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  1. Up to the lighthouse for a excellent view https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sumburgh_Head_Lighthouse
  2. We wanted to go to a lighthouse to look for wildlife ( upper left ) In order to get there we must cross a landing strip at the airport with a helicopter coming in Helicopter landed Driving up to the lighthouse
  3. We went for a ride in the countryside And stopped for some Shetland ponies I was afraid that my wife would like to take one home And she did want to bring one home If it itches , scratch it
  4. Yes we're looking forward to them all . We're 3 months out . The day that we leave on the Regal the Zuiderdam also leaves on a TA . The Regal won't be back to the US anytime soon as it will be in Oz in August .
  5. To the best of our knowledge yes but couples have to share . 🙄
  6. A good look at the Zuiderdam before leaving port Scalloway Castle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalloway_Castle Wikipedia
  7. Tenders away We had a quick shower as we came ashore in Lerwick A pretty city With friendly locals
  8. Thank you . We can now get into the planning stages for our next cruises . Regal Princess TA in April , Rotterdam to Norway in May and a TA from Copenhagen to Boston in August back on the Zuiderdam .
  9. Yes , we heard that there was some reef disease on the hard corals and that South of Palancar was shut down for a couple of months . https://xray-mag.com/content/coral-disease-triggers-partial-closure-cozumel-marine-park We haven't been there since March as we've been doing some long and costly cruises and a couple more this year in April and August . We like the still photos that are turned into a video , how is that done ?
  10. The forecast for Lerwick I tried to get forward for a photo but they were preparing the tenders A P&O ship was also in port Lerwick
  11. We did that cruise last June and did a photo travelogue that you might find helpful
  12. No worries about the hi-jacking as it's usually me hi-jacking my own thread . Because the topic of SCUBA ( the other half of cruiserx2 ) has been raised , I would like to relate what we considered a business model and success story . Cozumel is our favorite place to dive and we have stayed there many times and booked many cruise there to dive . We first dove with Dive Paradise on a cruise there in 1998 . We're very experienced divers and we prefer diving more advanced sites with other more experienced divers . On the cruise tours diving tours it seemed like we always functioned as extra dive masters taking care of people were very nervous or inexperienced so they didn't get injured . That did limit taking photos or just relaxing and enjoying our dive . Dive paradise had a great program matching skills levels and bring extra dive masters to those who needed them ( You could hire a private DM as a buddy for $20 ) . The Owner of Dive Paradise , Rene "Apple" Applegate put together a class operation with great dive masters that we consider friends , captains and a large fleet of boats for different groups and needs - all at a good price . She reward loyalty with reduced prices . She had been approached by a number of cruise lines who wanted to hire her but she refused the almighty dollar and stayed loyal to her people . Unfortunately she passed away in 2017 and her way of doing business went along with her . https://diveparadise.com/remembering-apple/ When we went on a cruise on the Carnival Tropicale they had no provider for diving in Belize a photographer / shore excursion / diver employee of Carnival asked us who we were using . We had successfully dove with Hugh Parkey in the past and I made a mistake of telling him about Hugh . The next trip that we went to Belize on a cruise Hugh was now their man and we could no longer dive with Hugh from a cruise ship without buying the cruise ship's inflated prices . The quality of the experience had dropped rapidly going from a couple of fast boats to a much slower cattle boat . We stopped going to Belize on cruise ships and started staying more in Cozumel looking forward to Sundays when there was no crowds and cruise ships in port .
  13. Lunch at the Pinnacle Grill We really enjoyed it and felt that it was worth every penny .
  14. When we dive the colors become muted the deep we go . Because I used an strobe ( under water flash ) it brought the color back . In the video I had no light so the colors are muted
  15. It did show their ports and the shore excursions in each port .
  16. Breakfast announcements Followed by a look at the daily menu by the MDR We had noticed that the Dinner menu was a day early on TV so we would take a picture and order from yesterday's photo . With the Mariner Lunch at the MDR we decided to try the Pinnacle for lunch . We chose to look at the port profiles on TV The TV scrolls through photos of each port
  17. We thought that Fred did a great job and having shopped before boarding , we said goodbye to Fred , Reykjavik and Iceland and hello to diner and a sunset .
  18. A view of the lake It was still very windy Look , up in the sky , it's a bird , it's a plane !
  19. We though about it but I think I'm allergic to cold weather . 😊 I went lobster diving with one of the guys from the fire department and due to a cold water up welling the temperature was about 50 F ( 10 C ) . I got several large lobsters but Pat and I like the warmer , clear water to the dark and cold .
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