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  1. One more thing Skatchi....just as an example. On Oceania you can do a 10 day Tahiti on Regatta March 25, 2021 (a better chance of good weather than Dec) for, least expensive inside, $2799pp. Least expensive balcony $4599. It's a wonderful itinerary, roundtrip Papeete and visits Moorea, Bora Bora, Rangiroa, Raiatea, Fakarava and Nuku Hiva. They have air inclusive prices too, but I always pass on all of that as I can do better myself. Oceania is known for outstanding dining and service, beautiful ships, and wonderful ambience. That doesn't include the extras you get from your TA, and at a minimum I get gratuities and some shipboard credit. Internet is free with O. Have done PG, Windstar and Oceania Tahiti and O and WS are tied for first place with me. Well maybe WS gets the top spot because the sailing experience is so ideal for Tahiti. I agree with Heartfeltraveler, the Pacific Princess cruise in October 2020 is a fantastic deal and if you are watching your vacation budget it's a great alternative to PG, WS and O. The Pacific Princess and Regatta are sister ships, different cruise lines. Hope you decide to take the plunge!
  2. If it helps at all, I did 17 days Windstar last December and it was beautiful everyday. Nov-Mar is the height of the rainy season and we had only one day of rain the whole 17 days. It's expensive but oh what a way to experience Tahiti on a sailing ship with only 148 fellow passengers. I've cruised Tahiti at all times of the year and always seem to get lucky with weather. I know someone last year who went Windstar at an ideal time, late August-September, and it rained everyday. So it's just like the proverbial "box of chocolates". Have also done Tahiti on the Oceania ships and loved it- a little more reasonable, 650 passengers but still small enough for Tahiti. I'd never consider going on anything larger than that. Going back on Oceania Regatta next April, again have always had great weather in April. If you want to get the best odds you can go in the summer but don't count on it not raining. Besides climate change has reversed patterns everywhere as you already know. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. Hello Lois, I remember you from long ago on the CC "slamo" thread in the floataway lounge. Hope you are well. Wondering how many cruises you've taken since those days, and guessing a LOT. In the Floatway lounge I was a Celebrity diehard, but in 2006 did an O Mediterranean, left X and never looked back. (Not 100% true, did a few more on X due to Itinerary.) O's sleek elegance, outstanding dining/service and engaging and unpretentious fellow passengers make it perfect for me. I love that the ships are small enough that cruising on the water actually means cruising on the water- small ships. Sailing with a full ship never feels crowded. O is weak on entertainment which is fine for us as we're readers. Hope you decide to give O a whirl. Best wishes. Nancy
  4. I'm very surprised! 1/3 price rise and a little even on the rude side! They were very friendly and accommodating in their communication and service last year. I'm very sorry to hear this 😞
  5. We enjoyed Moorea Activities Center tours. Did a very reasonable snorkel/jetski tour that was a blast. Picked us up and returned us to the ferry. https://www.mooreaactivitiescenter.com/home Moorea Miti tours is also excellent for a day of snorkeling https://www.mooreamititours.com/ These two companies are rated #1 and 2 on Tripadvisor for water related activities. Another interesting tour is Dr. Poole's Whale/dolphin excursion. He is a marine biologist with whales as his focus. I'd do it only if traveling during whale season July-November http://www.drmichaelpoole.com/tours.htm
  6. Flatbush, we have an inside guarantee- thus gratuities only from TA. Loyalty and something else gives us only $350. Crusefor me....that's what I'll do! Thanks so much, exactly what I was looking for. And LHT, but I will wait to ask TA and see if I can add directly.
  7. My husband is slowing down, not full on dementia, but slow to remember and comprehend. But he DOES understand SBC very well! On our last cruise we ended up with over $1200 SBC and he loved buying himself a new watch with what he deemed "free money". We have a much more paltry amount SBC on our next cruise and I'm wondering if it's possible to add money to our SBC in advance? Not wanting to put in as much as $800 that I'd get with Olife. Just enough to make husband feel like he's got a small hole burning in his pocket. It's only at $350 now- bumping up to $800 would make him happy. Yeah, I could wait until tomorrow to ask my TA and I will, but if someone knows and is willing to share tonight...........?
  8. Thanks everyone. I submitted mine for 4/2020, but have three more through April 2021 that I'll submit if I get the first confirmed. I'll see how this first one is handled and then submit the rest. If you'd email me when you get a reply MechE131, I'd so much appreciate. May not see otherwise. petuniafishatgmaildotcom
  9. Awesome. I took the plunge and submitted mine too. Forgot to put in other cruises through 2021 but will see what happens with the 2020. Did you get an emailed reply that it had been applied? Kind of amazed as it stated directly that it must be owned at the time of sailing. And it sounds like no further proof required.
  10. Well submitted the same question on the NCL board and it's definitely before 15 days but the earliest is open to question. Guess I'll try somewhere between 6 and 3 weeks. Thanks.
  11. Thanks so much everybody. I'll just do a trial run submission now and see what happens in terms of acknowledgment. Thanks again.
  12. I've asked this on the Oceania board but thought probably get a faster answer right here. The form that you send along with proof of ownership of NCL stock- how early can I submit? My O cruise not for another 5 months and NCL says the stock has to be owned at the time of sailing. My cruise is 18 days so it's $250 OBC and don't want to forget to do it. Anyone know? I figured about 2 weeks to a month but wondered if anyone has submitted one recently.
  13. My cruise is not till 5 months from now. How early do you think it's acceptable to send in benefit request form since NCLH has to be owned at time of sailing? I don't want to forget to send!
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