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  1. I dont post to much I just usually read, but I have been on 10+ NCL cruises last one was alaska on the bliss, amazing! . Love NCL never had a issue after the first few cruises I learned the game and set my expectations and just history from there. Of course prices go up and with a roaring economy etc all those factors might have something to do with it. It just seems its starting to go up quite a bit for what you actually get. Ill just use 1 example, a 7 day Bahamas cruise from NYC to just get away from the cold, i snagged those foo $679 on average balconey and then use the cruise next etc. (back in '12 they were like ($429 and the beverage package was actually free) im seeing these cruises now like 1k - 1300! we are talking "port canveral and a private island that you better hope they can tender that day :) (inside joke) if you want to drink etc you are looking at $4-5k a couple for this vacation. We all know NCL been scaling back some things like food quality etc but overall its still awesome. anyone else feel like the value is starting to outweigh the vacation? just my 2 cents, chime in with your opinion. cheers
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