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  1. I have been in touch (email) with AMF Magnets and ordered their 22kg magnetic hooks which hopefully should be delivered by early next week. Will test them out on our cruise on 9 July and then report back on their efficiency. Cost was AUD$7.66 each + postage. The price gets cheaper with increased quantity, but I only wanted 4. Thanks for all your suggestions. Now to find a Reject Shop to look for the sun lounger clips.
  2. Wow! didn't know that. Well tell Hubby as he is attached to his watch.
  3. Thanks again, have sent an email to magnets.au. Having purchased from them before, they were very reliable and the hooks arrived really quickly. Cheers,
  4. Thanks. I actually bought the 5.5kg magnets from magnetsau but they were not strong enough. I will try to contact them by phone to discuss which magnets are the best option. Cheers. Any information on sun lounger clips?
  5. Dear Aussie Cruisers I have been looking for magnet hooks and sun lounge towel clips to purchase locally in the ACT. Tried Bunnings & a travel shop - not available. I did purchase some magnet hooks on line through Ebay (AMF Magnets) that were supposed to hold 5 kgs, but unfortunately on the cabin wall only managed to hold my shawl!! If you know where I can buy these hooks & sun lounger clips anywhere in Canberra or Sydney please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the tip, will put it in the diary for August 10. We will be on the Pacific Explorer in mid-July.
  7. Spending 1 night pre cruise in Brisbane at the Sofitel (got a bit of a bargain with breakfast), looking at Google, should be able to walk down the hill (with luggage) and catch the City Cat. Taxi to airport on return. PS MicCanberra - would love to know who you use in Canberra to book
  8. Fingers crossed it is because it is cheaper and easier to get to. Thinking of taking the Ferry across. Great information, so thanks again.
  9. This is a great topic, many thanks for the information. We are booked on the Sea Princess departing Brisbane on 12 January. When I log into our personal information, the site states the address for two wharfs: 1. Port of Brisbane 2. Portside Wharf The information does not specifically state which wharf our ship will depart from. Thanks for the information about the Portside Wharf which currently only displays information to 31 December. Looking at this information the Sea Princess docks here regularly, so can I presume it will do so for our sail away as well? Thanks in advance.
  10. My biggest problem is fitting all the food in unfortunately. Though my husband is always tempted by a (or more) delicious pastry. Because I will be celebrating my birthday on this cruise we have done the unbelievable for us - ordered the Ultimate Romance Package from P&O which includes canapés every night so more food to fit in. May be we should just walk back
  11. Yes, it is a ship excursion - it is the Aquanature - 2 hour snorkeling trip commencing at 8.45am (presume this time is 'meet time' on the ship). Estimate we should be back on the ship by 12 noon at the latest as there is another excursion in the afternoon at 12.30pm. Estimated Timing: In a taxi or Hop/Off by 1pm - that gives us 3 - 3.5 hours to visit Anse Vata Beach & Lemon Bay. Back to cruise shuttle bus stop by 4.30pm for a 5.30pm departure Being panic merchants about missing the ship, we are always back at the ship/ship shuttle 1 hour before departure. Hence the need to ensure our return transport from Lemon Bay or making sure we have enough time to walk back. Will make note of last shuttle bus timing. Cheers
  12. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions it has been really helpful. I have been able to locate the Container Terminal and yes it is very close to the Main Cruise Terminal. If the afternoon has fine weather we have a couple of options: 1. Taxi to Anse Vata Beach - walk back (about 1 hour - we should have nearly 2.5 hours) via Lemon Bay to the cruise shuttle bus stop. 2. Hop On/Off Bus to Anse Vata Beach - walk to Lemon Bay - drinks at La Barca and then Hop/On back to the cruise shuttle bus stop. Then may be a pastry at Les Petits Choux and check out the Noumea Duty Free. Cheers and many thanks again.
  13. Any idea where the container terminal is? What is the 'proper name' for this location so I can Google Map the location. Thanks for your information.
  14. Well that has put a spanner in the works. Will now need to plan from a different location
  15. Just going to New Caledonia so no Vila. We did Vanuatu for a week earlier in our travelling days. We have only recently discovered cruising (getting older so it is easier). Have only done two so far with Cunard in Europe and Canary Islands, but need to stay closer to home this 12 months due to family requirements. So trying P&O mainly for timing and being closer to Australia.
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