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  1. In Iceland in Aug, on the 5th deck we had scads of seagulls flying along side our window.
  2. Oops, we're on the Nov 30th sailing.
  3. Back to upgrades..........we just got a free upgrade to a french balcony on our Nov Star Legend San Juan Virgin Islands cruise.
  4. Very nice - thanks for sharing your photos. I just got off the Breeze on 8/13, from the Around Iceland cruise, so a few of your photos were familiar. Really enjoyed it.
  5. jmbklj


    Dorian is holding over the Bahamas for quite some time now, very concerning. Thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Bahamas. Also, don't most cruise lines have their beautiful private islands somewhere in the Bahamas? Hoping for minimal damage.
  6. It seems that Windstar cruisers don't like to use Roll Calls. We don't have a Roll Call listed for our August Around Iceland sailing. Enjoy your cruises - they sound fabulous! Safe Travels
  7. wolverineinOH, I was on a Mediterranean James Beard cruise where the culinary events were free. This was 2 or 3 years ago. There was a cooking class and a unique JB chef dinner menu one night. Since Windstar sailings are so relaxed & friendly, there were some opportunities to personally chat with the chef, as with all passengers; the chef was on board all week.
  8. milepig, could one option be changing your cruise date to another week where there are available excursions?
  9. For our August Iceland cruise, I received the same type of offer via a June 6th email - pay $400 for a "deeply discounted Upgrade" from an S2 to a BS1 Balcony Suite. I passed on their offer.
  10. When I was in Copenhagen 4 years ago, i bought a HoHo ticket that also included a boat HoHo. I enjoyed both tours by land & canals.
  11. Awesome Mudhen, look forward to meeting you onboard. Won't be long now. 😎 We booked via a travel agent; so far no upgrade for us.
  13. Thanks from me too - all great info for our upcoming August sailing!
  14. That is bizarre! Yes, it could be a group booking.
  15. I am a bit of a Puffin fan. In preparation of our upcoming Iceland cruise, I came across a couple disturbing articles about the declining populations of puffins, not just in Iceland, but also in Alaska, Norway and the UK. On Heimaey Island, thousands of puffin chicks have died of starvation. A team of UK researchers is investigating the phenomenon, in which global warming and fishing appear to be the causes. Even though, puffins are on the endangered species list, in Iceland puffins are hunted for their meat, and are still served as entrees in some restaurants! https://www.travelpulse.com/news/features/icelands-puffin-population-is-plummeting-heres-what-tourists-can-do.html https://www.icelandreview.com/nature-travel-2/puffin-chicks-starving-iceland/ https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-48447394
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