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  1. As of last month, after the Barcelona to Amsterdam cruise, there was a short dry dock to put in spa cabins, according to the NextCruise person on the Rhapsody of the Seas. We booked Barcelona to Amsterdam as a follow-on to the Dubai to Barcelona cruise. We will probably cancel it, as the Suez Canal was the real attraction. We had cabin 1100. Weep.
  2. Disney fast passes are free. You can book 3 of them . There are some restrictions; they are divided into Tier One (headliner rides; you get one of these) and Tier 2 (2 of these). They are available 30 days in advance of the park visit. Once you have used your fast passes, you can book more, depending on availability. You need to download the Disney app, pay for your ticket and then you can book.
  3. Check the Italy posts, it’s a common topic there. However, Albergo Abruzzi, which is in the same piazza as the Pantheon, is as central as you can get, and was excellent.
  4. Are you going right to the port after a transatlantic flight? We used RomeinLimo for our cruise in September. We had 7 people, and received very good service.
  5. I’m really enjoying your trip report! We have a fall TA (our first one), so I’m reading with great interest! i noticed your shirt- I was on exercise in Camp Ripley for predeployment training for Bosnia. You were probably in kindergarten!
  6. I did the Jewel out of Rome in September. Menus were pretty much the same. One son is a foodie, and he had no complaints about the the main dining room. Dress was slightly more formal, but even on formal nights, it wasn’t over the top. I don’t recall shorts in the dining room at dinner. Short dresses and long pants/ button up shirts with or without jackets is what I remember. As for activities, we were with family, and I realized that we hadn’t gone to a single event! As Bob said, it’s pretty port intensive. it you haven’t been to Rome, it’s a wonderful city! It was the best family holiday we have ever taken. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks fo posting this, Skrapngal. Until responses started to come in, I had assumed that a noon flight would be fine; now we are considering an overnight stay, just to be safe.
  8. It’s actually the 23rd. I am starting to look at this too. I thought I might try Air2Sea.
  9. There is another hotel besides Albergo del Senato with a view of the Pantheon- Albergo Abruzzi. It’s a bit cheaper. There is no restaurant, but breakfast can be arranged through vouchers with a restaurant on the same square. The staff are excellent. My room looked right at the Pantheon. It was on the first floor, but with the windows closed, we slept very well.
  10. I sent him an email with my ideas, and he arranged everything, including all day transportation.
  11. http://www.pompeitour.com is Antonio Somma’s website. He is recommended by Rick Steves, which is where I got his name. We’re saving our Vesuvius wines for Christmas, so we can re-live our day!
  12. We did something similar last month, except it was a customized tour. I only mention it because it was the best day of a really wonderful trip. We were met the dock and taken to Pompeii, where Antonio Somma took us around the site. There were many people trying to listen to him, because he made the history alive. If you haven’t been to Pompeii before, definitely get a guide; it makes a difference! We were then taken to lunch and a wine tasting on the slopes of Vesuvius. It was outdoors, with a view. The wines were very nicely paired with what we were eating, and conveniently, you can buy them. (We all exceeded our duty free limit!) Then we had a chance to go up to the crater. Mr Somma has a website. For a group of 12, it would be expensive, but our group of six occasionally got like herding cats, so it might be worth your sanity!
  13. Does Jewel have the roast beef sandwiches? My husband became addicted to them on Grandeur!
  14. I have done exactly that- no problems no far, but we’re on the same cruise! Jany did say that there is a 5% surcharge.
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