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  1. Thanks for that great review beachmets. Here's a photo of an officer my wife spotted. She thought it looked like he forgot to take the hanger out of his shirt. framer
  2. WE were in Lido 108 which is a front facing corner mini-suite. It is exactly like a video of the Royal Princess L108 that's on youtube. It's different than the M108 below in that the closets are at the entrance and not in the bedroom. It seems slightly bigger than M108. L108 has a longer desk area. If I had my choice I'd prefer L108 to M108. The balcony area has a completely covered area and a partially covered area, all very private. L108, M108, L107, M108 are all great mini-suites, with huge balconies and normally the lowest cost Club Class cabin you can get. framer
  3. I skipped the CG this trip because I agree the last couple cruises I was not impressed equal to Texas Roadhouse Steak House, which I like but cost less. IMHO The CG / Sterling steaks use to be melt in your mouth prime, now choice at best. framer
  4. The TV issue was strange I know the cabin next to ours was out. Ours worked perfect, which I informed the room steward when asked. Last night I get a letter saying how sorry they were for the TV issue and we got a $25 per person OBC or $50 combined. I'm very happy... No, but you take your chances. Sea days it unlikely any will be open. We prefer port days and they had a couple open if you walked in. We do 1/2 day in the afternoons, $140.00 total for both of us. You get 2 welcome drinks of your choice, mini bar setup 375ml bottle of booze or bottle of wine plus 6 water/mixers. They'll bring you lunch, cool you off. Short hop into the pool. Tea at 3. We are not heavy drinkers so we get the bottle of wine send to MDR for dinner. Extra water gets sent to our room. It's a flat out bargain to make the wife feel like a princess for a few hours. framer
  5. Having done 20+ cruises I must say, "this has been a great cruise.". Food has been outstanding, entertainment a nice mix, and no pushy sales. Embarkation with us arriving at 11AM in FLL was 10 minutes from shuttle into ship. Medallions seem to work well. I can get super fast WIFI everywhere I've tried it. I'm in a front cabin and can get WIFI on the balcony, works up in Sanctuary also. I'm streaming Hulu and Netflix with no issues. Room service has done a great job every morning. Service has been spot on. Sitting in a Cabana as I write this... framer
  6. Use the histogram function and expose to the right for snow. framer
  7. The water on a Princess ship is from reverse osmosis is that not good enough? framer
  8. You can pre-order 350ml bottles of liquor before you sail and bring your own non alcohol mixers onboard and make your own. That will save a lot on money over buying at the bars and bring them back to your room plus it's more convenient if you're sitting on your balcony. framer
  9. I've used the cleaning service many times from Princess and have been pleased with the results. framer
  10. framer


    Nobody goes hungry. Eat 24/7. Don't forget my favorite, "room service", for lunch on your balcony if it's a nice day. framer
  11. Tip: take a small bottle of glass cleaner, think eyeglass cleaner size. Clean the spots on the glass that you will tape the lights to, the glass will have a film of salt and moisture from the sea that will effect the tape sticking good. Use heavy duty clear packing tape. Make sure to make a removal tab on the tape before you tape the wire on. Have fun. framer
  12. Our steward was ask from the bridge to check on our lights. We had some on the balcony. We showed him they were battery operated and he said he would tell the bridge and they should be OK. He later came back and said the bridge approved battery operated lights. I had brought a couple of outdoor rated battery operated strings for use on the balcony. We were the only one's that I saw with outside lights😁 You might get away with a plug in string if you unplug them when out of the room and not use them outside; however, you might be told by your room steward to take them down. framer
  13. Magnets w/hooks work the best. Lights if used must be battery operated, they do not allow plug-in Christmas lights. There are fabulous LED battery operated lights you can bring. We even packed a 24" tree w/stand for the round table. Here's a photo of our room a couple years ago. Have fun, framer
  14. Love the forward cabins, forward views are the best. Worst weather we've been in were 20' seas on the way to HI. We were in the most forward inside cabin for that cruise. Kinda like a carnival ride(pun intended). You get rocked to sleep like a baby. If the price is right enjoy. framer
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