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  1. A visit to Glenmorange




    The meeting area






    They claim to have the tallest stills in Scotland - as tall as a giraffe !




    We we're not allowed to take photos inside . It was quite hot in the still room and it vented to the outside 




    Here's the herd of giraffes




    The last photo came from wikipedia and was taken by Jack Shainsky




    And the final product




    The screen shot was taken from their web site




    The parting shot




    That's a 1962 Coupe deVille Cadillac . My dad had a 1961 Sedan de Ville colored pink that we used to call the Pink Panther .


    After the tour we had a wee dram of  scotch and made a few purchases for medicinal reasons . As we were leaving the wedding party pulled up in their cars for some photos . As it turns out , the Father of the Bride is the Still Master there . That must have been some wedding party !



  2. Next up was Dornach Cathedral


    Dornoch Cathedral is a parish church in the Church of Scotland, serving the small Sutherland town of Dornoch, in the Scottish Highlands. As a congregation of the Church of Scotland, which is Presbyterian, the church is not the seat of a bishop but retains the name due to being, historically, the seat of the Bishop of Caithness.




    Matthew wanted to show us the gargoyles there but when we got there  it seemed like the church was in use




    I felt a bit like a paparazzi lurking in the bushes - but this was good stuff Scotland the Brave on the pipes and a wedding !












    Strangely , we would run into this car later




    As a footnote , this church was where Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX fame was married in 2010 . Madonna was also married here .





  3. We left the castle before the large group and had an early lunch at the iconic UK staple . The fish and chips that we had in Iceland was a square piece of chopped fish like the Mc Donalds Filet O Fish . This was the real deal .




    We walked just across the parking lot to a beach with a picnic table




    The company , beach and food were all excellent




    Moving toward our next stop we encountered some wildlife on the way







  4. 26 minutes ago, DivotMaker said:

    We've been on about 15 cruises since our first in 1999 - Carnival, Royal, NCL, Princess, and Celebrity.  We're both about to turn 50, and we've noticed our ideas of the ideal cruise have changed over the years.  We just finished a cruise with NCL over the New Year's holiday aboard a ship with nearly 5,000 passengers, by far the largest ship we've ever been on.  After the cruise, we both agreed it might be time to look at a new line that might be a better fit for us.  We like to read on cruises, so we'll generally try and seek out quiet places on the ship.  We also like lounges with live music to sit and enjoy a drink.  We tend to avoid the buffets for every meal, but will stop in there for some ice cream from time to time.  So, as you can probably infer, we are not the "party" people, but much more quiet.  


    After a quick Google search, we started looking into HAL for a future cruise.  We settled on a cruise to Alaska (our third) in June aboard the Eurodam.  We're going with another couple and both settled with Neptune Suites.  I've tried to read as much as possible about the HAL experience, and the more I read, the more excited I get that this may be a very good fit for us. 


    So, I just wanted to say hi and also thank all of you for the excellent posts in this forum about HAL.  


    Happy cruising.




    Congratulations on you're Alaska cruise in a Neptune on the Eurodam  . It was our first Neptune but not our last . If you would like to read and see lots  of photos , we did a review here :









  5. There was a group of people seated in the garden to learn about and watch a demonstration of Falconry




    After showing and teaching about the Falcon he unmasked the bird and sent it flying 






    In a dive the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal in the world attaining speeds of 240 mph !




    The bird circled overhead before diving on a target that the handler would swing around his head at the end of a rope . 




  6. 1 hour ago, Luv2cruz1000 said:

    Where can you see Puffins in Seydisfjordur in July? Also wondered about Lewick. thanks


    We took the Puffins , Elves and more tour with Wild Westfjords




    It's about an hour or 2 away from the port 






    On the other side you could see the puffins fishing in the water





    In Lerwick we hired a Taxi who took us to the Sumburgh Lighthouse







    We could see them gliding in the windy conditions






    They also have a Puffin Cam there


    • IMG_7200%202_zps0qluzdev.jpg







    Don't forget to see the Shetland Ponies while you're there .




  7. 9 minutes ago, SumoCitrus said:



    Thanks for the link - I missed that. Looks great. This is a selection based primarily on itinerary. I like the stop in Istanbul. Thanks for all the info.


    We do enjoy the the Zuiderdam and have booked her for the transatlantic in August . We were the first cruise after their dry dock and there were miscues the first 3 days but things were smooth after that .

  8. 1 hour ago, dogs4fun said:

    Yes, I have seen them in the wild. The foxglove that was in my garden was planted by me - a package of wildflower seeds. At the time, I was not aware that it was a poisonous plant.

    Weird story - a few years ago a woman in my area (Castle Rock, CO) was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for poisoning her husband's salad with foxglove. The poor husband was hospitalized after consuming a spaghetti dinner & a bitter tasting salad prepared by his "loving" wife. Nice, huh? 


    Yikes ! They should have a warning on the package Do not feed flowers to pets ( or husbands  ) .

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