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  1. I saw a shadow as this one swooped overhead and landed on a branch to spot some lunch .
  2. I didn't really check the photos while I was shooting . I'm also more use to using my DSLR for events like those but I will be using it for videos at an Al Stewart concert in a couple of weeks .
  3. A second show was Carnivale by Cirque Dreams where we shot some stills and video Some aerialists hanging by their feet and neck .
  4. The fail point was when the leaping began Double back flips with the second thru a ring higher than his head
  5. Think that the crowd knew that it was $2 Tuesday ? The camera worked fine with good light . Fried Cheddar Gyro sandwich After lunch came the entertainment .
  6. Same here . I'm keeping my Canons . We went to the Fair yesterday and the photos showed that the Mark VII couldn't keep up with the big boys .
  7. I also have used the same RX 100 lll for years but I like the reach on the model VII .
  8. Thank you . Yes Matthew was a private guide that we found on Tours by Locals . We did book him again on May 12th . You can contact him directly at thetoursscotland.co.uk also Tetts Highland Experience Tours . Please tell him that Pat and Joe said hello . These are our next cruises and we will review them on Princess and HAL after we return .
  9. The last viewing platform How many of the 11 hairpin turns can you count ? The 4 houses that we saw in the distance Driving the hairpin turns past the waterfall After leaving Trollstigen we continued South on 63 to Valldal . Turning on to 650 we went North and West until we reached 136 West to Alesund. We didn't stop for lunch and time begain to run out for our return. Just outside on Alesund we ran into grid lock at a traffic accident and there was no way to get through. It looked as though we would miss the boat. We finally got through after about 25 minutes. Diane decided to drop us off by the ship and we were going to try to stall the departure. As it turned out one of the ship's buses had not returned. We were in port from 9- 6 P.M. so if you drive , allow extra time for your return. Leaving The Port of Alesund. As we were sailing away we were greeted by this fire boat. Did they know something that we didn't ?
  10. It seems like she always looks that way , even when she was in the hospital .
  11. As we approached the viewing area we saw this small house The viewing area next to the waterfall The waterfall cascades 300 meters. At the top of the picture you can see 4 houses. The viewing platform is a small brown spot at the base of the grey house on the left.
  12. We did most of the ports that you mentioned last year and you may want at our photo review beginning with post # 183 . We would recommend the first cruise and do Norway another time .
  13. Not sure if you are in the screenshot . Have a great time !
  14. Looks great Bob . Can you share your room number . We booked our first aft corner suite on a Regal TA next month and any insider tips for the suite life would be greatly appreciated .
  15. Out of control fires can be a very destructive and scary thing . They took the lives of 3 of my co workers including one of my lieutenants from fire college .
  16. We finally got some seasonable weather for you and Holli and your sail away . Upper 40's tonight . Bon Voyage we will be watching you sail away today .
  17. Another small waterfall that we couldn't resist We could sense an increase in elevation and a decrease in traffic Alnesreset is the highest elevation in our journey Magical Mistical Tour
  18. Thanks Mic . We're hoping that you didn't have to evacuate and we heard that the airport was closed .
  19. Further along highway 63 we stopped at a waterfall with a viewing platform Here is an article about our destination http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trollstigen As we drew closer to our goal the road became more crowded
  20. Our ship went to Alesund so we hired a guide to take us to Geirangerfjord . Check out the guy on the right We rode on this ferry through the fjord Our guide brought lunch which we ate on the table
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