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  1. I hope not. I do not want to subsidize other people's drinking.
  2. We never eat lamb as it tastes like rancid beef, in fact the very smell of it almost makes me heave. To answer the main question, no we have noticed no change in the food on NCL at any point.
  3. I was replying to the highlighted section. Your removal of the DSC on the current cruise will in no way "take care of" any issues, real or perceived, encounter on prior cruises.
  4. Of course you will be permitted to drink it, you bought and paid for it. However you will have to wait until your cruise is over.
  5. The muster drills are always crowded inside or out. I would go to the customer service desk the first day and discuss things with them. There are always a handful of people who miss muster and have to attend the make up. You might want to make arrangements to simply be at the make up in the first place.
  6. No change at all on any of my cruises. It is a printer issue.
  7. All gambling winnings are fully taxable as earned income at the federal level whether one gets a 1099 or not. The 1009 is merely a reporting responsibility of the entity awarding the prize.
  8. I fully understand the desire for them. The point I was making is that banning straws as an environmental issue is like pouring a teacup full of water on a forest fire and thinking you are actually contributing to put out the fire.
  9. DISPOSABLE diapers are not a necessity. I never said that I knew the number being sold. Nice try though better luck next time.
  10. The most important word has been highlighted. The entire upgrade process is run by a third party, not NCL. Seeing as the amount for a winning bids would be different on each sailing of each itinerary there is most likely no set magic ring amount that will be an automatic winner.
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