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  1. curious from someone who hasn't said it yet, what would be your favorite feature?
  2. right i didn't seem to struggle especially on sea days me and the GF enjoy laying out so we spent a good amount of time up on the top catching rays and watching waves, but hey if the majority doesn't like the neighborhood balconies that keeps the price lower for us that do, so im not complaining as long as everyone enjoys what they enjoy about their cruise 😄
  3. that's awesome, sounds like you'll have a wonderful time. the way i see it there is a ton of places you can just sit and watch the ocean if that's what you were looking for. i really enjoyed sitting on the BW balcony watching the divers practice, kids play on the BW and the general hustle and bustle. looking forward to a different version of that with the CP. not to mention Oasis class is the only class you even get this option so why not take try something new! 🙂 Happy floating
  4. while in the royal boards, click the searchbox, this drop down should come up. type what you want to search then check the "this Forum" bubble and it will only search the royal board
  5. looking forward to this, pictures are awesome so far. Enjoy your cruise 😄
  6. I haven't sailed Quantum class but have been looking into Odyssey now that it will be sailing out of FLL, it seems to be a middle ground between oasis and freedom classes aprox 1k more pax than freedom and 1k less than Oasis, here's some list of "highlights" listed for the two classes; Oasis HIGHLIGHTS: Neighborhoods AquaTheater 3D Movies Broadway Musicals The Perfect StormSM Ultimate AbyssSM Zip Line Boardwalk® Central Park® 2 FlowRider® Surf Simulators Carousel Ice-Skating Rink Outdoor Movie Screen Laser Tag Quantum HIGHLIGHTS: North Star® RipCord® by iFLY® Seaplex® FlowRider® Surf Simulator Two70® Virtual BalconySM Staterooms 3D Movies Loft Suites Music Hall Broadway Musicals Outdoor Movie Screen both offer some really unique stuff and still in my opinion set above the freedom and below classes. but quantum does not have the neighborhoods (boardwalk/Central Park) so if those are deal breakers then Oasis is still for you; as too your other favs, the Shows are the big highlight on Odyssey so im sure you would enjoy those alot, also it will have a track. as too the pool i just dont know either way. im making a booking now for Jan of 2021 and was going back and forth with allure and odyssey and decided on allure, i have sailed Oasis class but not since any have been AMPED and allure will be done by this sailing so thats what i decided on. i will definitely try quantum class in the future though.
  7. also just from a business standpoint, i'm sure royal gets a lot more money from the new/first time cruisers than any of us lol We check prices after booking and reprice, we know to watch the prices on drinks and dinning packages, we book 3rd party excursions, avoid upcharge things on board (spa packages, art, some shops stuff) i know there is exceptions to this but i truly believe most diamond level members and above know how to make their royal dollar stretch a little further unlike the new cruiser. also they would have to look at how many D,D+,pin, suite, key, people they have..too many and that "priority" line might just end up longer than general admission lol i enjoy my few perks (only D right now) but it wouldn't make or break my vacation. I enjoy royal ships and itineraries and thats what brings me back.
  8. this is more than understandable lmao i.e. 20% off yesterday is cheaper than todays 50% off. gotta love it
  9. i hope so, im booking Lady Allure for after the Amp and highly looking forward to the portside BBQ 😄 thanks for the info
  10. i got the best price on my bev package 3 days after blackfriday and cyber monday (went up those days). just keep an eye on it only takes a minute to check everyday 😄
  11. another way is to just use google, there is an icon where you can search a picture..if you are on mobile just screen shot your set sail and drop it in goolge and it will read you the number, if on desktop or laptop you can do the same thing or pull up google on your phone, image search and it will read it (just giving a few more options)
  12. thats the expertise i was looking for, thanks bob
  13. So im booking Allure OTS right now and we are going to do the CP balcony, with advice from what ive seen people say to go for the **229 or **629 (correct that if im wrong please) because of the bigger balcony, still 3 of these are available, just looking for a recommendation if there is a difference between them or anything. #14229, #11229, #10629 are still available as of now. Thanks
  14. to the same point does anyone know if the park cafe on adventure does the alcoholic coffee drinks in the morning that ive seen on some of the other ships i've sailed ?
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