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  1. A visit to Glenmorange The meeting area They claim to have the tallest stills in Scotland - as tall as a giraffe ! We we're not allowed to take photos inside . It was quite hot in the still room and it vented to the outside Here's the herd of giraffes The last photo came from wikipedia and was taken by Jack Shainsky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenmorangie_distillery And the final product The screen shot was taken from their web site https://www.glenmorangie.com/en-us The parting shot That's a 1962 Coupe deVille Cadillac . My dad had a 1961 Sedan de Ville colored pink that we used to call the Pink Panther . After the tour we had a wee dram of scotch and made a few purchases for medicinal reasons . As we were leaving the wedding party pulled up in their cars for some photos . As it turns out , the Father of the Bride is the Still Master there . That must have been some wedding party !
  2. When the wedding began we moved around to the side of the cathedral to have a look at the gargoyles Since they were back lit and I didn't bring my flash it's hard to see the detail The Castle , now a hotel The cathedral and the Charities Shop
  3. Next up was Dornach Cathedral Dornoch Cathedral is a parish church in the Church of Scotland, serving the small Sutherland town of Dornoch, in the Scottish Highlands. As a congregation of the Church of Scotland, which is Presbyterian, the church is not the seat of a bishop but retains the name due to being, historically, the seat of the Bishop of Caithness. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dornoch_Cathedral Matthew wanted to show us the gargoyles there but when we got there it seemed like the church was in use I felt a bit like a paparazzi lurking in the bushes - but this was good stuff Scotland the Brave on the pipes and a wedding ! Strangely , we would run into this car later As a footnote , this church was where Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX fame was married in 2010 . Madonna was also married here .
  4. There are photos here at Halfacts https://halfacts.com/signature-class/8162-nieuw-amsterdam/
  5. We left the castle before the large group and had an early lunch at the iconic UK staple . The fish and chips that we had in Iceland was a square piece of chopped fish like the Mc Donalds Filet O Fish . This was the real deal . We walked just across the parking lot to a beach with a picnic table The company , beach and food were all excellent Moving toward our next stop we encountered some wildlife on the way
  6. It was nice to see one intact and being lived in . So many were ruins .
  7. You're welcome . One warning - a Neptune Suite will probably spoil you .
  8. Congratulations on you're Alaska cruise in a Neptune on the Eurodam . It was our first Neptune but not our last . If you would like to read and see lots of photos , we did a review here :
  9. We spend the better part of day on the balcony eating and watching the scenery in Antarctica , Alaska , Iceland and Norway . Ans we lived taking photos like these from Norway . Goodbye Alesund
  10. There are 189 rooms within the castle, making it the largest in the northern Highlands. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunrobin_Castle Just like on the Zuiderdam Not like the Zuiderdam
  11. One last photo from the grounds before ascending to the overlook of the castle The green plants at the bottom of the photo are Rhubarb standing 6 feet tall . We have also seen and eaten some while in Chile .
  12. There was a group of people seated in the garden to learn about and watch a demonstration of Falconry http://www.dunrobincastle.co.uk/garden.html#falconry After showing and teaching about the Falcon he unmasked the bird and sent it flying In a dive the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world attaining speeds of 240 mph ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peregrine_falcon The bird circled overhead before diving on a target that the handler would swing around his head at the end of a rope .
  13. We took the Puffins , Elves and more tour with Wild Westfjords https://www.wildwestfjords.com/shore_excursions/Puffins_Elves_more_-_Private_Tour/ It's about an hour or 2 away from the port On the other side you could see the puffins fishing in the water In Lerwick we hired a Taxi who took us to the Sumburgh Lighthouse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumburgh_Head_Lighthouse We could see them gliding in the windy conditions They also have a Puffin Cam there https://www.shetlandwebcams.com/cliff-cam-2/ Don't forget to see the Shetland Ponies while you're there .
  14. Thank you . We also booked Isafjordur in August .
  15. Dunrobin Castle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunrobin_Castle There were a couple of buses here already and Matthew suggested that we go through the castle and down to the zoo A huge tree It's also called the Museum https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/golspie/dunrobincastlemuseum/index.html
  16. We do enjoy the the Zuiderdam and have booked her for the transatlantic in August . We were the first cruise after their dry dock and there were miscues the first 3 days but things were smooth after that .
  17. I'm not sure where we stopped next except to enjoy scenery and wildlife With the open shallow area it was a good place for birds to fish and where they could see you approaching Unless they were busy
  18. Our next stop was on Loch Shin to hear about the "Wee Hoose"which is best explained in the video https://www.scotsman.com/news-2-15012/the-true-story-of-the-wee-hoose-on-the-loch-1-4578454 When I saw the bird sitting on it I thought of it as a wee bird house . There some wee flowers growing there
  19. Yikes ! They should have a warning on the package Do not feed flowers to pets ( or husbands ) .
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