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  1. I see. Just checked our MSC history and first MSC cruise was April 2017 so we have always registered our cc on the ship.
  2. Journey2016, I agree, for us to, but MSC has chosen not to do it during the check in process but rather afterwards.
  3. For future MSC cruisers, each of their ships has several "ATM type looking machines" where you need to register your Credit Card. I feel there are numerous ways MSC makes people aware of the necessity to do this. And you can view your Statement at any time on the tv in your Cabin. If you have registered a CC, the morning of Debarkation there will be a printed Statement in your mail box and there is no need to stop at the Front Desk. If however by the last day you have not registered a CC you will need to stop by Desk to settle your Account prior to getting off Ship.
  4. I am a fan of Carnival but as far as the web site and the many changs that are made, I have come to believe that the Carnival web specialists believe that "a change is as good as a rest!"
  5. Belize is a "tender" port so without an excursion you need to go to the "TV Lounge on Deck 7" (that is where we had to go) to get a Number and when your Number is called you can catch the tender and get to Belize. Or you can wait until all numbers are called, enjoy a liesurely breakfast and relax, and they will eventually say something to the effect that it is "open" tender time and anyone can come down and get onto a tender. Tender trip is 30-40 minutes. There is NO cost involved.
  6. 1) No bottled water (or soda or wine, etc.) is allowed to be brought on board. 2) The walking track is very nice, it is on an upper deck, early in the morning best time to walk it, five times around = 1 mile.
  7. SaturnMom, we had a wonderful time on the Armonia in September and would book it again without hesitation. We have never “met a ship we didn’t like” and have sailed MSC on Divina and Seaside and Meraviglia just last week. Yes, the Armonia is a grand old ship and we loved her. It is always a mystery to me how there can be such varied reviews. Enjoy your cruise. Crew is great. The Captain, Meinhardt Hansen, is fairly new to MSC and a great Captain. If not too late sign up for the CC Meet&Mingle do so - a great event and you will meet the Captain.
  8. The Credit is 20% of what you paid for your cruise (not including taxes) so everyone's credit will differ. Also I do not think (but am not 100% sure) that every seven night on the Mera that is not stopping at Ocean Cay is the same Itinerary so I do not know what Sunday's Itinerary would be.
  9. We were on Meraviglia November 10 cruise and of course did not visit Ocean Cay. Disembarked Sunday and yesterday Tuesday already received our "future cruise credit" by email. Yeah!
  10. And the Brass Anchor Pub on the Meraviglia is very nice. Enjoy. Just off ship on Sunday. Thoroughly enjoyed.
  11. We have found that on MSC ships there are not showers available to use such as there are on Carnival. I often use the spa/gym showers on Carnival as we choose a cabin close to gym. Sorry to be “bearer of bad news.”
  12. We have sailed on MSC Divina and Seaside and Meraviglia as well as Armonia and although all different have enjoyed them all. "Never met a ship I didn't like." However on these Boards you will find what someone loves someone else hates! I did write a review of our September cruise. Entertainment? Shows are enjoyable. Appreciated music throughout Ship but again that varies from person to person. Embarkation and Debarkation a breeze. Enjoy. We would sail Armonia again. She is coming to Tampa the end of 2020 so are looing forward to that.
  13. I do not believe there is any way to ask for a particular size of table. However we have never had any trouble at getting the size of table we want if we go to the Dining Room Day of Embarkation about 1pm and make our request.
  14. Regarding Showers on Armonia: we were an Inside Cabin and they are small and have a curtain. However you can forget about the curtain and direct the nozzle appropriately and then shower with little cleanup/mess. Worked for us perfectly. That way you also do not have a wet shower curtain clinging to you.
  15. Daily Planner says Sportplex is open 10am to 8pm. Stretching and Aerobics is at 9 and 930. I would suggest it is open later than 8pm as we did walk by from Sky Lounge later than 8pm and saw people there.
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