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    Excursions in June

    expect it to be miserable hot and humid. cave tubing and snorkeling are your activities
  2. I think it floods most every spring, nothing new there.
  3. 1.3 million tourists go to Belize every year. One or twp of them return home alive.
  4. there is an area they dumped some sands but that is it.
  5. get a bike and ride around
  6. In July the heat/humidity will hellish oppressive, you want the cave tubing,
  7. walk Bourbon St at the crack of dawn, very cool
  8. you dont need a tour. rent a kayak and paddle out to the reef and snorkel. there are tie offs at the reef for the kayaks.
  9. geeko1

    Scuba Diving

    While the diving in Belize is great you will be a good distance from the reef so fly to a caye or dive elsewhere.
  10. Depends completely on what the rains have been
  11. Lobster season is June 15th to February 14th
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