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  1. Our next stop was Akershus Castle This is the chapel inside of the castle Nice tapestry We noticed that one of these cannon was trained on our balcony Leaving Oslo
  2. Don't know if you have made plans for dinner in Ft. Lauderdale but we have enjoyed the Mai-Kai for dinner and a show . It's close to the cruise port and fun and a drink . https://www.maikai.com/
  3. On many of our threads you will see this . It's not true , Photobucket removed or deleted it . If you click on image the photo will appear .
  4. As we were leaving the museum we saw some friends from the ship with a local friend. He informed us that there would be a seafood festival at the down town area. We jumped off of the bus at the modern Aker Brygge shopping area. Some tents were set up where local chef's were preparing snacks and lunch Seafood display After nosing around for a bit were drawn to some spicy scampi and a pizza - like bread . It was great ! Walking around the mall we returned to the waterfront with this view of the Legend tied up in front of Akershus Castle. Walking along the waterfront with Aker Brygge on the left , you can see that is was a nice , warm day.
  5. We tip as we go because sometimes the personnel may go home or be moved elsewhere .
  6. Seeing some of the farms reminded me of my grand parents farm in the 1950's in Texas Small wooden houses - with a double outhouse The same style of interior But the town didn't look this nice
  7. The interior features a painting of the last supper of Jesus The keeper of the keys appeared in native clothing.
  8. Here's one for you and Holli complete with 50th Anniversary balloons .
  9. We got to the museum by riding the bus and arrived when it opened at 10 AM. The first stop inside was a house that needed it's roof mowed A little walk brought us to the stave church rear This church was built in the 13th century at Gol Hallingdal. It was moved to it's present site in 1881 by King Oscar II in 1881.
  10. The bridge is lined with sculptures Like this The museum in the park did not open until noon and the first Ho ho bus had stopped, so we boarded the empty bus to our next stop , The Norwegian Museum that will open at 10 AM.
  11. Catching butterflies The monolith At the monolith you are naturally drawn to look up Or take a close up photo
  12. Have you considered Antarctica ? Next year will be the last year to go on the larger cruise ships . If you can take 2 more days the Coral has 4 days at Antarctica while the Eclipse has only 2 .
  13. The fountain was off It was fun to imagine what some of the statues were doing. Touchdown ! Angry baby Piggie back rides and doggie piles
  14. We got off the ship in Oslo early on a Saturday morning hoping to beat the crowds and got a great seat on the Hop on hop off bus that was waiting for us. Our plan was to go to Vigeland Park first because it was the first thing open. They seemed to be waiting for the bus to fill so we inquired about taxi prices to the park. In an Amazing Race moment we jumped the cab and figured that we would have a hour before the bus arrived. It worked ! The park was empty and the light was nice. Many of the statues were very touching
  15. Thanks . Pat works well as a spotter and the telephoto pulls them in .
  16. We didn't see too many seals because the boat moves fast and the seal teams are masters of camouflage. There are 4 hidden in this picture. As we got closer to the main attraction , Pulpit Rock - we realized that we were not the only cruise. And here it is towering at 1982 feet above - Pulpit Rock ! I must say that we preferred some of the other scenery like Hengjanefossen with a 400 meter fall.
  17. In the fish market area Norwegian woolen sweaters and hats are sold at a discount price (made in China). Meanwhile at the fjord tour boat , the crowd had swelled and was getting restless. We were going to Pulpit Rock and this map was posted on the ship. There is a commentary in Norwegian and English
  18. Looking up it was hard to guesstimate the height . It's about 2000' or 660 M . It was a nice cruise .
  19. Last June they were working on the out side and with a service going on inside we could't take photos
  20. Invergordon was our last stop but we did visit 2 other cities previously in Norway . We looked forward to Stavanger a smaller town before the city of Oslo , our next port. We had a quite day planned of relaxing , strolling and a Fjord cruise. We booked with Ronde online and saved about 1/2 price. We looked at the cute little houses above the port and thought that it would be fun to walk up and visit while we waited for our cruise to Pulpit Rock. We took one more look at the cute little harbor before we went down to leave the ship. Suddenly (Cue theme music from Jaws), we felt a massive presence on our left side. The port got much louder. We jumped ship as soon as we could before it got crowded on shore. A nice quite little street
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