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  1. No I know from cruisett that it is scheduled to be there today. (and it is there according to the ship tracker apps.). I'm curious what the ships are doing this week and the coming weeks with Freeport in their itinerary. We are scheduled to go there soon. I'm of course totally fine with it being a relief stop, just curious what is currently happening.
  2. Are you talking to me Dallasguy? I’m asking if the above ships are stopping are stopping at Freeport. If you don’t know then go troll somewhere else. Good day.
  3. Is the Freedom stopping at Freeport tomorrow? Guests allowed to leave? I'm sure they have been updated, but I can't find anything public.
  4. Yes I've seen this. I'm asking about the above ships to the above port.
  5. There is a hurricane section? I don't see it.
  6. Three Carnival ships are supposed to stop at Freeport this week. Its hard for some reason to find if they will be rerouted. I know Pride is there today with supplies. Anyone scheduled on any of these ships that would know? Thank you! I heard a rumor that they are rerouting to HMC and Grand Turk if possible but strictly second hand info.
  7. My husband eats healthy and a ton so that can be difficult sometimes. (for example 8 hardboiled eggs without the yolk, or 3 bowls of melon). That doesn't always translate into dining service 🤣
  8. Not selfish at all. I am wondering the same thing. We are scheduled to go there in November. I wouldn't mind at all if we stopped for humanitarian efforts. Seems insignificant but I would even be willing to bring a suitcase of things. If everyone on the ship did that, it would be a help! One of the top ways to increase your happiness is to help others!!
  9. Ok thank you! Planning ahead for the Sunrise.....I'm staying positive!
  10. I'm a pretty experienced cruiser (Platinum ) and for some odd reason I still don't have a grasp on breakfast options in the dining rooms. Is it offered on all ships? Do you sit in the same spot? Both dining rooms? We obviously have always used the buffets but they are getting busier and crazier as the years pass. One pet peeve I have is finding a seat. Sooooooooooooo annoying to walk around with your food and search for a spot. Happy Cruising!
  11. Hi! I may be overstepping, but is there anyway a board operator can officially change the ship drop down menu to include Sunrise now instead of Triumph? I am feverishly researching for Sunrise info since the over haul. Thank you so much all!! Cruisecritic is one of my favorite places to be. Holly
  12. I would like to tell them hell I will go there and help clean up! Haha...my favorite place in the world!
  13. Oh wow interesting. I hope all the info is correct about no damage. Thank you so much for the info. Have fun on your trip!!
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