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  1. I'm an avid snorkeler and for many years struggled with leaky masks and snorkel mouth pieces that were too big. Several years back I visited snorkel dive shop in Maui and what a difference it has made. The mask was not expensive (about $60) and it fits the shape of my face. No more leaking. I don't think of myself as having a small mouth (dh would agree) but I guess I have a small bite. Always had trouble closing my mouth around snorkels. The shop didn't have what I needed but recommended a particular Cressi snorkel that I was able to pick up on Amazon. No more difficulty. Did the same with fins after mine tore. Found that to really get what is comfortable a visit to a shop is essential. We've been bringing our own stuff wherever we go for 20 years now. But don't buy a bunch of equipment however if it's your first trip or unless you go at least once a year. Not worth it. Stick with rentals or get something inexpensive on Amazon. Hopefully this world will get on top of COVID and we'll be able to cruise again soon. At least the environment is a lot cleaner without us humans standing on coral etc. since COVID.
  2. The last two times I visited Tahiti in last three years the Intercontinental was very difficult to get a day stay. They said a reservation was only possible two weeks before your stay based on availability. So we went a different route and stayed at an Airbnb after our cruise and before our flight. $55-75/night! It was a modest suburban home in the hills about 10 min from the airport. The bungalow had access to a lovely pool, gorgeous view of Moorea and very nice proprietors. Best of all they picked us up at the pier on disembarkation complimentary and took us to the airport($10) before our flight. They let us sit and relax by the pool in the morning and by 1pm or room was ready. Took us to a market to get some easy food for dinner. Looks like they now offer a studio in Papeete and don't know about what they offer with that. Price can't be beat though. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/21355854?source_impression_id=p3_1591194775_qPjaQADkbh%2BZN6v6&guests=1&adults=1 https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/41911111?source_impression_id=p3_1591194865_XIngtWYmwY3uFqfl&guests=1&adults=1
  3. You are an angel Katie. I share your profession. Was doing hospice before. Like you I'm on furlough to protect dh from exposure. Battling kids/grandkids deprivation is daunting isn't it? Not the first time I've received kind words from your heart- thank you for your beautiful thoughts. Wishing you and your love health and happiness.
  4. Thanks for your kind words of support Paul. Means a lot.
  5. We're still stay-at-homers. I've become a cruise depositing fool. Three so far, one in April, one late May and one late November. Due to husbands health our options are limited to cruising, and while I may be sorely disappointed, hope the stars align to be able to follow through on at least one. So much has to evolve, safety of cruises, safety of the populations we visit, our own health, governmental restrictions and the big question- the development and efficacy of a vaccine. As older, retired, grandparents we'll surely be the last to get the vaccine- and it's difficult to fathom the time involved in distributing it and doing it by "essential-ness". 1,2,3 years even? I get so depressed at the prospect of not seeing my kids and grandkids indefinitely. The mere possibility of a cruise keeps my psyche in check in the absence of extended family, community volunteering, my minor job in health care. I admire those of you who abstain from putting good money out there subject to loss. Maybe I'm out of control but at this point I feel to hell with my potential squandering. It's cheaper than mental health counseling. And I'll be the first to admit to psychopathy.
  6. Sounds like a plan. I'll stay tuned. I've got a deposit on another Tahiti cruise as a fallback too. But 5/24/21 is my dream.
  7. There were only a couple vendors who asked for a deposit. By and large a handshake was good enough. Know you like to keep to Windstar excursions but take a look and ask questions if you like. Just 4-6 participants on each insures that we can accomplish a lot. Best wishes to you. Hope this thing comes to pass!!!!
  8. Well sooooo happy to meet you! And thanks for the info about Aremiti. It seems that both of their schedules are a little lighter than usual probably related to COVID? Wonder if you'd be interesting on doing in any independent excursions? I have some planned at just about every stop. Email if you're interested in any. Warning my descriptions with prices are loooooong! We are diehard snorkelers btw. petuniafish at gmail dot com
  9. Ann, know you won't regret. It's the trip of a lifetime. Be sure to have your cabin cheat sheet next to you so you can choose what cabin is the best of whats left. But don't fret if nothing great, people cancel all the time especially shortly before final. Nancy
  10. I had trouble reaching some of my providers too just because mmany were closed due to lack of tourism 😞 Maybe all this interest is lifting spirits.
  11. Zukini, You're amazing. I'd be thrilled for you if you do the May 6! Really gets you out of a heck of a fix. It is a bit painful to miss whale season but as my husband says "it gets me there sooner". (I'd been pushing for August 1.) I've been in both Sept and May and both were just perfect weather. Just wish we could have worked it out to go on the same cruise 😉 And yes those 4 nites in Moorea would certainly set you back some. Hope you get on the phone tomorrow and hold something for at least a few days. It's amazing how quickly this stuff is selling out. Keep in touch! Edit: "Barrycat" is doing the 18 day April 29 cruise so you'd have someone to help with with minimums for any independent excursions if you decided to do on your portion of the cruise.
  12. Any one ever taken the Aremiti Ferry? We always do Terevau and despite being the "fast ferry" they always seem to hang around he dock 30-45 min late. I've heard from locals that they operate on Tahiti time and can even leave earlier than expected. Neither ferry has decent times for our plan to do a day stay at the Hilton, Terevau leaving at 2pm and Aremiti at 4:40pm. Our ship's out at 6pm. Is Aremiti a little more on time? Slower? Maybe both companies schedules are limited due to the virus. Or maybe we should forget about the Hilton. Our ship is a 17 day and we're trying to do something with the extra day in Papeete in the middle of the cruise. Exhausted our possibilities of things to do on the big island of Tahiti.
  13. Sue, I'll be very interested in hearing what others say but the biggest reason is that YOU WILL NOT WANT TO GET OFF THIS SHIP. It is just breathtaking and you'll feel so spoiled. Our first was only a 7 day and I so regretted it- it passed too quickly. Big Edwin is right. If you stay in Moorea for a few days you will easily spend over $1200. Between the room and exorbitant price of meals you will not be saving any money. And the ferry cost and transport in Moorea. I don't feel Moorea is as exciting as Rangiroa and Fakarava, but it is still known as a jewel next to Bora Bora. Fakarava is not like any other atoll you. will ever see especially if you like snorkeling and beautiful sights and the Blue lagoon. Rangiroa has some amazing fish in the Aquarium and the exciting drift snorkel we do every time. Look up Ile aix Recifs on Tripadvisor too in Rangiroa. We've never been able to get enough people to make the trip but I watch the Youtube video and my mouth waters. $1200 for an extra 4 days....if you can talk your husband into it....it's so worth it. Keep in mind that the ship tours are expensive. I do all mine except one independently. I hope you change your mind. That ship is a dream in those waters. Just in case you want to avoid the rainy season you might consider May 6. It's $300 more , $2199, but gets you a bit more out of the rainy season. I have been at the height of the rainy season in November, December and January and each time had beautiful weather with a day or two of rain. Keep in mind it can rain anytime in Tahiti but it's mostly at nite with generally sunny days.
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