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  1. From LIVE Sky now... The Captain is the most personable Captain I've see. He all over the ship from dining rooms to the buffet area. He'll sit down and talk with someone for a minite or two, get a photo with him. Don't miss the Captain's party it was not the normal boring event. Ship's perfect, go 1 hour before the two major shows. The door were closed 30 minutes before last nights show as all seats were filled. Have fun, framer
  2. There is a stock 2032 coin battery in each one also. Couldn't resist cutting it open. framer
  3. I trade in the 2beers + 6 liquor keep the 2-Dewars and get all Dewar's every time. That 10 Dewar's. Done that 8 times. framer
  4. I originally had an OEM Win 7 home but bought a Pro upgrade $100 online with Microsoft. I found out it was then considered a retail version. I then had used their free upgrade to 10 and was able to download the Win10 media from Microsoft. I never had a 10 code. I used that media and used my above install procedure with my Win 7 Pro Upgrade Code and it worked perfect. framer
  5. Tip on transferring Win 10. If you have and old retail 7 or 8 you can install 10 and select below the enter code page a link to skip the code and enter later. You can then update everything and when running correct goto SETTING -> Update and Security -> Activation ( enter your retail number for 7 or 8. If you old OS was pro then it activates as pro. Retail software is King... framer
  6. Been setting up the new x570 build today. I just loaded XPlane11 in and turned everything to MAX. My old i7 4thgen would not be usable even with my Nvidia 1080. Using the same 1080 with the settings maxed out it cruised at 40fps. Wow, it looked wonderful. XPlane11 IMHO is a good test because you need serious computer power plus a great graphic card to run good. I can't wait to try huge pano stiching in photoshop. I spend around $1200 and reused the rest of my old system. I had to buy just the CPU, MB, NVME drive, and 32GB memory. I had a good case, PS, water cooler, a couple of 6TB SATA HD's, framer
  7. Dave You put the upgrade bug in me and after speeding hours reading reviews and specs I bought an ASUS AMD AM4 ROG Strix X570-E, w/AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12-Core , G.SKILL Trident Z Neo (For AMD Ryzen) Series 32GB (4 x 8GB)DDR43200, Patriot Viper Gaming VP4100 M.2 2280 1TB PCIe Gen4 x4, NVMe 1.3 Reason 8-SATA plus two M.2 Gen4X4 slots, all fully usable. Front USB3.2 gen2 + 2-gen1 usb3 ports. It will be water cooled using a Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO 240mm. I never thought I would get the AMD but it just made sense. I did get the 3900X for $499. It was bought 1st when I could snag it. For now my old case, 750wPS and 1080 Nvidia GTX1080 video card will be used with the new. I also have several 6GB SATA drives that will be transfered into the new system. So, thanks Dave for making me spend my hard earn SS check this month. So much for the wife's xmas gift this year... framer
  8. Seriously, any Grand Class ship w/a clam shell up front is premium. The wrap around deck is also perfect for Alaska. Here's the wife and my sister on promenade framer AK2021 or bust...
  9. December 16th for Elites, 17th for everyone else I was told. framer
  10. Is John Galt a handle or your real name? Sorry for asking... framer
  11. RAW is for a tweaker, me. I use cameras with dual data cards and I set one to RAW and the other to JPG. I normally just format over the JPG's but if I need a fast image to send it can be used. I do save what I want to keep in RAW format. When I print it's always from RAW. I use Adobe CS6 and DxO OpticsPro 11 to process the RAW files. Not to be a wiseguy I had to take a shot at fixing that dog photo. I copied the jpg file from the board and used CS6. framer
  12. MDR turkey dinner has always been a disappointment for me. I consider it like a Swanson TV diner, IMHO...
  13. Thanks for the info. How was the wind when the ship was underway. It looks somewhat protected. The outside loungers are somewhat in the shade? I see from some photo's that there is a round sofa with a table up front, is that a common area for use by everyone. The cabana's on the Regal had a wind problem when the ship was underway IMHO. It also had a nice common area to get a different view. framer
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