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  1. Was on Armonia this month. Other visible changes, apart from new carpeting and flooring between the pool and bar, there are additional tables with umbrellas and chairs in front of the bar just outside of the pizza buffet and hamburger buffet and on each side a huge canopy for shade, seems to help air flow and makes seating around those areas more comfortable.
  2. I hope the "winds" will cooperate and all will go well. It is very nice. Trees need to grow yet and there is still some construction going on (where you see the equipment is apparently going to be a second buffet section) but we felt they did very good at planning everything out. The walkways are really nice throughout the island. Don't miss the Lighthouse Bar if you want to relax in comfortable chairs/couches, have a beverage, and watch the waves and the ocean.
  3. Funji1, we were at the beach just at/slightly beyond the Spa signs/area, between Spa area and Chapel area. It is roped off as are several of the beaches, according to what we heard (small) sharks were seen in various areas prior to opening Ocean Cay. I believe the sunken ship is just beyond the designated Chapel area where people can renew vows. I do not recall seeing a beach there but perhaps we did not walk far enough. But that really is the end of that section of the Cay. Signs are easy to follow.
  4. We snorkeled at the (what seemed to be) calmer and quieter beach just beyond the Spa area. We did see a few varieties of fish but not too much else. I would suggest only taking snorkeling gear if you have room. What ship are you on? The Armonia has made it into Ocean Cay every time but apparently (according to the Officer we talked to while strolling on the Cay) the larger ships have missed a time or two due to the higher than usual January seas.
  5. Funji1, we, well husband, snorkeled at the beach by the Spa, he did see some fish, as did others who were snorkeling there. We had our own masks with us, did not bring our fins. It seemed to be the calmest beach when we were in port.
  6. I thought that might be the case. Had a really good “bar” guy that we got to know and talked about keeping in touch (long story) but last day was Ocean Cay and our paths never crossed.
  7. We did not book any activities. Snorkeling and tanning. If you have a drink package, as I suggested already, find loungers near an open bar, otherwise could be long walk to get moneys worth.
  8. Is there any way to contact a crew person once off a ship? Is there a particular email 'format' that MSC uses for their crew?
  9. Micheb5 - the Armonia does face the Lighthouse. Holstebo - Lounge chairs are available for anyone’s use. Just saw a couple umbrellas being used as it was a sunny day but had a breeze so even though we sat on lounge chairs we never felt the need for an umbrella. Not sure if people paid for umbrellas or not. Reef from the beach to swim to - do not think so. But a couple of the beach areas have fairly good sized wooden rafts people were swimming to and jumping off of. Beverage package - not sure what is offered but if you do a one-day package I would suggest finding lounge chair near one of the open bars to get your moneys worth. A couple of the bars were not open as Armonia has about half the number of cruisers of the larger ships. We were at the beach beyond the Spa area and it was not close to any of the bars. As I already said the Lighthouse Bar is a really nice location to sit and read and even “suntan” but it is not directly on a beach.
  10. We often rent a vehicle, drop it at MIA, then Uber to Port. Last Monday we arrived at Port at 11:30 and walked right on. As Armonia is not such a huge ship it seems to turn over fairly quickly. Although Cabin was not ready until 1:45ish.
  11. Have also done it - as mafig said, drive in and follow signs to MSC Pier and drop bags with a Porter, then you follow signs to Parking Garage (it is the last garage on the left and shared by another cruise line), very short walk across street back to MSC Pier. (We tried off-site parking once, was a nightmare for us, never again.)
  12. There are two Beach Volleyball Courts - we did see one in action but not sure how it was organized.
  13. Even Cabin numbers were facing Ocean Cay. Our Cabin faced the Sea. We watched Light Show from outside on Deck 6.
  14. Water temperature - we were at the beach just beyond Spa and although it was in a cove and protected it was too chilly for me but my husband did snorkel and others got in and once in said it was fine. Lockers - I did not see any lockers on the Cay. People left belongings on chairs when swimming, walking to bar, etc. Light Show - Lighthouse Light Show is at 9:00 and 10:00. We viewed it from Deck 6.
  15. Oh yes how could I forget to mention the flies. They were quite awful. We actually ate back on the ship for lunch and the flies had invaded the pizza and burger grill areas of the ship. If they weren’t there last week we can hope it was a one week thing! We enjoyed the beach just beyond the Spa Area which seemed to be quieter with fewer people, a little longer walk, but there is transportation offered. I was under the impression the part of Ocean Cay, the other island, that was not open to us was the part that is set aside for Yacht Club guests.
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