival is NOT going to add to the 600 OBC you already have. You just don't want to incur any penalty cost.
  3. I wonder if a bigger ship can dock in Puerto Rico. I am on the Fascination in May as of right now
  4. Did you not make a selection when they offered a full refund or a OBC and future cruise ? I would not worry about it now but you may want to make a choice.
  5. the DW and I have a May 2021 on the Fascination booked after a May 2020 canceled cruise ourselves. Was lucky the casino offer was still available when we rebooked. 312 days until sailing i can't be postponed again.
  6. Re booking was easy once i had pick the cruise to move everything over too. Going to try a Jan cruise on the Sensation out of Miami now. Casino offer was still available for this cruise P8V. Looking forward to New Year now. ( No wishing summer away )
  7. Yes You can use Non refundable OBC for gratuities. Have multiple times
  8. We rebooked a Sept cruise that was canceled. I had not completed paying. New cruise all moneys moved to new sailing with NO more money from my pocket. I still have an unpaid balance on the new cruise and a 300 dollar OBC that i can use once onboard.
  9. So disappointed my Sept 19th was cancelled. Booked at a Great Casino rate with DOU card from day 1 and 100 Fun play money. Offer no longer available. Will have to look at a Jan cruise now
  10. May Sailing date is Sept 19th on the Elation. Have to wait until Monday to see if all of Sept is cancelled or just threw the 15th. Do not really want to be the first cruise back but will go with a smile on my face. Problem is final payment due (will ask for extension) airfare done but how long to wait to see if i have to cancel and then a penalty with AA. Not booking transfers or an Uber to the port from MCO. Wait to much work for a vacation. AAAAAAHHHH
  11. that's the way i feel. Want this cruise to go off but have a May 2021 on the books already
  12. you really only have 3 weeks now to decide. Carnival sould be announcing something soon if Aug 1st is a go
  13. Now there's a nice idea. Do the 90 day check in but see about putting off final payment. Were my Cruise is in Sept i was hoping that Carnival would have all the wrinkles ironed out from the Aug sailings.
  14. Is there a land critic site that you can now move your post too.
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