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  1. Our cruise was March 29 and I opted for FCC on March 14 - received FCC by email April 24 (was in Junk folder) and it appears to be calculated correctly. However I am still waiting for the taxes/fees to be credited back to credit card, I called last week and was told to give it another week or two, so hoping!
  2. Lovetoholiday, have exactly the same problem, get the same message, but I too am waiting for $ to show up on my credit card (did get FCC but not taxes/fees yet) before I book another cruise. But I have got to say all the frustration the web site is causing isn’t making the search/research very much fun.
  3. Dolphin1313, thank you for contacting the network people, I have had the same problem when trying to search the 5%+5% cruise choices.
  4. Currently I only see the 5% + 5% discount.
  5. If it were me, I would stay in Port Canaveral the night before rather than Orlando, personal preference. I would rather have the drive from Orlando over with and simply have to get to Cruise Port in the morning.
  6. Still waiting - requested March 14 for March 29 cruise date - hopefully any day now - will report back.
  7. I too thought that it had expired but it is still on the web site. I ended up calling MSC about refund issues (in my case answer was "give it another two weeks") and so I asked about the Letter. These are the responses I got: a) letter should be dated as close as possible to cruise but there is no set date b) letter should be stamped or signed by doctor To add a little drama I asked how anyone reading the Letter upon embarkation would know if it was a real dcotor who had signed the Letter or not and agent simply sighed at my asking such a question. My wait to get through to an agent was actually zero minutes so that was a very good thing.
  8. When I research the MSC website about the letter from a doctor that is required to say you do not have any health issues that would keep you from cruising (not the exact wording) there is nothing to indicate when that letter should be dated - a few months before a cruise or a couple weeks or a couple days - unless I missed it. Does anyone know anything more? I have not called MSC to ask for further details yet.
  9. “Home cruising” isn’t for me either, I keep hoping cruises will get back up, three cancelled cruises and one cancelled Hawaii trip - now I realize people do have a lot more to deal with than cancelled cruises - but still hoping and anxiously awaiting our next cruise.
  10. Will certainly wait to book Steakhouse until on board. I understand OBC is to be used on board, Carnival’s way, and will work within the guidelines to use our OBC. I realize there most likely will not be any lines to make a Steakhouse reservation. However the lines for booking Excursions are often “ugly” and it would be nice if that could be avoided.
  11. Now that the Steakhouse requires a credit card when making a reservation prior to sailing, I am assuming I need to wait until On Board to make our reservation in order to use OBC for the cost.
  12. Just looked at our Room Diffuser, it says “med by MSC.”
  13. Found it, thank you to all, had to go one extra step.
  14. Although I have never done it I recall reading that at one time you could put a Cabin on hold for 24 or 48 hours. Is that option still available? I did a booking until it required a deposit. I did not see any hold choices.
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