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  1. Navigator, Empress, can't remember them all had Ardbeg. My favorite is Lagavulin but Laphroaig is a more economical solution. Saw Lagavulin in the suite lounge on Harmony once. Too expensive for me even with the drink package $13 off. JW Black I enjoy because I can pull out some of the flavors of the blend, particularly Talisker but the more I drink I can pull out hints of other Scotches so it remains my fall back when a bar doesn't have a decent Scotch. JW Red should be banned around the globe.
  2. When ever I've have booked cruises after final payment due date I've had to pay in full and apply the FCC once it's a booking then get a credit card refund of the FCC value. The way it was explained to me is that an FCC has to be applied to an actual booking. Past final payment due date the only way to create a booking is to pay in full, they can't enter a partial payment, they can only enter full payment. Hence you must pay in full, apply FCC and wait for refund.
  3. Ship: Empress of the Seas Sailing: July and August 2019 Show: Three Sequins and Feathers Thoughts on the Production: On Empress this is the main show so it's worth mentioning. I'm not always into small ship entertainment and I nearly missed this show because I assumed it's a small ship, what could they have going on in the theater? Boy was I wrong. The good thing about doing a B2B is that you get to see it twice. Thoughts on the Cast: Wait, is this show on a small ship? What?... This cast could have just as easily been on a much larger ship and they would be well received. Flawless performance. Did you do a Behind the Scenes Tour?: Not offered. Would you see the show again?: I did. Any other notes?: Royal has Showgirl themed shows on many ships. While not a musical exactly if we limit this thread to just pure musicals there are few shows to review. When Royal brought Empress back into the fleet they didn't just refresh the ship but also the shows. This is modern Nick Weir era entertainment, not your typical small ship kind of show. Pictures?: Live music from the Royal Orchestra, not piped in music on tape.
  4. Ship: Anthem of the Seas Sailing: Various, 2017-18 Show: We Will Rock You Thoughts on the Production: One of the best shows at sea. As a rock and roll music lover and a fan of Queen I've seen this show three times and I don't plan to miss it when I sail Anthem again in a few months. It's one of the shows that opened my mind to later attend more shows on Royal ships since I'm not a big musical or a show kind of person. Thoughts on the Cast: Well cast by Royal and I'm looking forward to what a new cast might do for the show next time now that it's been a couple years. Did you do a Behind the Scenes Tour?: Yes Would you see the show again?: Definitely Any other notes?: It starts off slow and you may wonder at first what you got yourself into. Stick with it, by the middle of the show you can feel everyone is really getting into it. By the end of the end show the audience is fully engaged and it's been standing ovation three for three. Loving rock and roll and Queen in particular goes a long way. Pictures?: These pictures go back a couple years. Backstage Tour: At this point set pieces for The Gift were coming out.
  5. Depends on the ship. Very few have exposed muster stations. The aqua theater on Oasis class will muster indoors when required.
  6. Prices have increased over the least week. Milk cost more. eggs cost more, beer costs more. Voom costs more. It happens. Fraud? I don't think so. Stuff costs more with each passing year. You should have bought last week and locked in the price. You can always cancel at any time.
  7. Wrap well in clothes. Pack in middle of suitcase with clothes all around. Its only when TSA decides to inspect and repack thoughtlessly do you have issues.
  8. I prefer peaty Scotch. Ardbeg is as peaty as Royal gets and it's not bad. Black Label has always been generic table Scotch I use as my fall back when there is nothing else around. Double Black can often be found on Royal as well. Others include Glenfiddich, GlenLivet, Dewars and Chivas Regal. From the generic drink menu:
  9. Mine said no and the card had the folio number written on the back that they keyed in for each drink. Folio's change between B2B cruises.
  10. I am sensitive to cigarette smoke and simply learned to find walking routes that didn't involve going through the casino. In the pub on the right side a few tables closest to the casino were smokey but the rest of the pub didn't suffer from it. On the pool deck simply walk on the non-smoking side. Brilliance was no different than any other ship in that regards - avoid the casino like most other ships. Only Empress has a non-smoking casino at this point.
  11. Appears this may have been your first cruise with Royal buying the Deluxe package. In the future buy the Deluxe package before sailing for around 20-30% less than on board. I always feel sorry for folks who buy it on board at full price.
  12. Empress provided Mimosa's for B2B last month after reboarding, plus an MDR lunch. This varies by ship and B2B volume. Once on another line I was the only B2B guest. When I went to the designated meet point to be escorted to see CBP they told me US customs had already cleared me based on my passport number and I was free to do whatever I wanted to without ever leaving the ship. I wouldn't count on that though.
  13. The cost of Voom on board may be increasing based on some preliminary feedback reported here. Voom Surf and Stream may be increasing to a daily rate as high as $31.99 on some ships. If internet is low on your list of priorities you could download some movies ahead of time and watch them disconnected. Or you could download movies and purchase the cheaper Surf plan for basic internet. If you bring your own content with you then using the slower Surf level may work and save some money. In port you can often find wifi at bars, shops or restaurants for paying guests so you can use that to check in and touch base with family or friends back home.
  14. When they dropped CocoCay from our 3 night sailing they offered FCC. At that point it was still a 3 night cruise. They closed CocoCay early so employees could get home. When they finally extended our cruise to 5 nights they still offered the FCC for missing CocoCay.
  15. I was on Navigator B2B. The 1st leg was extended and I received the FCC for that leg while on board. The shortened 2nd leg FCC was promised by 9/20. I haven't received that one yet.
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