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  1. We are on Regatta Tahiti to San Francisco in April 2020. Did Sirena in May 2017 Tahiti to LA and LOVED it. We are Tahiti-ophiles and go once a year. We had an aft stateroom for Sirena which really made the trip but if we had to do an inside we'd still rate the cruise 10 out of 10. What more can you ask for with and a taste of Tahiti and all of Hawaii? 🙂 Did a 17 day Windstar Wind Spirit last December and it was superb. Did nothing but Tahiti on a beautiful sailing (sort of) ship. It's the perfect ship to see Tahiti. You need to be somewhat athletic to get the most out of Wind Spirit though. But we rebooked and really infatuated the Regatta itinerary. There are about 8 sea days on an 18 day cruise and we love that as we are readers. If you've not yet cruised with Oceania you're in for a real treat. The ambiance, fellow passengers, dining, service- just superb. Hope you decide to go!
  2. You'll just love Simon at Tohora. He's very enthusiastic about the paradise he lives in and supremely eco conscious. You'll have a blast. I envy you attending the feast on the motu. Be sure to put your head down when the dancers go out to the group and select partners, lol. The fire dancers are impressive too. Have a wonderful cruise!
  3. We did the 17 day in December and had TWO of the two day stays in Bora Bora so there were two dinners. Both took place on the second night. They will bring you to the motu early like 4:30-5pm dinner starts about 5:45-6pm and the show about 7:00pm. The show is over about 8:30pm and back to the ship for a 9pm departure. Be sure to have your camera for the dock at the motu. The photo shot of the ship with all it's lights against the night sky is unforgettable.
  4. I was mistaken. There are many who prefer insides.
  5. I said "thanks" three times in my last post. As I've said thanks in my posts several times in previous posts that say we've made up our minds. It says to me that some people are obviously not reading the thread. If you read the thread you'd see how many times I've said thank you. I'll take Motown Voice's advice to heart and just stop reading. And again thank you very much but we've made up our minds.
  6. Thanks but we're spending the money that we save on getting a balcony for our Tahiti cruise which precedes Alaska by two months. To anyone else wanting to contribute, thank you but as I've said multiple times we've already decided on the inside and won't need anymore help. Thanks very much!
  7. It's the rare person who prefers an inside to a balcony in general. Overwhelmingly I think most of us would always choose a balcony. But budgets sometimes preclude that. I too am an older person and every cruise my husband says will be our last because we are retired and need to hold onto what we have. But I keep booking insides at the best prices I can find. Even though I am retired I took on a part time job to pay for our cruises. Which is a challenge as our cruise line of choice is Oceania. But I book longer cruises. Sometimes if you can get a 10-14 day as cheaply as a 7 day last minute, even 2 months before the cruise as the cruise line is eager to dump cabins. I always get an inside and our last cruise, because of our amazing TA, we were upgraded to an aft cabin. Ultimately you'll choose what makes your heart sing but I always choose the path that can get me the most cruising. Very best to you.
  8. TBK beat me to the punch- yes Google Fare Suisse Papeete and you can see what dining is close, but there is a lot more. Fare Suisse does take credit cards. If you'd like to have a some XPFs there's an ATM right at the Champion Market a block away. Beni and his wife Theresa can make restaurant recommendations for you. We always use the lunch/ dinner trucks Papeete Roulottes- amazing food. It's about 1.5- 2 miles but a nice walk. Good way to see much of Papeete. You can also see where the pier is from Fare Suisse- just move the map a little to the east and you'll see what looks like the outline of a dock on the water. There your ship will await you. Beni or Theresa will bring you there on your day of sailing:)
  9. You haven't read the complete thread as several times already and early in the thread I said I planned on keeping the inside cabin and that more input was not required. Thanks all the same.
  10. There are tour providers at the dock on Bora Bora, at Papeete and on Moorea. But why wouldn't you want to book the best early, because the very best excursions get booked up quickly. You may want to ask for recommendations for what kinds of things interest you here, or try Tripadvisor. Also depends on what size ship you are coming in on. If it's a behemoth like HA, Princess, NCL, RCL or Celebrity you might be hard pressed to book independently at the dock. Smaller ships like Wind Spirit or Paul Gaugain shouldn't be a problem.
  11. Nope. I have no clue if I'll see enough. I've done the inside passage every time previously. I'd know the answer if it were the inside passage again, but doing Glacier Bay not sure at all.
  12. You're not understanding my point. I realize that It's balcony only. My point is that this is very much like a guarantee. You bid based knowing you will get any balcony, not a balcony or higher, just any balcony. That is a form of a guarantee. I understand that a true guarantee is a paying for a stateroom in a certain category, while accepting the cruise line will later assign a stateroom in that category or higher. When you bid on, say, an oceanview or a balcony you don't know where you'll end up, similar to a guarantee.
  13. Basically it's no different than a guarantee but at lesser cost. If I'm in inside and bid on a balcony, my bidding functions the same was as a guarantee does. If I win I get a balcony or better
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