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  1. I think that, for some people who chose to defy the signage, etc., it's a belief that bad things happen to other people, but likely never to happen to them, and so gotta get close to the edge of the cliff to get that just-right selfie and so forth.....
  2. All is resolved....but surely most interesting how this rather bizarre situation came about. Be interesting to hear if any other Sky passengers wind up having their vouchers applied to a trip other than as intended. My agent said he has no idea why it happened but is looking into it.
  3. Got it all straightened out with the agent who did my booking. No idea why or how this problem occurred. My agent will send an updated copy of the vouchers just to make sure everything's right.
  4. Good point....had not considered that. I suspect that he is still on the sales team, being that his voice mail extension was still valid. He had mentioned in his recording that he's off on Thursdays and so guess I'll find out tomorrow.
  5. OK.....just sent an email to tellus@vikingcruises.com explaining the whole thing. Weird how this whole thing came about. How is it that an agent I've never had any contact with wound up handling my booking and arbitrarily made changes to it? I can't help but wonder when (or if) I might have found out about this had I not emailed the "tellus" address today regarding another issue. It is not very comforting to be sure. And, if some change was made, why wouldn't an updated invoice have gone through the agent that booked the trip for me? I have no further paperwork other than that sent to me after the initial deposit and booking. Most perplexing and a tad disturbing.
  6. By talking with an agent (based on my email communication sent to that address) is how I found out about the changes made to the booking. I never had any prior contact with the agent whose name appears on the updated invoices I received. No idea why this would have been done. I replied to the agent (listed on the invoice) to inquire further. At this point I want to speak directly to whomever made an update to the booking. He seemed to indicate that it should not be a problem to remove the voucher amount and then reinstate the balance owed by the end of December.
  7. Hi Andy....Well, yeah, I hate to be accusatory - especially in such a forgiving, charitable time of year! - but - definitely something appears to have - (in the vernacular) - 'screwed up'?
  8. Hey fellow March Sky guests...check out my recent thread regarding the (totally unbeknownst to me) application of my voucher towards a trip that wouldn't even use much more than a third of the available money. Can't believe an agent whom I've never spoken to would arbitrarily do this. Hoping I can get it straightened out. The concern is that the final payment for the trip they applied the vouchers to is due by end of this month. Right now, according to the guy that called me, I'm showing a zero balance. Something or someone goofed.....
  9. I have vouchers to use from the March Sky trip, and have been in discussions with an agent we've been working with regarding various itineraries that would definitely use the full amount of the vouchers. Now, however, I got a call from an agent (in response to an unrelated inquiry I sent to the tellus@vikingcruises.com address) and he informed me that the Sky vouchers have been applied to the Iberian Explorer cruise that I booked a few months ago. This cruise is immediately after the inaugural sailing that the Sky guests have been invited on. I told him there must be some mistake. It makes no sense to use only a partial amount and forfeit the remainder, since I've been told the vouchers must be used for one trip. He also said, even more interestingly, that the agent's name on the updated Iberian Explorer invoice is not his, but neither is it my regular agent's. So I have a call in to my agent to get back to me. Surely this was done in error. I will want this rescinded so that I have the full voucher amount available for a bigger, more expensive trip. Even stranger is that I never even received an updated invoice beyond that of the initial deposit, so I have absolutely no idea when this voucher would have been applied. So he said he'd send me the revised one. Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else? Not real happy about this apparent mix-up....
  10. Hi Haworth....good point about being on the Sky!! Indeed...never know, no matter where one travels. I seem to recall you mentioning you were on this trip in a previous thread I started about this cruise. It really sounds like a great way to do the compensation cruise.
  11. Thanks to all for such encouraging comments! For those of you who did this trip, did you do the 2-day "Overland" excursion (Ashdod to Haifa)? Sounds very nice and covers a good many sites.
  12. Thanks for further clarification!
  13. https://travel.gc.ca/destinations/israel-the-west-bank-and-the-gaza-strip Not entirely comforting.....
  14. Thanks Heidi. Great and helpful info, as always! The world, in general, is not a very safe place nowadays anyway, so it's just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time unfortunately. I really do like the itinerary on that trip. Considering it as a way to use the vouchers.
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