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  1. Typo. It's every 70. 340 is when the reduced single supplement kicks in. Must have had that on the brain.
  2. Silver Origin is a little different. Not sure how elaborate the shop will be on board. It's an expedition ship designed specifically for the Galapagos with only 100 guests on board so it's a baby ship as they call it.
  3. They start at 140 points and every 70 thereafter. As you climb up the ladder you accumulate more blocks. Many find ways to manipulate bookings so that they cross the 70 point threshold (140, 210, 280, 340, etc) on specific ships as means to collect blocks in a manner that is important to them. At one point I wanted a block from every class of ship in the fleet so I looked for opportunities to book cruises that would accomplish that goal. That was my "block strategy" but then a hurricane or crane crash would come along and mess up my block strategy.
  4. In Chrome I have it bookmarked like any other website.
  5. Nothing wrong with booking other lines. I have other lines booked and stalking Princess and HAL for more bookings. I'm 3 cruises short of platinum on the whale tail. Once in a while I get a notion to complete that level but Princess and HAL look more my thing now, might as well cruise what I want and not chase status.
  6. Do you get Amex offers by email? They vary by card, I never got X offer. Log into Amex account and look for offers. You can to activate the offer before you spend. T&Cs spelled out where you activate the offer.
  7. Welcome aboard! You'll fit in fine with the D+ tier 😉 However it looks like one extra point per night. Solo in an inside cabin moves from 2 points to 3 points per night. Solo in a suite moves from 3 points per night to 4 points per night. Still not bad... Does this means studio cabins are now worth 2 points per night? Hmmm...
  8. I don't see it. This program isn't going to convince the masses below Diamond to book multiple cruises in 2021 just to reach Diamond. If a few do it's minimal impact. The guest that doesn't sail frequently is not clogging up the lounges or diluting benefits. Guests below Diamond who were already booking multiple cruises were already going to be Diamond by 2021 if the pandemic never happened. With this program they still will be Diamond in 2021 - nothing has changed. A long standing argument in airline frequent flier forums surrounds guests who attain status by credit card spend. "They are going to take away my benefits that I flew hard to achieve". The counter is if they attained status by credit card spend, they aren't flying so they are aren't diluting benefits on board because they aren't on board. They did it for one trip to Europe and they went back to their old ways of not flying very much. A few sub-Diamond who use this program to propel them to Diamond will soon return to old ways of cruising once every year or so. They may do it for one special cruise. If they aren't cruising they aren't clogging up lounges or diluting benefits on board.
  9. Indeed. I need nearly 600 points on X to reach Elite Plus. An Xpedition suite solo would get me halfway there. This promo, if it applied to solo on X would have made me Elite Plus in one cruise. Guess they didn't want that. Interesting how different the promo is on X vs. RCI.
  10. Looks like new, never sailed on X are out of luck. Must be classic or above. Also looks like solo cruisers see no benefit from this promo on X.
  11. It would have been much simpler for them to grant C&A points for COVID cancelled 2020 cruises but that doesn't induce new bookings or fewer of them. Now with it announced in this fashion they faced many cancellations and rebookings, probably an unintended consequence. So far it appears so, but it's really an extra point per night and not always "double" points.
  12. IF the C&A discount needs to be removed AND that's a big IF right now, then it appears to benefit lower tiers more. I imagine many higher tiers have some form of C&A discount in play. Solo above 340 points will almost always have a C&A discount on a booking unless it's summer or select holidays. It's evolving, wait for the dust to settle.
  13. I'd hold off making any changes right now. It appears to be evolving before our eyes.
  14. I can understand your perspective. It's like when a cell phone or cable company offers a better plan but only for new customers. What about me? I've been a loyal customer all this time... sort of thing. The dust hasn't settled yet so give it a day or two until we know how they plan to implement this.
  15. Report on another site that double points only applies if no CAS discount was used on existing bookings. Removing CAS discount to be double point eligible will likely cause a price increase. Stay tuned, it's a developing story. Need to see actual T&Cs published.
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