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  1. Today was a special launch. Not often does one get to see a rocket blow up. This was on purpose. Too bad the cloud cover prohibited us from seeing here in Ormond Beach. There was a time during the early days when more blew up than made in. We watched them from the bank of the Indian River in Titusville.
  2. You guys have a safe ride home. Bella awaits you. Launch scheduled now for 10.
  3. Suites, unless Diamond or above, don’t get 3 drinks on SeaPass. So now that they have no Diamond/suite event on MJ, I guess Suites are just SOL. It seems like this is a perk that was paid for as a Suite guest. Could someone onboard confirm the Suites perks now? Thanks
  4. So you going with the big rig since LaLa bailed. Seems like only 50% like CATS. Lol
  5. So, what about Suites. Suites don’t normally get the 3 drinks on their card. Access has been a perk they paid for. Suites had access to the VCL event on MJ. No event, no drinks?
  6. He is probably the only one who could get Royal to can your favorite show. Lol
  7. Only place I have seen this has been on either a Galley or ships tour. It wasn’t enforced.
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