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  1. And yet Monarch heads to the scrap yard as I write this. No hotel function in her future. The QM is starting to show her age. Areas are being shut off because of rot and rust. If you want to experience her as a hotel, don't wait too long.
  2. In any of these cases was the original owner of the ship unchanged and did they return to service as cruise ships a short while after?
  3. The City of Long Beach bought the QM as a tourist attraction outbidding a scrap yard. The city invested heavily in land and modifications to the ship to make it all happen. I don't see the City of Miami, the City of Ft Lauderdale, the City of Galveston, etc. buying used cruise ships and trying to make hotels from them. If these cities wanted to create tourist attractions from ships they aren't going to buy Royal's newest and best ships. Plus that isn't what this thread is about, it's a concept of the cruise lines repurposing their ships on a temporary basis. That's entirely different from a city buying an old ship that is otherwise destined for the scrap yard at bargain prices. In modern Long Beach local hotels would fight hard against the city investing tax dollars in a venture that competes with them. I've stayed on the QM a few times and I'm grateful the City of Long Beach made the investment in her as she has incredible history including being a troop carrier during WWII but I doubt that investment would ever happen in 2020. Today's cruise ships don't have the storied history of the QM or QE to make them worthy as attractions. Lastly, in hindsight many don't think the investment was worth it. The QM has never been the money maker they hoped it would be and the cost of conversion was substantially higher than originally estimated. It doesn't speak to a business venture that is worth repeating.
  4. It took years to convert the QM to a hotel. It was a pretty massive effort with new toilets installed in every room, new plumbing to showers, new electrical to run from shore power, etc. A ship waste water management system is designed to operate at sea and they can't be dumped while in port as good as the managed waste water might be, they can only dump beyond territorial limits. The entire system would need to be modified and bypassed. Ports are not designed to handle waste water offloading from ships so the ports would require modification as well. It would take years and millions of dollars to execute and have local permits issued and inspected for both the ship and the port. All the while local businesses from hotels to restaurants to mini-golf businesses would fight it. Why on earth should a foreign company with a foreign ship be allowed to take business away from local businesses?
  5. Sovereign remains at anchor near Malta while Monarch is underway. Perhaps the brief anchorage near Sovereign was for a transfer of some sort?
  6. This is spot on. If I go on another cruise line I don't drink the same as I do when I'm on Royal and it's HH. When I used to fly and had access to airline lounges I'd have a beer or glass of wine because it was there and it was included. When I fly from an airport that didn't have a lounge I didn't go to a bar and buy the equivalent drinks. When I used to get a complimentary upgrade to first class for being an elite flier I would drink because it was included. When I didn't get the upgrade, I didn't buy those same drinks back in coach.
  7. When declared in a relationship both accounts appear to have the same point count based on who has the highest points. You won't see the points total of the lower point holder when logged into their account. You can go into "past cruises" and add them up yourself for that person but their account will show the amount of the highest person in the relationship. Who is primary on a reservation isn't relevant. Who has the higher point count is. If you went binge sailing and made it to Pinnacle and they never cruised that entire time their account would show 700+ points just like yours and they would be Pinnacle just like you. If they then went on a cruise by themselves they would be Pinnacle on that cruise by themself even though their actual points are 354.
  8. I think we all know what a mess their IT systems are. This should come as no surprise.
  9. Air draft of 72 meters with stack extended, 65 meters with it withdrawn. Store that away for future reference.
  10. Wouldn't a business operating within a city or county be required to pay local taxes and meet local ordinances? It can't be as simple as dock a boat and operate a restaurant on it to evade city/county taxes, health codes/building codes, ADA, etc. If you owned a restaurant 1/2 mile away how would you feel if a foreign ship started competing with you, taking away your customers?
  11. This is what I have experienced in the past but going forward who knows? Why not call and ask Royal if direct or your TA?
  12. I agree. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's doing what it's supposed to be doing, don't mess with success. If the DL was empty ALL the time it would be prove CAS unsuccessful. A packed DL during HH is a good sign (from Royal's perspective). Some cruisers may think a crowded DL is a problem but I don't think Royal does. Unfortunately during a pandemic a packed DL isn't a good thing. Royal doesn't want to see their most loyal cruisers killed away so anything that's packed on the ship will need to change during a pandemic. The easiest course of action is doing what they did on Majesty, no nightly Diamond event, just drink your 3 free anywhere during HH. Temporarily halting unlimited booze during HH is compatible with 10/10 health care professionals who will warn that excessive alcohol consumption weakens the immune system - the last thing anyone should want to do during a pandemic while in a public setting with strangers.
  13. Multiple lounges requires multiple sets of crew. Reduced capacity includes reduced crew. I don't see them doing something that increases demand on crew resources.
  14. Anthem still needs her 5 year dry dock completed. Some of that routine scheduled maintenance must occur or she's lose her certificate to sail. I don't see any maritime regulators saying... "Oh there's a pandemic, you don't need to maintain the ship to our standards and requirements anymore". They may allow some things to defer but not for long. So she'll hang around waiting for a shipyard to let her in.
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