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  1. Cruise Compass: Vision Panama Canal Eastbound Oct 30, 2019.pdf Shore Excursions: Vision Panama Excursions.pdf
  2. Day 16 - Sea Day Back in familiar waters. Captain reports we are on schedule for a 7am arrival. Solarium roof was open again. Enough pictures of that. Typical sea day except it involved packing. Ugh. The cruise is nearly over. TNF by the pool. The football feed we are receiving has no vocals, just game noise. Even the commercials have no vocals. Oh well, it works.
  3. Day 15 - Grand Cayman Work day for me so I never left the ship. Grand Cayman is a tender port. The Solarium roof was open once again.
  4. You can walk to the eco park from the ship. If you don't feel like walking the rest of the way back to the ship there is a free shuttle bus. Thinking of my next visit here I think I'll spend the day in the old city. Towards that end I noticed they have Uber here. With that our day in Cartagena was done and we sailed away in the dark. I was very impressed with Cartagena and will definitely look for itineraries that stop here.
  5. Our bus dropped us off at the other end of the cruise terminal. The cruise terminal in Cartagena is kind of unique. It includes an eco park. This is free and you have to walk through it to reach the ship. Giant anteater. There are two aviaries within the park. It's a very nice way to return to a ship.
  6. With our time up we met as a group and headed back to the bus. One last look at some street art. Naval hero. Admiral Jose Padilla.
  7. At this point we were given some free time to explore on our own. The Hard Rock Cafe. This seemed like a good spot to sample a local beer.
  8. We walked through the streets of the old city to reach our next stop. Since Spain had conquered Colombia when Spain went through the period of the Inquisition so did Colombia. Our next stop was at the Palace of the Inquisition. Within these walls justice was served for various crimes including being accused of being a witch. Off with their heads! It was quite a dark time in the history of Cartagena until residents had enough and stormed the Palace to end the inquisitions.
  9. I was impressed with how nice the old city is and how pleasant it was to walk around. Colombia is open to many religions but the Catholic church played a distinct and primary role in the religious history of the nation. This is the Sanctuary of Saint Peter Claver that we saw from the fortress. Admission is included in our tour. Quite breathtaking inside.
  10. Back on the bus we drive around the old city to reach our next stop. The old city is very nice and I could easily see myself spending a day just here.
  11. Back on the bus to soak up some the cool air coming down from the air conditioning vents we head into the old walled city. Our guide provides some history of how this area has had numerous conquerors. Our next stop is at a market where we can do some shopping. Our guide informs us vendors accept USD and most vendors will provide change in USD. Prices are in Colombian dollars so some math is required but prices appeared typical for many goods. This leads up to the top of the wall that protected the old city.
  12. Like all good fortresses built nearly 500 years ago it has a series of internal passages and access corridors. These were also used by soldiers as sleeping quarters. You had better remembered the days password because in the dark corridors they couldn't recognize friend or foe so failing to respond with the correct password when challenged meant a knife. They've updated the fortress with modern restrooms accessed through an old corridor. It was kind of bizarre walking down an old passageway, turning the corner and walking into a modern, nicely appointed, well lit restroom.
  13. Day 13 - Cartagena, Colombia I had few expectations for this day and it turned into a highlight port that I intend to revisit. Today's excursion "Deluxe Cartagena & Fortress". Our first stop is at Castillo del San Felipe. This old fortress built in 1536 was placed at a strategic point to protect the old walled city behind it. It's cannons pointed towards land to deal with attackers approaching by foot. This is a walking tour that at times was uphill, both ways it seemed. While not hot by Colombia standards it was pretty hot and humid today and I was glad I brought water from the ship. Modern Cartagena with a bridge to the old walled city in the foreground. A church in the walled city in the distance our guide informs us we will visit later today. The fortress is pretty massive.
  14. Thanks for that information! Is that the locomotive I captured in this photo?
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