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  1. Celebrity posted on their Facebook page that they were suspending Europe and Transatlantic cruises between May - October 2021.
  2. I am contemplating a 2021 holiday river cruise on Uniworld - November or December. I have checked their website but it contains no information if they currently have a suspension in cruising due to Covid. I would be traveling from the United States and have no idea how my travel to Europe would be impacted. I believe some European locations require negative Covid tests and a 14 day quarantine. I also know that some European countries have banned travel between their borders. Ocean cruise lines have suspended cruises through the end of April 2021. Some have also suspended European and Transatlantic Cruises departing May through October 2021. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments and thanks groryjm for the pictures. I wonder which side they open on the sofa for a bed. I hope they realize the balcony furniture doesn't really work and what is their thinking with those small tables. You can't even fit a room service tray on them.
  4. Hoping someone can post pictures of a Celebrity Suite on the revolutionized Silhouette. We will be saling on her in October, We are also interested in pictures of Luminae and the Retreat. Thanks.
  5. Thank you everyone for all the useful nformation. Much appreciate you taking the time to reply.
  6. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the information.
  7. Thanks - for some reason I could not locate it.
  8. Yes, I did check Trip Advisor and also Yelp. The reviews are all over the board. Personally I have found that not all reviews on there are reliable. I was hoping to gain insight from someone here on CC. Thanks for your suggestion though.
  9. I'm searching for info on Elite Status perks. In the past, you would get the benefits of so many free internet days loaded on your sea pass card, as well as cocktails during specified hours, and access to a concierge lounge. Are these benefits still provided?
  10. Looking for comments about The Millennium Bailey's Hotel Kensington in London offered through the cruise line. We are considering it for a pre cruise stay. Also open to other suggestions. Thanks.
  11. Chemmo - thank you for your in-depth response. I appreciate your input. Warm winds and Isdoo, the additional info is also good to know. Thanks everyone.
  12. Looking for information on the number of people allowed in each suite category. The only info I could find is four people in the penthouse, four in the Royal suite and four in the celebrity suite. These cabins are so big that it's strange they only hold or allow four people in them. Is this really correct? Only four?
  13. Odyssey is supposed to launch in 2020. I hope they open soon.
  14. Does anyone know when bookings will open for the Odyssey (2020 launch) and the Melody (2021 launch)?
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