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  1. We were up early for the weather report and breakfast We had slept pretty well despite this ship's noise all night We were doing short Golden Circle tour since we would leave port at 15:30 . Before that tour we were doing a puffin island tour that began at 0800 . It was cold and very windy in the parking lot at 07:30 . We had a view while waiting It's a short ride time wise but about a 3 mile walk and the ride was included The harbor The boat that we would be going resembled a Viking boat with it's lap siding
  2. On an upcoming HAL cruise we booked with a local shore excursion at $245 pp . The vendor informed us that HAL had bought all of the tickets and that we would have go to them . The new price is $899 pp , a whopping 367 % price increase !!
  3. We would like to have some advice on Boston . Our ship is supposed to make port there on Labor Day . I think that we are spending 2 nights there so we are looking at things to do there then .
  4. We would prefer to go on the Zuiderdam but like the itinerary of the Princess better . We have booked the Zuiderdam from Copenhagen to Boston in August .
  5. If the weather is really bad you may cut through instead of going around . If you're going to Punta Tombo for penguins it's better for penguins and other wildlife than Punta Arenas was last year .
  6. The weather had began to clear on the way back to port Dinner And an overnight guest The sky changed again before bedtime
  7. Thank you for your kind words and great tips . Unfortunately that photo didn't show your best features . A slight subject change . We don't know if ya'll or your readers have considered a trip to Antarctica or Greenland . Unless things change you will not be able to go there on a ship like the Caribbean Princess or the Coral Princess after next year . We did go to Antarctica last year and the scenery was spectacular and we've booked Greenland for this year . Keep up the great work and taking photos . All of our best wishes for you and Brad .
  8. Yes it is . We hope to make it all the way to the Glacier Lagoon in August .
  9. Thank you . We hope to review the Regal on the Princess site and the Rotterdam here on HAL after we return .
  10. I did want to try to blur the water falling which is really hard to do without a tripod Yet another video clip . Look for the midge that photobombs us at the end . The best photo that I have seen from behind the falls comes from wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seljalandsfoss
  11. Whist we love cities like Saint Petersburg , Moscow and London we do love our landscapes and critter shots . We were blessed to be able to go to Patagonia , Antarctica , Iceland and Norway in the past year . We really loved the scenery there so much so that we hope to return to Iceland , Norway and a first trip to Greenland this year . 😎
  12. Our next trip will be on our old friend the Regal Princess with a 26 day cruise . After that we will hop on the Rotterdam in Rotterdam for a week of Norway . The Neiuw Statendam and the Zuiderdam will both be leaving to do TA's the same day that we leave .
  13. Our last Pinnacle visit for a while . Port Everglades . We were red 1 and the first called after self disembarkation . We were trying to beat a storm home but going was slowed by rubberneckers checking out a couple of minor accidents off the road . Even the Snowbird Express was anything but express .
  14. Seljalandfoss falls about 200' There is a path to the right where some folks walked behind the waterfall . We didn't . Video clip :
  15. We did make a quick photo stop here but didn't cross the fence We also saw this at our last stop
  16. We forgot to factor in the hour added to the clocks so we were ready to eat the paint chips off the wall as we were eating an hour and a half later than normal . We phoned Caneletto to see if we could eat half an hour sooner . No dice . A quick call to the Pinnacle and we were in .
  17. Our next stop was Solheimajokull Glacier It's between 2 volcanoes so it has a lot of the residue on it's surface giving it a black appearance It's about a 15 minute hike from the road Size wise you can see it's height in relation to the people . It's about 5 miles long , 1 mile wide and currently retreating . From 1930 to 1969, the glacier retreated in total around 977 m. Then the weather cooled and the glacier advanced forward about 495 m until 1995, and also thickened by up to 100 m. https://www.extremeiceland.is/en/destinations/south-iceland/glacier-hiking Our point of reference for glaciers is Perito Moreno . 19 miles long , 2.5 miles wide and over 200 ' tall . It's Blue and advancing. It feels alive because you can hear it creaking , cracking and groaning as it calves
  18. Heading back to the car park Next stop An overview of Vik From here They seemed to have these stores at all of the ports . We stopped at a large one in Vik with a place eat . We tried the fish and chips and lamb soup .
  19. Some of the countryside with the greens and hills reminded us of Ireland . We are scheduled to go back in August in the afternoon so perhaps we will see the rainbow then . We finish in Boston for a couple days including Labor day so any places to visit there would be appreciated .
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