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  1. I have to say I felt so sorry for the staff on the two Silverseas voyages I have done. The clientele were, at least on my cruises, truly revolting snobs. The cabins are gorgeous, the food above average, the service outstanding...BUT...the entertainment not a patch on Cunard, for example (my fave)...very ordinary. I was shocked at the way passengers treated the staff with such disdain. We bought our two room attendants some beautiful waterford crystal necklasses to thank them for their outstanding care and one burst into tears. She said she loved Australian passengers because they were so nice...that made me sad to think they were treated so badly by some other nationalities. The people at our table were filthy rich and made no effort to disguise their racism, sexism or homophobia. Maybe we were unlucky. Fortunately our wonderful waiter rescued us and discretely moved us to another table for dessert. I can’t imagine I’d ever want to return. No LGBTI drinks, unless times have changed. Great staff...nauseous snobbery from majority of passengers.
  2. I’ve mostly travelled Cunard and found them so wonderfully inclusive, I’m reluctant to risk another choice. Unlike most cruise-ships they put on gay drinks EVERY day (admittedly at an early 5pm but a good time to arrange socialising for later on). Cunard is classy but not snobby (like Silverseas for example), friendly but not intrusive, lovely staff and beautiful layout. Can anyone convince this single Gay traveller what other cruise lines might be fun for me? Thanks!
  3. Cunard line is fabulously Gay friendly. They have LGBTI drinks EVERY day, (albeit at an early 5pm) , unlike many other other cruise lines who may only throw on the occasional offering. Their fleet is pretty gorgeous looking and entertainment outstanding. I’ve been on several cunard cruises and have loved them all. Classy without being snobby (Like Silverseas...yuk!) and the majority of guests mostly gay- friendly in my experience. Those who might not be so accepting would probably go to the buffet. Cunard, in my opinion, is the standout LGBTI friendly cruiseline. 5 rainbows! Lol .🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
  4. What I like about Cunard is their dedicated daily get togethers for LGBT cruisers in their nicest bar, even if it's a tad early at 5pm. It makes it so much easier to meet other gay travellers this way. Does anyone know what other cruise ships offer daily meets? I've always found it very comfortable being a solo Gay traveller on Cunard...the passengers are generally pretty sophisticated and no-one gives a dam and you don't have to explain to fellow passengers why you're travelling alone.
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