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  1. William Tyndale was the first to translate the Bible into English from the original texts
  2. We wished that we could take photos inside but it's prohibited . I read about a person that was jailed for trying to bomb the Cathedral . https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-04/woman-jailed-for-plotting-to-bomb-st-pauls-cathedral-in-london/12422536
  3. The T shirt that our son bought me for Father's Day .
  4. Saint Paul's Cathedral We hopped off to walk along the river embankment We didn't recall seeing so many rough sleepers before
  5. We crossed Tower Bridge And after passing the Tower and it's guard lions we decided to pick up the Big Red Bus When the bus came a lot of " ladies" came out of the woodwork cutting line , pushing and shoving to grab the few empty seats on the hot bus .
  6. When I was a kid in the 50's we used to have Mister Softee ride around our neighborhood in Miami . Loved it .
  7. After lunch we decided to walk it off by going along the river . Walking under London Bridge we heard a familiar tune . The Silver Wind was next to the Belfast At about this point we fancied an ice cream And Mr. Whippy hit the spot
  8. There are some amazing stain glass in many of the churches of Europe . We also saw some nice stained glass in the Moscow Metro at Novoslobodskaya . The 32 panels were created by Latvian artists In the distance is the entrance and exit , and to the side , access from other trains .
  9. We began our last full day in London by taking the Big Red Bus to the Borough Market We went outside to photograph the Shard We found Southwark Cathedral nearby As we entered this elderly gentleman began telling us about the church building It has a lovely ornate altar And some great stained glass windows This one dedicated to William Shakesphere He told us the story of Sam Wanamaker an American who raised the money to rebuild the Globe Theatre after it had burned down . The choir began practice while we were there As it was near lunch time we saw that they had a cafe in the rear of the church . We ate outside near this vintage Rolls - Royce
  10. The Queen's House in Greenwich Royal Observatory The line divides East from West Gnarly tree
  11. Thanks for the tip . We would like to try that one next time or The Royal Horseguards .
  12. You're welcome . London is one of our favorite cities along with Saint Petersburg .
  13. Buckingham Palace We ask this guy where to board the tour boat We weren't alone on the tour boat Bridge with a view London Bridge .... The Tower of London The Tower Bridge . Most of the people got off here but we were headed to Greenwich The Cutty Sark
  14. There was a lot of sirens and door slamming that night and we tried to upgrade or change rooms but they were filled . The next morning after breakfast we walked down to the London Eye where we had a morning reservation . We were surprised to see that part of Parliament building and Big Ben were encased . From the bridge we got a good view of the Eye . The Eye wasn't operating when we got there so we hung out for a bit . When it began running we got in line and noticed that they were stopping the wheel to make some repairs every few minutes . It usually runs non stop and you have to jump on or off as it is moving . It take about an hour per cycle . At last we were on . Saint Paul's Cathedral sits at the highest point in the city A shot of the clock tower from a previous visit Exiting the Eye
  15. We tried to take a nap but it was noisy in the hotel . We walked down to the Lambeth Bridge and along the river . We did notice somebody napping on the bench who was more successful then we were The Tate Britain is where we had a nice visit on our last Baltic cruise 3 years ago We had a nice dinner at the White Swan on Vauxhall After dinner this group serenaded us on the Vauxhall Bridge The rock that doesn't roll The view from the elevator landing
  16. When entering London they didn't stamp our passport . Our driver was waiting for us and took us to the Double Tree by Hilton . We arrived early in the afternoon and our room wasn't ready so we had a snack to eat in the bar . I saw this car across the street and could't resist taking a photo for the grandsons . Our assigned room had a view of the river . We wanted fish and chips and stopped by this garden for a break .It has a creepy past . Site: St John the Evangelist burial ground (2 memorials) SW1, Horseferry Road, St John the Evangelist garden The garden's modern information board reads: This garden was acquired by the church of St John the Evangelist, Smith Square, for the use as a cemetery and was consecrated by Dr Wilcocks, Dean of Westminster, on 29 July 1731. the burial ground was overcrowded within 20 years and three feet of earth was deposited over the whole area as a solution to problem {sic}. Overcrowding continued to cause difficulties, and fees were raised several times in attempts to prevent "low fees attracting interments from other parishes". One report said that 5,126 graves had been dug in ten years. The burial ground was not protected by a wall until 1784, but two watchmen were appointed for night duty in 1781, when the stealing of bodies for dissection was common. In 1814, after a time without watchmen, they again were needed, and were armed with pistols. In 1823 Lord Grosvenor sold adjoining land to the parish, and this was consecrated as a burial ground on 23 June that year. Lord Palmerston closed the burial ground in October 1853, claiming it had become a great public nuisance. After closure it was neglected until 1880 when a committee of inhabitants was appointed to convert it into a public garden. A strip of the ground was given for the widening of Horseferry Road. The garden was opened on 23 May 1885 by the Duke of Westminster, and in 1887 the MP for Marylebone, Sir Frederick Seager Hunt, paid for a shelter to be built in the centre. The layout of the garden remains the same today. Except, clearly, the shelter has now been replaced with a fountain, and this plaque, recovered from the shelter or elsewhere, has been reclaimed and laid into the slabs around the fountain. Both plaques are laid into the paving around the fountain. Our favorite fish and chips shop A number of temporary shops have obscured the entrance to the shop The old fire station Gotta go ?
  17. The tall one in the foreground is the Shard at 95 stories https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shard
  18. We did have a last breakfast in the Pinnacle and was able to thank all of the good people for their hard work and making it a great cruise . We were the second group to leave and pickup our baggage on shore . We grabbed a cab to the airport which took us awhile to get through . When we asked for water we were surprised to find glasses and a spout to fill from instead of bottled water . Copenhagen aerial view British Air breakfast ( # 2 but who's counting ? ) How many sites of London do you recognize ?
  19. We had a sunny day for our return to Copenhagen Backing in to terminal 2 The Oceania Marina has 3 owner's suites on the 8th , 9th and 10th floor that are 2000 sq feet each They run the full width of the ship and have 2 balconies , one on each side of the center windows
  20. Thanks Barb that's what we had hoped to portray .
  21. We almost thought that we were in the Caribbean
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