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  1. Flying in day before but will be staying over night in Fort Lauderdale. Hotel will take us back to FLL airport. Looking for a cheaper transport to Miami then the Carnival bus at $39.00.
  2. Has Anyone used the miamiportexpress ? They show a 14.99 cost from FLL to port of Miami. Flying in to FLL and staying over night day before. Just looking to see if anyone has used this serves ?
  3. Our recent Magic cruise Carnival double booked the room. Ladies pajama party. Never sent out invites to the new date and time so i did not see how many showed up.
  4. I hope this works ok. Booked a 11:15 am out of Miami on May 9th to Boston. Returning Magic reposition cruise.
  5. DW is a slot player and she gets better offers then i do. I mostly play craps and Black Jack. Always present my SS card while playing but i believe pit boss determines your point.
  6. Did this tour an the Magic on our Sept cruise. $95.00 dollars and worth every penny. Having said that i wont ever feel the need to do it on another ship. Saw so much and learned even more. Even met some of the dancers and was in their costume room. Photo's to take away from the adventure as well. Taken by ship photographer but you get copy's as part of the cost.
  7. Ok Really Enjoyed our cruise. 8 days of pampering was just fine with me. Only issue airline lost the DW luggage. What a disaster that was, glad we flew in the day before and airline called and we had to go back to FLL the day of the cruise 1:47pm to get her luggage then taxi to cruise port to get on the Magic. Yes I DID hide 3 notes (2 of them postcards) in my room. We again going to be in that room for another cruise in May 2020. Will be interesting to see if their still in place.
  8. Look forward to a New gift Have gotten head phones (use all the time) and DW enjoys her USB external speakers. Yes we got Lanyards on the Magic in Sept
  9. We always give our room steward 20.00 when we meet him first day. Have always had excellent service and ice bucket always full. MDR staff we tip extra last night and the head waiter gets 25 and the assistant 20 and the 3rd guy 15.
  10. Don't buy Faster to Fun for the Conquest on the 27th then. By the time they off load all the special equipment you wont depart until after 7pm.
  11. What a Great tour this was. The Behind the Fun on the Magic was well worth the time and money. Will not do it on another ship as having done this cruise. Saw kitchen, laundry did not know that there are 28,000 white bath towels and 23,000 hand towel on the ship. Meeting the Caption and seeing the bridge was awesome. Lots of walking and stair wells but do it if you can.
  12. I would also prefer the beginning of the cruise. That was the original date (first sea day). How can they double book a venue on the ship ?
  13. Does Carnival really take the M & M serious though ? Sailed on the Magic in Sept and they Double booked the room for the M & M with a ladies Pajama gathering. Never sent a new invitation to my room and said we'll hold it last sea day. Look for it. Missed it so did not go. Don't know how many Originally showed for the first scheduled time but Double booking not except able.
  14. We had quite the full house on the Magic for this even last week. The group photo was post to post and 3 deep. Matt USMC
  15. Thank You PortSideCruzan for posting this. Just got off the Magic this week. Did get Passport stamped in Aruba but ONLY because of this post. Got off the ship and in the terminal building was behind 2 ladies that stopped at the information desk to ask about getting their Passports Stamped. They were told they Don't do that anymore in that building. I pulled out the print out i had of your post and found the immigration office tucked away in the corner and went in. The woman at the desk pulled out the stamp and stamped both our passports. She asked if there was anybody else and i told her i was not telling a sole where she was. SO Again thank you. Matt
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