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  1. I've done full suites before, still no snakes. I prefer them on a plane so it doesn't really matter.
  2. Huh. I've missed out on the suite snakes. Bummer.
  3. As Sky Class you also get access to Coastal Kitchen on Ovation. I'm a big fan of CK on Quantum class.
  4. Standard OV cabin with beds together: The pullman beds make it a PITA to walk around the bed. Same cabin, beds separated: I just asked my cabin attendant to separate them on day one and it was done during dinner. The window is more accessible with the beds separated. Deck 3 may have a porthole compared to a large window like this.
  5. What is this mythical upgrade fairy you refer to? I think bigfoot sightings were more common.
  6. Or just do something in Tortola, it's also a beautiful island.
  7. Yeah you need to go early to make reservations and JS probably won't get prime time slots. Repeat cruisers have learned this like your friends have and now make it a priority upon boarding. Having said that your friend should drop by off peak and ask if they can fit them in. Have them swing by at 5:30pm and ask in there is space for that night at any time. To work around shows I went earlier than my reservation and asked if they could squeeze me in. They did. There were 50 pinnacle on my sailing. I had 7:30pm reservations nightly.
  8. Oh they sell out but often at cheaper rates. That's why they are a magnet for folks like me who love a bargain. It's also why they tend to be upper top tier heavy.
  9. On this cruise the rough seas were in the Caribbean. The North Atlantic was smooth. That's the thing, weather is weather. No telling what it will be like one week to the next. Right now as I write this the Caribbean Sea is rough and ships are missing ports in the Bahamas. That's winter cruising. Everyone fears hurricane season yet the waters tend to be smoother in the summer months until a tropical storm comes along and ships tend to avoid those.
  10. As promised here are some menus from around the ship (minus the MDR). The Pub The pub menu uses small fonts with fine characters so here are two sections of it blown up bigger. Izumi Jamie's Italian Lunch: Dinner: Kids: Chops Grille Dessert: Solarium Bistro Wonderland La Pastisserie Since that menu is an eye chart here it is blown up bigger:
  11. Nope. What does the invoice say?
  12. Royal is testing to see what the market will bear. I have seen higher prices but then I've also seen them drop to 2016 levels for a spell, sometimes even lower. Like going to an auction, know your price limit and when it is above your limit don't buy it. Keep on checking often though and not just when a "sale" is announced. The emails are just designed to get people to visit the cruise planner and hope you might see something while there. Maybe an excursion, maybe a specialty dinner. If you buy check frequently for price drops.
  13. Bayonne, like Baltimore and Galveston is geographically challenged as far as ships go. Ships can't move that fast so with a cruise starting so far North there are limited destination within reach. The quintessential American vacation is one week. Once you go beyond 7 or 8 nights the target audience reduces in size quickly. Anthem occasionally does some 11 or 12 night runs to the Southern Caribbean but that length of cruise has a smaller demographic to market towards so they have a harder time selling them out. In 7 nights they just can't go to any other ports of call. That leaves Port Canaveral, Nassau and CocoCay as the reachable destinations from Bayonne and that's not going to change anytime soon. For Oasis Bermuda is off limits due to the narrow winding channel through the the shallow reefs. She is too big to go there.
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