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  1. We used our boarding pass's to check in for the safety drill as we had not yet got our Sail & Sign cards. It has your muster station printed on it and a bar code they scan to log you in. Quick and simple
  2. Our Horizon sailing of Sept 12th was only 47% full. We only found out after boarding, info was not available anywhere i could find it. Now this was the last trip before the testing changed to 48hr for a negative result.
  3. Yes were on the Elation Sept 2022. So following along. Hope you have a great trip and smooth sailing.
  4. Yes on our Horizon Sept 12th cruise we were given luggage tags with a 2 on them. Yes also received a notice of early self assist. We took a later luggage tag and had breakfast before departing as our flight was after 1pm and all of this was going on at 7am
  5. Just off Horizon and only got generic pin
  6. Nailed it with the above info. We went to customer service on Horizon and they did provide us with the list of pickup points.
  7. Yes all sailing now you get your Sail & Sign cards in your cabin mailbox. Your boarding pass is a temporary measure allowing you to make purchases until you get to your S & S cards. Don't loose it !!
  8. Yes just off the Horizon and your muster station is on the top row of the boarding pass. Hold on to your boarding pass as it act's as your S & S card until you get your cards. Drinks, shore excursions.etc...
  9. Just got off Horizon Sept 18th and your review was quite the guide i needed before i left. Was full of useful information i put to good use. Shame they did not have the ship map cards. Thanks Again. I see your sailing ahead of us on Mardi Gras were on in May of 2022 so i'll sure look forward to your review of that ship. Thanks Matt
  10. *** Before you check your bags *** Check with the ticket agent about standby seats earlier flight
  11. We just got off the Horizon on the 18th. As stated earlier you have to clear your cabin by 8:30am. we had originally gotten luggage tags with a 2 on them. I went to customer service and asked for tags in the last grouping (24) as we had a 2pm flight out of Miami. We had breakfast and departed the cabin at 8:15 and they called are luggage zone tags at about 9:25am. There were no Bar's open but the coffee shop was open but i don't know how you would pay as our sail and sign account was closed. Had a Great Vacation and hope your goes well
  12. Because no one is held accountable for anything anymore and no one wants to enforce the rules for fear of reprisal.
  13. We packed both full size and cocktail straws as the straws they offer are bad
  14. Hay man give a guy some room !! So not a big fan of smart phone and QR codes for MDR dinner every night. Can i get a Paper menu if i request it ? Sailing in 3 days when you return
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