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  1. We didn't go to Shark Reef last year and I saw this article saying that it would be closed. https://www.themeparktourist.com/news/20160915/32188/big-changes-coming-walt-disney-world-s-water-parks So , we're not sure if they are still open . I don't remember if they advertised the scuba option . We walked past a Tiki hut near the entrance and saw the gear laid out and so we rented it for Tyler and Pat while I snorkeled with Timothy , who was too young to use the gear . The photo is from the article
  2. Yes , the picture of Tyler was at Shark Reef in Tyhoon Lagoon where they had a second pool for scuba rental - but you aren't allowed to submerge . We also have dove Dive Quest but they we cleaning it and it was a little murky . We also took his younger brother , Timothy , on the same trip and they were at surf school in the second picture . The last 2 photos we last year for Pat's birthday and Tyler surfed the wave pool on the 4th of July last year . :cool:
  3. We thought that it might be slower in the summer at the resort. There is a lot to do and see in Norway and the water falls should be very busy with the snow melt ! :):D
  4. That would be nice ! Have you made any plans for Norway ? :):D
  5. Akershus Castle as we were leaving Oslo A video clip of us leaving Oslo If we could have spent the night there , we would have had dinner at this old lighthouse that we passed which is now Dyna Fyr Restaurant . https://www.visitoslo.com/en/product/?TLp=181333
  6. As we were leaving the Norwegian Museum we saw our friends from the ship Larry and Diane . They had a local friend with them who told us that there would be a seafood festival held in a shopping area near the cruise ship called Aker Bryyge . Some tents were set up where local chef's were preparing snacks and lunch Seafood display After nosing around for a bit were drawn to some spicy scampi and a pizza - like bread . It was great ! After walking around the mall we returned to the waterfront with this view of the Legend tied up in front of Akershus Castle.
  7. The photos are in the archive mode currently as we are not able to upload photos at this time .:confused:
  8. A few more photos of Norway before we return to dinner on the CB . The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History Stave church fom the 13th century made without nails The keeper of the keys to the church
  9. It's great to hear that you had a nice day in the Animal Kingdom . The heat and humidity and crowds are the reason that we avoid the parks in Summer except Blizzard Beach or Typoon Lagoon . And when is starts getting hot , crowded , tiresome or rainy , we head out for lunch or a swim in the pool at the resort .
  10. We would have loved to climb the Rock but didn't have the time or energy after the cruise . ;);)
  11. Thank you Gracie . Norway is beautiful but cool and rainy . An exception occured when we hit Oslo . It was sunny and warm ! We were next to the Akershus Castle One of the cannons were pointed at our balcony We took a HoHo bus and the first stop for us was the Vigeland sculptures It was so clear and warm that many shed their clothes
  12. I must say that we preferred some of the other scenery like Hengjanefossen with a 400 meter fall. On this video we approach the waterfall A little closer to the falls This is the other boat leaving the falls. The smoking troll Our Vista Suite on the Legend .
  13. And while we can't speed up time , we can give you some ideas of things to do and see . We booked a fjord tour boat and the crowd was getting restless . We were going to Pulpit Rock and this map was posted on the ship. There is a commentary in Norwegian and English We didn't see too many seals because the boat moves fast and the seal teams are masters of camouflage. There are 4 hidden in this picture. As we got closer to the main attraction , Pulpit Rock - we realized that we were not the only boat . And here it is towering at 1982 feet above - Pulpit Rock !
  14. Happy Birthday Nancy ! :* We did have the thunder boomers and rain yesterday and last night - but no fireworks ;p We hope that Barry and you have a great time at WDW !
  15. And thank you for dropping in! It's nice to be back , and see the great , cooler cruises that you have planned . :)
  16. Thank you . You have some great reviews with wit and humor , proof that there are still pirates in the Caribbean . And thank you for 'sharing' your photos . :cool:
  17. Stavanger is the 3rd largest city in Norway . We went for a quite walk among the houses above overlooking the ship And at the fish market Pat bought a Norwegian designed sweater at a good price ( made in China ) .
  18. There are plenty of fireworks to go around ! An afternoon thunder storm / power spike took out my computer and our 6th night of fireworks from out neighbors went past midnight last night ! :( We expect more tonight and on your birthday and Saturday .;) We hope that you have a great birthday !!!
  19. Duh , why didn't we think of that ? Maybe next year or later this summer for a getaway I'll try to post some photos from Stavanger in a little . :cool:
  20. No cruises booked . A happy 4th to everyone and be safe ! Pat thinks that the fireworks are for her birthday ( yesterday ) . She can now draw Social Security . :D
  21. This was our 6th cruise on the Caribbean Princess (CB) , but the first in several ways : 1. Our first full suite (C 749) 2. Our oldest grandson Tyler's first Princess cruise Ty looking a little pensive 3. Our first post-dry dock cruise for the CB Note Planks BBQ and Steamers Seafood ( Red arrow )
  22. Cruising the Baltic family style on the Celebrity Eclipse This was our sixth visit to Europe , but this one would be different . We would be taking our oldest grandson , Tyler age 13 . We have always maintained a close relationship to him and his brother . He was just 3 when we first visited Europe , also on a Baltic cruise , on the NCL Dream . When we returned we told him stories of a far away place including the land where Thomas the Train , his favorite , lived . We promised to take him there one day , and so the time had arrived . We would be taking the local train to our non stop flight from Miami to London We left in the late afternoon on Friday , June 3rd , the day after Tyler had finished school for Summer . Last stop MIA for our overnight flight to LHR .
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