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  1. We have a river in a few weeks and an ocean in November. We are also planning on Sydney to Bali next March with possibly adding Bali to Singapore. Since they advertise a Sydney to Singapore I am not sure the will allow me to book as a B2B. If so I could use multiple river certificates and get a similar deal you got. Only problem is I am worried about cabin availability in November for a March cruise. How did you rate the Sydney to Bali leg?
  2. We were on the Sky and had a similar problem that also included the internet being barely usable. They sent a tech up and he told us it was an easy fix but they have to take the TV off the wall to access the "box" behind it. He asked when we would be out of the cabin because it was a two man job. Looks like they might have made it easier. How do you like your cruise? We will probably do the Sydney to Bali next year.
  3. Same as before.... "Additional bennies if you book within two weeks of end of cruise." .... Last year we got $100 OBC on the current cruise for purchasing the certificates at least 2 days before disembarkation; is this what you meant?
  4. Anyone know what the current incentives are? I know they changed last fall (2018). There was also some mention of actually being able to book Ocean while on River instead of the half price vouchers.
  5. You are never truly motionless. Even something as minor as a tidal change can make a big difference. As mentioned, at that location you are at the fringe of the pattern. You can also add a nearby radar or weather 100 miles to your south as possible loss of signal reasons. Because of land based interference including reflections you can have much worse reception then at the same latitude at sea .
  6. The antennas on the ship are always pointing at the satellite which is seldom directly overhead. As the ship moves to the edge of the "pattern" the antennas points closer to the horizon. At sea this is not a problem but when you are in port there are buildings and other obstructions that raise the visible horizon. A very slight movement may change a usable signal to no signal (same as your cell phone you have to move a few feet for service). There are also issues with interference from other signals in the port. There are a few ports where some ships can connect to the land based internet but this is rare. Been on several cruise ships over the past year and the Viking internet is well above the rest (free or paid). We had a reception problem in our cabin on the Sky and they traced it to a bad access point behind the TV and it was promptly fixed...... Glass mostly full
  7. Sorry, I was referring to your CC signature pic. signing off for a while.... Next cruise starts tomorrow
  8. What was quoted refers to liability and property law For the purpose of general photography, with some exceptions, if you have the right to be in a space, public or privately owned, you have a right to take photographs unless specifically prohibited. On a ship if you are in an area that that you are not prohibited from being in, snap away. The T&C’s of the cruise may restrict what you can do with the photos, and use of social media. Privacy and permission laws usually apply to the photographer’s intent; if the picture is of copyrighted material, used to insult, shame etc. the photographer is in trouble. If the pictures are describing a news event normally no permission is required except in rare conditions such as government restricted locations. 45 years ago the “news” use was restricted to credentialed news photographers and organizations but I that is currently true. Most news organizations will edit and blur if so requested; not true on social media. I think the internet pictures did an excellent job of describing the situation in real time, no ones privacy was invaded and there was no intent to defame Viking or anyone else.
  9. I am on a Viking Sky in the fall and it was and still is sold out and we are not in the penalty cancellation period yet. The news cycle is over and from now on few people will hear anything else about the Viking incident. Some of the networks never mentioned Viking and with all the talk about Norway some people I know think it was NCL . Don't be surprised if you start see some PR emphasizing the rescue and positive comments from passengers. That didn't happen with the Costa. Passenger reactions are the biggest influence. You remember all of the disgruntled passengers on a ship a few years ago when the AC broke down? Nowhere as serious as this but more damaging to the image.
  10. FYI Permission is not needed for photographs taken in public places or of public people as long as it is for a news worthy purpose. On a ship the only places that are not considered public space would normally be in cabins and restrooms. You must take reasonable precautions to protect your private space. Example: your neighbor flies a drone past your bedroom window and the blinds are up you normally have no recourse. Permission is needed if the pictures are used for commercial purposes. Host Grandma Cruising photo can be used under the terms of Cruise Critics T&C's or with her permission. If you needed permission to post newsworthy pictures the UK tabloids would not exist
  11. Booked the extension! The extension ended up being booked as a separate cruise; separate booking number, payment dates etc. Since the same promos I had on the original segment are still in effect they were applied to the new booking. Both segments are "letter cruises" thus no discounts are available. No price difference if booked as separate, BtoB or Grand Cruise. If I booked air, the only difference would have been the difference in fares from endpoints. The reason Oceania recommended separate bookings was since my category was wait listed and original cabin was available on the new segment it would not be guaranteed if booked as a Grand Cruise. Both cruises appear in in My Bookings No, I don't know what is meant by "letter cruises" From past experience, discounts for bookings done on board are very different then normal bookings Thanks for all the help and suggestions
  12. Thanks Prinsendam had one engine out for maintenance, doing close ports in northern Europe and starting a transatlantic from Lisbon in a few weeks. Looks like it was well planned. Since I didn't know if there were any time or distance requirements to port I was wondering if the weather was factored into a minimum time to port requirement but the requirement doesn't exist. Great to have someone with experience and knowledge explaining things
  13. For chengkp I may have perpetuated the one engine out for maintenance theory and it was not based on fact or knowledge. A few years ago on the Prinsendam at forum with the Chief Engineer I recall him stating that the ship would be safe with only one engine under any condition, might not meet schedule with two engines, and will be rarely be under full power with four engines and jokingly added he has to pay for the fuel under full power. Earlier you mentioned that the requirements since 2010 is the ships must have enough redundancy to return to port due to system failures. Due they take weather into account?
  14. When you do failure or reliability analysis you soon find that there are a higher number of failures when a product is introduced (infantile failures). The failure rate then flattens out and eventually starts rising again (end of life failures) The infantiles tend to be more design and operational and the start of the end of life cycle is maintenance related. Again, as mentioned many times, no one has determined that the cause is "engine failure". I am sure you have analyzed the thousands of cruise ships and incidents to determine Viking is failures above the norm. I have been on two Azamara cruises and both had toilet and plumbing problems but based on this sample I will not conclude that there will be toilet problems on my next Azamara cruise nor does it reflect on Azamara as a cruise line. I don't know how you determined Azamara has more maintenance people then Viking and if so, one can conclude that the R ships need more maintenance. That is expected because of it's age and lower levels of automation then Viking
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    No change for April 14 departure but it appears other departures and returns have been changed
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