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  1. Seems as though any small country testing the waters is seeing uptick in cases. For all the excitement by French Polynesians in opening their doors so carefully, seems like the evil virus has seeped in anyway. We're all discouraged but can't give up hope. It was just too early this time around, and things may change in a few months. And promising vaccines loom. Heartbreaking that this hurts the people who we care about so very much- it's bad for us but has to be devastating to French Polynesians hoping for a decent income. Heaven help us all.
  2. @bigedwin Or anyone else who might know. Was told that Stanford is the place to have the COVID PCR test done for those leaving from SFO. Last week some people were getting tests back directly online in as early as 23 hours. But when I called Stanford I was told it would take at least 72 hours and results go only to my provider. My flight is out on a Tuesday, so I'd need swab done on a Sat/Sun. And person I spoke with wouldn't even tell me when tests were done unless I made an appt! I've called every lab in my state. Not one has weekend hours or results in 72 hours or less. No one knows what the testing requirements will be by next spring or what will be available so I'm not stressing yet, but for people traveling in November/December.....what are you doing? Thanks.
  3. Hahaha!!! Every time I think it'll be different but I'm gullible as heck.
  4. Don't know how the United agents I spoke with pulled that one out of their hats. Would have been nice though......thanks for asking that question specifically.
  5. Would have been nice. Don't know where the agents I spoke with dreamed this one up.
  6. @Mercruiser Thanks very much for the info 🙂
  7. An Air Tahiti Nui flight attendant has tested positive according to this source, but I can find no other news outlet carrying the story. Maybe it's misinformation. Or if it is so maybe he/she has not been retested to prove the flight he/she really does have it. Fingers crossed this info is incorrect. https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/422805/tahiti-flight-attendant-tests-positive-for-covid-19
  8. Fingers crossed it's a false positive. I could be wrong but the only news source that's carrying it is New Zealand as far as I can see.
  9. @bigedwin Thanks so much for posting this. Very helpful. So much for United agents saying testing will be provided in the terminal! Unless you hear otherwise guess we can plan on getting our testing done 72 hours prior. And I guess on arrival and on the 4th day. Sure be wonderful if you get back an encouraging reply from the UA leisure travel person about in terminal testing......
  10. I guess the agents I spoke to were full of it. Imagine hearing the same info and showing up for your flight today fully expecting to be tested in the terminal 😞
  11. I can't find anything about this on their website as they say it is. Can anyone direct me?
  12. Here's the report from United's webinar from Bid Edwin. You can see it on the Windstar board. Report post #12 Posted 2 hours ago Hello Just listened to United presentation. Hosted By Tahiti Tourism. First Tahiti tourism updated PG Issue. They reported the Health Protocol is Working. They consider the PG incident as a positive outcome of the Plan. Testing procedure has been strengthened by adding the Testing on the day of boarding. UNITED They Will start tonight with the first flight to Tahiti. The first flight back will return on August 5th. Mask Will be required in airport and in Airplane. Crew will have additional mask for passengers that need a replacement. Highlighted their Clean Plus initiative in partnership with Clorox. Information on the program is their website. Food services will be provided in sealed packages. No blankets or pillows will be provided in any class of service. International departure city will not check documents, The Documents will be checked in SAN FRANCISCO. Inquired about the Testing in San Francisco by United, They totally Ignored the question............ They reinstated that they have updated their website with the latest information. Sent in the Question to Sandy Everett United Leisure Sales Representative to see if she can provide an answer. It feels to me that they are going to follow Air Tahiti Nui Process of requiring testing 3 days prior to international portion of the flight. But today is the first day the flight departs in about 2 hours so we should start seeing some reports on how the real experience went.
  13. No, they repeated it. It was the one with 95% accuracy- so two tests, unlikely to be a false positive. It's NOT "if the glove doesn't fit you must aquit" unfortunately.
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