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  1. Even if the cruise lines would give an exact overview of what they do with these charges you could never be sure if this is true or not. So i don`t care if the crew gets this money or not. At the end the crew members only care about how much they do get from the company each month. If this is an all-incl. salary or if it consists of 25 different positions...at the end only the final amount is important for the crew members. You are for sure not the only one who has this impression but this is only something psychological. If you pay 2000 USD for 7 days of cruising incl
  2. Travel how? By car? This is not really relaxing. 😉 Also i personally think that in many cases in the UK the areas without cities are more attractive and beautiful than the cities themselves.
  3. 1) filtration system in airplanes might be better but therefore the number of people on the same area is much higher 2) the only important factor is the amount of time spent next to each other. On cruise ships this could be 0 minutes,in a full airplane it can be 5 hours. 3)You could solve this issue by making cruises only close to the coastal line.And also it is usually not the matter or problem of emergency cases but it is the matter of the virus spreading around. 4) But there is also evidence that cruises can be operated safely. The german TUI cruises operates with 2-3 ships s
  4. If you would read my posting carefully you would understand it. I am convinced: They are operating because they are reducing the loss. You are convinced: they are operating just for psychological effect and don`t reduce the loss. But if your assumption is correct then they would simply burn money cause there is no evidence that psychological effects have any influence on future earnings. No cruise line would take the risk. And thats all i wrote. "burn money just for psychological effects" But maybe you are right,it does not make much sense
  5. You really think that cruise lines just burn millions or even billions of Dollars/euros for a psychological effect? What do you think a cruise line should tell their bank if they are asking ask for a deferral of credit and the the same time they burn millions of Euros/dollars for a psychological effect ? The psychological effect is for use there and it is one of the arguments to operate cruises in these times. But the clear main factor is to improve the financial situation(in any form whatsoever) I have to admit that MSC and TUI do have the advantage that in Europe you h
  6. TUI cruises in germany is operating with 1-3 ships since July 2020 already.They are sailing at 25 to 50% of capacity. And they are all-incl. ships and offer low fares. Why do you think they are doing it since 9 months and still did not stop operating? Why is MSC operating cruises since several months? Why is RCCL operating(even if only for specific passengers) ? You can be sure that they would not take the risk and do all the efforts if they would burn money. 😉 Their financial situation is not the best and no cruise line would make it even worse on purpose. They might not make any pr
  7. No agency will take care at all. If you don`t feel well if anybody sneezes or coughs in the same elevator as you then you should stay at home for the rest of your life. If you leave your house then the danger starts. And when cruising restarts then there will be only people on board which either are vaccinated, testes negative several times or even both. So the chances of anybody having covid-19 are close to zero. So,even if they stand next to you for 2 minutes in the elevator(which is also part of the air ventilation system with all the filters) absolutely nothing will h
  8. Of course everybody can disagree ,that is absolutely ok.If we all had the same opinion the world would be boring. But this guy did not claim WHAT my opinion was,he claimed that it was ONLY an opinion and ONLY speculation.
  9. The problem is that if there are 4000 people on board of which 250 are not vaccinated then one infected person can spread it to minimum 250 people. And they have no protection against it. And even if you only allow negative tested persons on board. Each and every test is only a snapshot .You can get infected and a few hours later test is still negative.No matter if PCR or the quick tests during embarkation. So there is still a risk that someone brings the virus on board. And then each unvaccinated person get become a medical emergency. Yes, of course one can say "it is their own ris
  10. what on earth is your problem? The title of this topic is "pure speculation" and the base of each forum on this planet is that users are posting their opinions. Is it forbidden to post anything which is just a personal opinion ? I never mentioned that my post is based on scientifically proven facts and i would never do it. What are you expecting ? Some officials from the cruise lines to post the exact booking statistics and bankruptcy plans ?
  11. If the new owners would not accept all the FCC`s or whatever money of the old NCL customers this would be almost a suicide directly at the beginning. Cause in this case at least 50-70% would never use this new cruise line.And this would be hundreds of thousands of passengers. No cruise line can risk that. If new owners accept the FCC and get the people on board then they can still earn a lot of money with them.(up charge restaurants and other upcharge attraction,s excoursions and all forms of other on-board spendings)
  12. IF they would cancel all the cruises ,wouldn`t they let the bookings open till last minute before cancellation? Every dollar/Euro/GBP they can earn is important for them.Yes,they have to gie it back to you but this might take a while as we all know meanwhile.SO they can offer you vouchers or other stuff and try to convince you to keep the money with them.
  13. Especially Cozumel has dock space for 8 ships at a time.I know that Cozumel is a VERY busy port but even they almost never have 8 ships at the same time in port.
  14. No matter which available and registered vaccine you get it will for sure be better then without vaccine. In general i am not a friend of any vaccination if not necessary,but regarding covid there is no doubt to me that i will get vaccinated asap. (unfortunately this will take until October cause in germany we have a specific order when specific groups of the population have the chance to get the vaccine)
  15. I think it depends on the time of booking.When you booked the cruise at a time when it was very unlikely that you will need a vaccination(e.g. April last year) or even before the covid-stuff started then you will have good chances of getting your money back.
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