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  1. What are we checking? No one is going anywhere.
  2. Exactly what I was referring to. We were on that sailing as well.
  3. I know the Magic bypassed and headed to the Bahamas. After our debacle last week, GT shut down its port, I believe.
  4. On the Magic last week, people were literally at fist-to-cuffs over people who got a table off the app and then pushed their way to the front. The waiting people thought the app people should still have to stand in the line. It was crazy.
  5. We used it and one night the 20-25 minute wait took well over an hour. Then it took 45 minutes just to get bread. Never even got our bar drinks we ordered. It was rough.
  6. This is correct. Hope you experience better service than we did last week. It was... comedic.
  7. We were on the Magic with you Earthworm and ate there twice. Once was for the garlic seafood crablegs... terrible. The other was the combo basket... pretty good. The biggest problem is that there’s usually only one person doing everything, from taking the orders to cooking the food to plating it. It. Takes. FOR. EV. ER. (In my Sandlot voice)
  8. Marcus Monroe... he was great! Awkwardly funny! I appreciated his show!
  9. The “Empty chair without person” sticker. lol I don’t know the exact wording, but it’s saying that the chair being saved with a towel hasn’t been visited in 30 minutes and is subject to item removal in 10ish minutes.
  10. I did see stickers, but it was still a mess. We aren’t sunbathers, so it doesn’t really bother us. I could see how it would upset people though.
  11. We got off the Magic Sunday. There were the regular pizza lines at night, deli was busy 12-2ish. Guy’s moved pretty well. Normal amount of chogs. Only day we noticed it crazy was when we were denied porting in Grand Turk. No activities meant made hysteria for food and drinks. We laid low on our balcony until the FunSquad started events back up.
  12. It’s been mixed. Some are temporarily “laid off”. Others have to use PTO or medical leave.
  13. This really is the big issue. We just returned from the Magic yesterday. At least 2 dozen people on our roll call have been told by work not to return for 2 weeks. There’s also a family who’s town is rallying on social media to quarantine them at home once they return tomorrow. Craziness!
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