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  1. timing will be tricky if they're going to require a test before cruising. You can test negative and catch it the next day and not test positive until later. The reliable tests take 5-7 days to get results. I imagine the wait time would increase as more people want to test .
  2. any idea what day Johnny F. boarded? I don't have Twitter.
  3. our end of March cruise was cancelled, got refund by middle of May. It was short the commission paid to the TA and since that hadn't been paid yet to the TA, RCI refunded it back to me in 2 weeks.
  4. I would use the FCC for a March 2021 cruise then when that one is cancelled by RCI you'll get another FCC, unless you opt for a refund. Just don't cancel your cruise, let RCI cancel.
  5. What's to like or not like? It's still a crown and anchor so the brand is still easily recognizable.
  6. saw this in my news feeds a few weeks ago. I thought the reason given was to more accurately reflect the make-up of the company, to include all the brands.
  7. CocoCay is privately owned by RCI. None of the workers are there anyway so RCI can park their ships there as long as they want.
  8. no, CocoCay is privately owned by RCI, The workers aren't there for the straw market as there's nobody to offer services to.
  9. I've had my single supplement denied when they said the current sale on the 2nd person made it like a 150% supplement. So if the promo says 2nd person half off, you won't get your single supplement because half off already gave it to you.
  10. and yesterday RCI, via Vicki Freed, announced on their blog on FB that refunds are now 30 days or less. And the remaining 1,000 refunds applications pending that are over 30 days will be cleared up by Sunday.
  11. Monarch arrived at the scrappers in Turkey yesterday. I'm guessing today she is officially dead.
  12. Oh yeah, I could live with that! But include the Deluxe drink package so I won't mind. AND include room service delivery of bar orders and I could stay locked up in the Suite all year.
  13. good news but like JamesCC said, what took them so long to start? Why weren't they working on something (even if individually) in March? Did they believe POTUS that this would just go away and disappear? Working so closely with NCL, could this be a precursor to a merge between the 2 companies?
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