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  1. I just got off the Silhouette last week. I’m embankment day I found out I had more non refundable OBC than I thought. I already has PPD gratitudes so I asked if I can give to my Cabin Steward. I filled out a form and I could pick from Dining, Bar Staff, Cabin Steward or cleaning staff. You can also split it in different amounts. This is much better than just letting the cruise line have it.
  2. Thanks for the information. Sounds like more hassle than it’s worth since we have to leave at 1:00 to get our flight. We booked a day room at Holiday Inn Express by the Airport instead
  3. thanks. I wasn't able to find it and thought maybe I did something wrong in posting it..
  4. Has anyone done this in Fort Lauderdale? If so can you walk me through the logistics? When you have to depart the ship to go through customs how long did it take? Can you use OBC to book it? Were you happy with the overall process?
  5. Has anyone done this on the Silhouette? If so can you share your experience. Specially was it a hassle to have to go through customs and get back on the ship? Can you use OBC for this?
  6. I found it on a site but it’s not Celebrities site so may not be accurate but the website is US.
  7. I’m pretty sure it’s USD. Note the date of the pricing
  8. Mystery Solved Let me start out by saying I love Celebrity but they have by far the worst website and the most uninformed customer service representatives I've every experienced. I was surprised at all the conflicting information about the upgrade that I was able to get on the Drinks and More Package on my 2020 sailing so I called (waited 25 minutes to talk to a rep) to get the story. My question was: Can you fill me in the upgrade option for this package. Her first reply was it's only available as an upgrade on 2019 sailings - I said so how was I able to get it on my 2020 sailing. I was put on hold for another 5 minutes until she checked again Here is her response. She said there was an error on the website where for a short period of time it was an upgrade option on some 2020 sailings. This was an error that has since been fixed so no longer available. But they will honor anyone who was able to get the upgrade online.
  9. We always ask the cabin steward to empty our bar fridge so we can stock with items we want from the bar. Never been a problem
  10. I have some friends cruising right now and asked them to take a pic of the mini bar paperwork - I'll post if I get it.
  11. From Premium it's $9.00 pp per us per day
  12. this included everything in the Premium Package plus the other perks. So does include all the bar drinks I just upgraded for my Feb 14th, 2020 cruise. It's not available on board
  13. If you have premium already it’s $9.00 pp per day upgrade. If you have classic it’s $21.00 pp per day and only on 2019 sailings so this confirms what Celebrity told me. I hope they open it up to 2020 sailings.
  14. Mystery Solved I just called Celebrity. I love you Celebrity but it’s amazing how uninformed your customer service people are. At first she told me it was called Beverage Plus package and only available if no drink package. I said I believe your uninformed because I know it’s now called Drinks and more and is available as an upgrade for $21.00 USD ppd. I asked her to check further. She put me on hold and came back on the line. So yes it’s all the above per the screen shot but only available as an upgrade on 2019 sailings. This now makes sense that it shows nothing for my 2020 or 2021 sailings. Hopefully this is a trial and will be opened up to 2020 sailings. How can a cruise line the size of Celebrity not inform their customer service people of this? I love Celebrity and only sail with them but I always find out more information on cruise blogs than from Celebrity- crazy.
  15. I’m sailing on February 14th Silhouette and this is not showing as an option. Still only shows premium for 12.00 I hope it not just being offered on The Edge.
  16. Great meeting you guys - I agree - wished we had met sooner. Be careful being on this thread - at times it stinks... Read some of your blogs, great reviews.. Hopefully we'll meet on an upcoming cruise. In the meantime say hi to Anne of Green Gables for me..:)
  17. I have seen postings on fb as well and many commenting the same as here. It’s an issue that some experience on board and others didn’t. We didn’t smell it all the time but when we did it was gagging and we had to leave that area. Celebrity obviously knows about it. Maybe the problem is too big to fix without bringing the ship in for major redesign, who knows. But they need to fix it. We love Celebrity and have 3 more upcoming cruises (none on the Edge). This hasn’t stopped us from sailing Celebrity but I wouldn’t book a future booking on the Edge until I hear this is resolved. I am also intrigued at people who attack people on these blogs. I just hope I don’t meet any of them on any of my cruises. Something tells me I’d know pretty quick that your not my kind of people if I do.
  18. We just did Select Dinig on the Edge. We just showed up at one of the 4 dining rooms when we wanted to eat and were seated quickly. Once we had to wait 10 minutes but they gave us a beeper - no big deal. Worked out great. Service and food was consistent in all 4 dining rooms. They’re was just the 2 of us, bigger crowds may not be as smooth.
  19. Personally I think this thread should continue until we hear the issue is resolved and it hasn’t to date. The only way that will happen is if Celebrity sees a negative financial impact, by either having to continue to compensate people who complain or bookings slow down or people cancel. I’m sure they would prefer this thread doesn’t exist as well. I spent thousands of dollars to be on this cruise and I think it’s unacceptable that this issue wasn’t resolved months ago when it was discovered.
  20. We were on The Edge February 24th sailing. Loved the ship, food, service etc but this ship most definitely smells like sheeeet.... We smelled it first day while still docked in Fort Lauderdale at the Sunset bar and was thinking it was Fort Lauderdale until we smelled it again at sail away in ports. It’s disgusting and Celebrity really needs to address this. It certainly didn’t ruin our cruise but we did avoid the Sunset and rooftop area. I won’t be sailing on this ship again until Celebrity gets their sheet together. Literally!! I have sympathy for anyone who had to deal with it in their cabins and glad too see your getting compensated. Based on what we smelled (and many others on our sailing) you deserve any compensation you got.
  21. I booked 2 years ago and the cabin was not listed as obstructed view. I know others were informed by they’re TA and received compensation or cabin change. I discovered this yesterday myself. Waiting to hear back from my TA.
  22. I just discovered today my Infinity cabin (7247) that I booked 2 years ago on my upcoming Edge Booking has an obstructed view. I’m reading Celebrity let the TA’s know this but my TA did not inform me as this information was not available at time of booking. I heard Celebrity has offered cabin changes or credit. Since my cruise is February 24 the cabin options are nil to none. Not to happy I wasn’t informed earlier. My TA is now looking into it because I asked them. Anyone else make this discovery. If so what was your outcome.
  23. We booked the Edge the day it went on sale for 1600.00 USD pp for E4 Infinity Balcony. We have drink packages, PPD grat and $450.00 OBC. I’m thrilled we got such a great deal as price has more than doubled. I don’t begrudge Celebritiy if they get higher prices. Their goal is to book for the highest $$ the market will bear and I’m sure they want to pay off their billion dollar investment sooner than later. I’m just hoping it lives up to its expectations. I would be more upset if I paid the high pricing and got sub par service or experience. For now I’m looking forward to a new ship and new experience, plus this is our first cruise since reaching Elite.
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