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  1. Exactly ! But this is done by at least 85% of all the companies in the world that have any official offer for black friday.
  2. In fact this paragraph means nothing other than "we can adjust the base price as often as much as we want to make every ***** offer look like a perfect bargain".
  3. What do you think why Spain,France, UK, Italy and Germany did close all these things for a few weeks in spring and are closing them right now again ? At least in germany 80% of the infections come from clubs,bars,restaurants and private partys.
  4. I didn`t know that in the US every pharmacy can do it. In this case it will of course not take years,but only months or weeks(depending on how many people want to get it)
  5. If they offer cruises in the med and the rices are somehow managable i will be on one of these cruises.
  6. 1. You need to be able to produce enough vaccine.Sounds simple,but it isn`t. 2. Almost all vaccines need to be injected twice within a specific period of time to be effective. One injection usually is not enough. 3. Simple mathematics.In the US there are 2,6 doctors per 1000 citizens. You will need a lot of doctors for the regular medical care of the population.On the other side you do have have medical assistants. So lets use this no. of 2 medical staff per 1000 citizens. Makes a total medical staff of 660.000. But realistically only 50-60% of the staff is qualified to vaccinate peo
  7. Why would anybody let the pandemic control their life? People go to bars and restaurants(if they are open), they go in amusement parks and on beach holidays in hotels,they try to make their life as normal as possible. If cruising is safe (and TUi shows that it is safe !) then why not? If we all wait for an effective vaccine then there won`t be any cruise lines left we can use for cruising ! And even if the vaccine exists,it would takes years to get the whole population vaccined.
  8. It is interesting how this happened. Cause for example in Europe, TUI cruises is operating with 2-3 ships since July, has carried over 40.000 passengers and so far not a single case reported. So this prooves that cruising is possible and can be safe. Is it only the discipline of the passengers ?Is it the consequent following of the protocols by the crew?
  9. Can you use as many certs per booking as you want? Or only one per booking(as it is with cruise next)
  10. Guys,this is market economy, chapter 1: price is a result of offer and demand. As long as there are enough people who pay the prices they are offering they would be stupid if they would make them cheaper. Yes,the options on encore might be 1000 times better, but there must be a reason why NCL can charge these prices and obviously still get enough customers.
  11. The problem is that a testing is only the result at this moment. We all know that it takes 2-3 days from the infection until it can be proven by a test.So if you infect yourself on saturday and the cruise starts on sunday and you get tested either sunday at the port or friday at some tsting center then the test might show negative but you are infected. So you still have to keep distance and try to avoid as many gatherings as possible.And i am afraid that solo gatherings would be one of the first things they will eliminate.
  12. Just have a detailed look on the current figures and reports in Europe. The number of patients needing hospitalization and being young and having no severe diseases is going up relatively fast ! So this virus is not as harmless to young and healthy people as you may think. Just have a look to the current cruise line operations of AIDA cruises,TUI cruises,MSC cruises,Costa and the few other cruise lines operating. They are operating since July/August and so far there is NO reported covid-19 case on one of these cruises. Only exception were 7 cases of a full-charter c
  13. It doesn`t make any sense for them to reopen their ports as long as there is still the CDC no-sail order. Cause the oly cruise ships docking in Bermuda are the ones sailing from the US east coast ports or making a TA. But TA cruises won`t happen as well as long as there is the nbo sail order. So the Bermuda Goverment doesn`t need to think about that at the moment.
  14. You should check if your travel insurance covers any expenses in case of pandemics. Most normal insurances don`t.
  15. Nobody will be so stupid to burn money. This project would have never been profitable, not pre-covid-19 and for sure not post-covid-19. thats what they meanwhile surely have also realized but so far don`t want to make it official that this project will never happen.
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