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  1. I deleted all my cookies and things started to work again. It was "down" for me for several hours until I did that.
  2. Its not hard to imagine when it means cruise or no cruise......People lie all the time. I'm personally not worried about anything. I don't live my life like that. I believe the previous theories Carnival put out this email in an abundance of caution. It needs to be isolated. Stop ALL TRAVEL TO AND FROM CHINA. There fixed it.....
  3. LMAO...the cruise..people can use a birth certificate to get on the cruise.....lol...this website cracks me up.
  4. It did not work for us at all. You had to have the chat open to get the message.
  5. Being Platinum I never thought early debarkation was a perk. HOWEVER, after I utilized it once and walked right to my luggage and right through immigration and right into a cab I changed my mind!!! Early debarkation is probably the best perk because the immigration line (MIami and FLL) is awful!!! Snakes and snakes of sad angry people in a hurry to go nowhere. LOL....
  6. Yes totally agree. And they, after all are not forced to stay there. That’s what I had to tell myself.
  7. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1059 Its called Cruise Confidential. The above link is an interview that Cruise Critic did with the guy who wrote it. It’s older and not all positive. Be warned before you read it it’s raw and does not entirely paint a great picture of how ship life is. I learned a few things I wish I hadn’t. (Like what they call overweight Americans 😳🐄) However I loved it overall because I’m addicted to Carnival cruising- the good and the bad.
  8. Yes they are wonderful. However, when the change was instituted their cabin assignment went from around 20 to around 35. They work very very hard. Sometimes I feel guilty about making them work harder. Have you read the book of the American who did an assignment on board as a waiter? It’s fascinating.
  9. That definitely happened to me too when they first switched to asking! I felt guilty for a few cruises and then decided forget it, thats how it is set up and Im not that messy. Twice a day it is.
  10. Haha always arguing with me jimbo. So odd. Anyways. Yes I was on the Sunrise a few weeks ago. Person in automated wheelchair rammed through a line of people hitting folks.
  11. This list is fascinating and I find it correlates very closely to how crowded the ships I have been on are. Sunrise and Sunshine were by far the worst. Lines everywhere, bottleneck area near Guys burger was borderline dangerous. Serenade and Independence were the best. Money obviously drives it all. Still love Carnival for the value!
  12. That's odd, I've talked to a few people that have been since he passed. They said its all anyone could talk about at the bar. They all shared photos and stories. John is obviously devastated. Awesome dog had 6,500 followers on his Facebook page. LOL! Hundreds of tributes. He will be missed!!
  13. Hey Greg! You go to Grand Turk tomorrow right? Are you going to Jacks Shack? Topher the sweet famous dog passed away yesterday, sure to be a somber setting. The cruise community will sure miss him!
  14. We just got back Thursday. We had a great time! Yes it’s crowded at times in certain places and that one ice machine is still broken (🙄 Lol) but overall we loved it. The cruise director is a star and the crew is great. Some tips- you can eat breakfast at Cucina the Italian restaurant. It’s not busy at all. We easily found deck chairs in the aft on deck 10 on a sea day! The bar on deck 9 aft was never busy. You can order a pizza for 5 bucks and have it delivered (To you anywhere on the ship) to avoid the dumb 25 minute pizza line. And don’t forget the buttons to open all the sliding doors. (Weird) It wasn’t my favorite ship but would book again in a heartbeat for a good deal or great ports.
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