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  1. Love it!!! Wow, I can so relate and indeed am ready to go there. In a covid-free world, it'd be less than 4 months till we eat there..but now....who knows???
  2. Speaking of which...anyone read the book? I've often thought about picking up a copy. Gets great reviews.
  3. by copying and pasting the lyrics into a google window, which of course reveals the songwriter. My lips are sealed however.
  4. Nope...don't know it and so had to cheat to find out (won't reveal though).
  5. Wow! So glad you mentioned this. I've often thought about buying the book - sounds like I should. Loved the movie and have it on VHS.
  6. It could indeed be misleading. That's why I clicked on it!
  7. So sorry to hear this. Kind of looks like we won't be cruising out of Italy in January as planned.
  8. Agree completely. I never expected the level of non-compliance and/or disagreement that this whole situation has created. Using a virus as a political tool is criminal IMHO. I thought the country would pull together, not apart. Can't even compare it to ways in which the country united during WWII. This is why the 'greatest generation' is so named. Oh well...I could say more on all of that but probably better not. Suffice it to say we're in a divided and sorry state. Short fuses and tempers are evident as a result. Here in Berks county the daily numbers of new cases are higher than I'd like. Our local school district is the only one to have gone full in-school. So far no reports of any cases. Remains to be seen what's going to happen with football now that it starts tonight. Gov. Wolf has been under fire ever since this whole thing started. Unfortunately we live in a time where no matter what is done or said, somehow it seems to wind up violating someone's rights. My Dad was fond of saying that nobody seems to want to take responsibility for their own actions anymore. It's always someone else's fault when things go wrong. If he were here today I'm sure he'd be saying it alot!!!
  9. Have to agree. We've only done it one time - on the Summit - but really enjoyed eating there. Portions were just a tad on the small side but, hey, you're on a cruise ship so no lack of food if still hungry. We booked Aqua again for this coming May (hoping we get to do it..just like all the rest of us). I enjoyed the Persian gardens a few times as well.
  10. When you have a teleporting cruise ship, it's all good....
  11. Wow...indeed a terrific song. We visited the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum during a road trip around the Upper Peninsula in MI. They have the bell from the Fitzgerald on display. Here's what I suspect is a relatively unknown one...If you know the ship it refers to, that's also the title. October was looming The fish it was scarce They just weren’t there for some reason “We’ll gather the crew,” Skip Billy Tyne said, “And we’ll make one last trip for the season.”
  12. Wow...I'll have to give a listen. My daughter and I danced to "May it be" by Enya at her wedding reception.
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