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  1. Hi Wish. 6 hours is an ideal layover time. If your arrival flight is on time it should take you about 30-45 min to get to ATN check in at Tom Bradley with some cushioning budgeted in. I'm a worrier and like a few hours on both ends. There are some wonderful restaurants past security- especially one Mexican I always look forward to.
  2. No Dalest, Alaska is not an ATN partner. We fly Alaska to LAX for ATN flights and like you need to pickup and recheck. It's a bit of a walk unfortunately, but doable. Walking fast from the gate you should be able to get from Terminal 6 to TBIT in 20-25 min. Swimming upstream at a busy time of day it can take you 45-50min. There is a shuttle that runs every 10 min but probably take you just as long. We like to arrive early, get a day hotel so we can shower and have a meal, and then get a ride to TBIT.
  3. Susie, The last I know of Renaissance doing Tahiti was 2000. Now I'm really aging myself, we first did Wind Star on Windsong in 1993! Wind Spirit almost always anchors in Cooks Bay but there are exceptions. Avis will pick you up right at the dock as they know more about arriving ship's schedules than anyone else! We just told Avis what ship and approximate time of arrival and Avis took care of the rest. Just emailed you....Nancy
  4. I don't know kdmbluezr. If the fear of coronavirus and the association goes along with cruise ships and stands a fairly decent chance of increasing, I would be cautious. But again I'm an avid investor not a broker.
  5. I'm not a stockbroker but might not the ideal time to buy any cruise stock, what with coronavirus scaring new cruisers (and a few old, not me). NCLH has fallen from 58 to 52 in the last 4 weeks perhaps guessing due to coronavirus. But stocks rise and fall. NCLH has been as high as 59 and as low as 46 in the last year, so who knows? I've owned NCLH for awhile and haven't sold so if you're a long term investor, why not? 😉
  6. Delta operates out of terminal 2 and 3 at LAX. Terminal 2 is right next door to Tom Bradley Intl terminal, not a bad walk, and Terminal 3 is just a little bit further. Really not an awful distance to lug either way.
  7. Sounds fabulous Mia. We find rough seas just means softer demand at specialty restaurants and happy dancing for us 😉 Have a wonderful cruise.
  8. Mia, I hope I'm remembering correctly but think you're on Regatta in March and I'm on in April. When we did an aft A2 on Sirena in Tahiti last time, we asked our cabin steward for loungers and in a few hours there they were. Saw the steward and assistant bringing them down the hallway and it was no small feat. So we tipped them nicely. Nancy
  9. Here's where I need TBK's photos. TBK are you out there? I have been many times but always so besotted with the underwater (and topwater) scenery I don't take photos. I'm a snorkeler and some of the best of Tahiti is in Bora Bora if you're interested. Take a look at the websites of Maohi Nui, Pure Snorkeling, Lagoon Service and see what you are missing. You'll see the mountain but a whole lot more.
  10. You're right. I can''t spell. Thank goodness though Costa ships have never been to Tahiti 😉 I cruised Sirena but still spell it Serena. 😞
  11. Intercontinental Le Moana is on the backside of Matira Beach, and a 5 minute taxi ride from where you'll tender as TBK points out. A year ago when I checked they also had a day pass which was fairly reasonable for Bora Bora. A lot easier to get to too. Just wondering why you decided to do a hotel day pass instead of getting out on the lagoon? Not that either hotel won't also be incredible.
  12. That's wonderful Kelib! Your planning was superb 🙂 Have a fantastic time.
  13. TBK, Serena and Regatta are essentially the same Oceania ships. Both ships are the "R" class ships from the old Renaissance Cruise Line. Both 684 passengers, exactly the same size, and both tender at Papetoai in Opunahu Bay. It's Wind Spirit that is the small ship tenders in Cook's Bay. Regatta is as "small" as Serena 🙂
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