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  1. Possibly the same sailing as ours? May 15? I'll gladly reschedule it for '22 or take something else in May if I'd find an itinerary that suits us. I told my TA to hold off for a few days (with my prior instruction to take a refund). Looking through '22 trips but not really finding much that I'd want to book with a FCC.
  2. Wow....sorry to hear about the additional covid cases.
  3. Yeah..it is pretty weird, but so are lots of things these days!! I'll have to find out since our decision on refund vs. FCC hinges on what they're doing with that cruise for '22. Probably best to call them.
  4. Well said! I agree...and thanks for the encouragement.
  5. Will try to find out more in the next few days I suppose. What Tigrou sent is encouraging but wonder how updated that info is?
  6. This would make the decision easy, in that we simply rebook to next year; however, I'm not seeing any of these trips on the website (?)
  7. Agreed. I'm so sorry...was really in a bad mood last night after receiving word of yet another cancellation. Somehow didn't expect a May cruise to be canceled quite so soon. But then, my sister-in-law told me her RCCL cruise for August is canceled. Similar problem in that the same itinerary is not being continued. It's looks like Celebrity Bemuda out of Cape Liberty is not being continued - so that's double the disappointment.
  8. I'm trying to consider the options for either FCC or refund as a result of our May 15 (10-night) Bermuda cancellation. My first choice would be to rebook for the following year, but I'm not even seeing the Summit going out of Cape Liberty. Anyone know for sure?
  9. All very interesting but, as depressed as I am this evening - after finding out that yet another cruise we have for May has just been canceled (not Viking) - I don't think I'm any longer interested in where the Venus is or in what state of readiness she's in. Now that my January sailing is down the tubes, I'm pretty much done with all things Venus-related until I hear more about what happens with rescheduling. Sorry...I know...I'm just in a crappy mood tonight. Best wishes to all for a great (or as good as possible) Thanksgiving.
  10. Agree...but funny how we sort of anthropomorphize something that really doesn't even qualify as a living organism.
  11. Surely something to look forward to!!
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