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  1. Chris took us next to a Croft house https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croft_(land) The right door held farm implements for cutting peat And to the left was a living area with a peat fire smoldering . It smell like the muck fires that we sometimes got in the Spring . There was also a Box bed Outside was a pile of peat And Chris met his neighbor who was working there
  2. We have . We got a three year visa the last time and we left with the first ships tour . You can then take the bus or walk to the gate to meet your guide or relative . You don't need a double entry but the 3 year cost the same and you can stay for 6 months . You must leave for a day before returning again for another day .
  3. We used Tours by Locals as a private tour custom designed . Our 14 yo grandson liked shopping , Peterhoff , the Metro The Artillery museum were they have tanks and cannon that you can climb on and an AK 47 BB gun to shoot . He also liked the helicopter flight over SPB and eating Khachapuri , a Georgian cheese bread . He didn't mind the beautiful churches and the Hermitage ( early admission to stay ahead of the crowds and keep moving to the good stuff ) .
  4. We were still enjoying the view from the lighthouse . A ladder went over this stone fence near the guy in red . The walls and fences kept the sheep in but people are allowed to cut across We would have to cross the landing strip again Birds of a feather
  5. We had hoped to see and capture the puffins flying here Coming in for a landing Their flying was more like gliding and they move fast in this video clip :
  6. And while the views were fantastic , we came to see the puffins Yin and Yang It was very windy and we hoped to see the puffins fly Interesting Atlantic puffin Facts: Atlantic puffin is a small bird. It weighs 17.5 ounces and can reach 10 inches in length. Males are slightly bigger than females. Body of Atlantic puffin is covered with black and white plumage. In the past, feathers of Atlantic puffins were used for decoration of hats. Atlantic puffins have very large and colorful beaks (combination of red, yellow and blue colors). Because of their beaks, Atlantic puffins are also known as "sea parrots" or "clowns of the sea". Color of the beak changes seasonally. It is pale during the winter and more colorful during the spring, when mating season starts. Birds become more attractive to the opposite sex when their beaks are brightly colored. Upper part of the beak has layer of spines designed to hold the fish. Thanks to this feature, parents can deliver more than one fish to their chick in the nest. Atlantic puffin feeds on fish. It hunts sand eels and herrings. Atlantic puffin is an excellent swimmer. Its webbed feet and strong wings allow fast and precise movement through the water. It can dive 200 feet deep and remain submerged for up to one minute. Atlantic puffin is also very fast flyer. It can reach the speed of 55 miles per hour by flapping its wings 400 times per minute. Main predators of Atlantic puffins are black-billed gull and herring gull. Atlantic puffins spend majority of their lifetime on the sea. They come to the coast only once per year to reproduce. Mating season takes place from April to August. During this period, large colonies of Atlantic puffins gather in their home grounds. Atlantic puffins mate for life. They build burrow in the rocky cliffs or on the solid ground between rocks. Burrows are located 3 feet underground. Female lays one egg. Incubation period lasts 42 days. Both parents take care of the chick. Young chicks learn to fly 45 days after birth. They will fly to the open sea and stay there until they become sexually mature, at the age of 3 to 5 years. Atlantic puffins can survive up to 20 years in the wild. http://www.softschools.com/facts/animals/atlantic_puffin_facts/450/ They have a live puffin web cam https://www.shetlandwebcams.com/cliff-cam-2/
  7. Up to the lighthouse for a excellent view https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumburgh_Head_Lighthouse
  8. We wanted to go to a lighthouse to look for wildlife ( upper left ) In order to get there we must cross a landing strip at the airport with a helicopter coming in Helicopter landed Driving up to the lighthouse
  9. We went for a ride in the countryside And stopped for some Shetland ponies I was afraid that my wife would like to take one home And she did want to bring one home If it itches , scratch it
  10. Yes we're looking forward to them all . We're 3 months out . The day that we leave on the Regal the Zuiderdam also leaves on a TA . The Regal won't be back to the US anytime soon as it will be in Oz in August .
  11. To the best of our knowledge yes but couples have to share . 🙄
  12. A good look at the Zuiderdam before leaving port Scalloway Castle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalloway_Castle Wikipedia
  13. Tenders away We had a quick shower as we came ashore in Lerwick A pretty city With friendly locals
  14. Thank you . We can now get into the planning stages for our next cruises . Regal Princess TA in April , Rotterdam to Norway in May and a TA from Copenhagen to Boston in August back on the Zuiderdam .
  15. Yes , we heard that there was some reef disease on the hard corals and that South of Palancar was shut down for a couple of months . https://xray-mag.com/content/coral-disease-triggers-partial-closure-cozumel-marine-park We haven't been there since March as we've been doing some long and costly cruises and a couple more this year in April and August . We like the still photos that are turned into a video , how is that done ?
  16. The forecast for Lerwick I tried to get forward for a photo but they were preparing the tenders A P&O ship was also in port Lerwick
  17. We did that cruise last June and did a photo travelogue that you might find helpful
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