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  1. Long thread on this topic here. Some say yes, some say no..
  2. I just tried to do a mock booking and it said there were no rooms available. I wonder if the cruise is sold out or nearly so, or if that cabin category is sold out. I also wonder id there is a glitch in the Celebrity booking system tonight. Try again tomorrow is my best advice.
  3. Access to the concierge is important, and now has been taken away from those loyal gamblers and long-time cruisers.
  4. Perhaps this will be a requirement for next summer is Cruising, but the timeline is too short to see any changes in time for December holiday Cruising or even the popular presidents’ day holiday Cruising
  5. Which company was this? did you pre-book? what was the price?
  6. They did not change. There has always been an allowance for children.
  7. Crystal We don’t like Eclass but would choose a suite on an S class over Crystal
  8. There is no sky lounge, not for suites or anyone. It is a huge design flaw, in my opinion
  9. I have not seen anything similar from any other cruise line
  10. They only have what they have but you can probably get two if you ask
  11. I would not expect him to adjust those itineraries that have been announced. What fjord stop(s) are you seeking?
  12. You could watch it on your stateroom TV but that did not replace going to the in-person drill. You basically saw the same film that they showed at the drill, which was repeated in a loop on one of the TV stations on boarding day
  13. I remember that they change their procedure after a couple of people tripped while wearing the lifejackets because they could not see the lip on the door sill coming in from outside, and failed to step over it. Some also tripped on the long belts being dragged behind the lifejackets as people were walking back to their state rooms. So it turned out that the safety drill had some un-safe procedures
  14. It will depend on the category of stateroom you book….2 extra pts for inside, more for verandah, concierge, different suites
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