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  1. I'm still trying to decide which ship (Escape vs Gem) to go to Bermuda on and appreciate everyone's thoughts! Quick couple of questions... - does anyone know how beds would be configured for 4 of us in either a balcony room or a mini-suite? My two teen girls are larger and do not sleep well on the pull down type beds (on the 1 cruise we took on Carnival this is what we had) so I am wondering if that couch turns into a bed for 2 or what the options are? - on each ship, is the bathroom the biggest difference on a mini-suite vs a regular balcony room? I do not care about a tub but was hoping the overall square footage of the living space might be a little larger in the mini-suite for the 4 of us? anything else? - I know I can look up the entertainment on each ship and am doing that (I think Escape must win in this case??) but am also wondering if someone can compare the pool and hot tub situation on each ship? We do not care much about slides or anything since our kids are older but never even got a chance to go into a pool when we sailed on Carnival because there were so many people and little kids that I do want that option... Finally, I imagine it might be more confusing/stressful to cruise out of Manhattan vs Boston -- anyone gone from both that could compare?
  2. thanks @graphicguy, I was actually able to google it and it sounds great but after looking it up I am guessing it starts a week later than the week I can go?
  3. oh gosh, I have never heard of Harbor nights in Hamilton...I will go research that now too! so much to think about...
  4. thanks - I keep flip flopping back and forth..trying to weigh how much cruising out of Boston is worth (not having to go far to port from home) and then also how much the ships's amenities will be important vs the length of time in port in Bermuda (Norwegian's itineraries are much more time in Bermuda since Anthem for some reason has chosen to squeeze in Boston as a stop on it's way back to NJ which does not appeal so we would stay on the ship)....still would love any other thoughts!
  5. thanks for the quick responses! If I book the two cabins, are there any that connect? Not a huge deal but just wondering if there is a no-brainer way to make sure to book side by side...
  6. I'm still trying to do research between Norwegian and RCL but if we do RCL for our April trip it will be to Bermuda and leaving from NJ on the Anthem. We have never cruised on either cruise line before (just Carnival)and it will be me and my husband and two older teen daughters. When I price it out, it seems like it would be cheaper to do 2 regular balcony rooms vs the junior suite that I priced out. My husband is a sucker for a little "snobbifery" as we call it but our budget wont allow for a true suite so I am wondering whether the junior suite is worth it or not in this case? I could not tell if it included priority embarkation/debarkation or not at this level? Also, this might be a sensitive question, but I was reading about the Solarium (which sounded appealing as Bermuda might be chilly in April) and read that it allows those "over 16"...will I be able to bring my girls (15, 17) with me or would they somehow know the 15 year old (she looks 18) is not yet 16? any thoughts specifically on taking this to Bermuda? should I be nervous about rough seas in the Atlantic that time of year or is this ship so large that we wouldn't really notice? thx!!
  7. Hi, We have cruised only once before (Carnival 2 years ago on a short cruise) and are now hoping to book a cruise for this April (school vacation for my 14 and 17 year old daughters). We live close to Boston so it would be ideal to choose the Gem however, I wonder if you all would say to drive to NYC in order to take the Escape instead? Boston would be so much simpler but I just do not know if the ship offers enough to do for us in case Bermuda happens to be chilly in April this year? Which would you choose? My girls are not the types that would go to the teen clubs - they like to hang with us and we all love shows/entertainment but do not require waterslides or too much for thrill options. However we would like things to do... Also, I have loved researching the idea of the Haven suites but i know I cannot afford that level...however, someone mentioned in another post about "bidding" for them? Can anyone explain what that means? Would the Haven area on the Gem make the Gem a better choice than the Escape if we could swing it? I think a mini-suite is what I would book...but that does not allow any sort of priority embarkation or anything special right? Sorry so many questions! I also posted in the main cruise question forum that we are also trying to compare these two ships with the option of going on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas as well but Norwegian spends much longer in Bermuda so seemed to appeal a little more - plus the option to leave from Boston is very appealing. Thoughts?
  8. Hi, I know this is a Royal Caribbean forum so this may be a silly question but I have only cruised once (on Carnival) and am trying to choose a cruise for this April (school vacation and I have two older teens) and am trying to stick to cruising out of Boston (close to us) or driving to NY/NJ. That leaves just a few choices for us and it looks like Bermuda would be the destination. The Norwegian itineraries offer more time in Bermuda than the Anthem of the Seas. If costs were similar, which ship would you choose? Our choices would be the Norwegian Escape out of NYC or the Anthem out of Cape Liberty (is that much easier to get to than the NYC pier?) OR to leave right from Boston but on the smaller Norwegian Gem? Our girls are not the type to want the teens club but as a family we would want to do any/all of the shows. We do not care much about water slides, etc. but would love hot tubs (especially if the weather is cooler since in April!). Thoughts/opinions? Also, on a side note, will I have to worry about rough seas in April on the atlantic to Bermuda?
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