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  1. That was before the “peaceful” protests. 42+ NYPD cruisers burned to the ground. police crime unit defunded. July, crime up 177%. https://www1.nyc.gov/site/nypd/news/p0803a/nypd-citywide-crime-statistics-july-2020 Look at August numbers. Murders up 50%. Shootings tripled. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/02/nyregion/nyc-shootings-murders.html SMH
  2. Stores are not boarded up in Miami. I always felt safe in NYC. We wouldn’t now. The NYPD hands are tied. M8
  3. A lot of those have disappeared for a while until cruising begins.
  4. Not a thing. About the same as saying NYC is a tourist city. No ports in NYC and Miami is Miami. 😇 M8
  5. Got it thanks. I was looking for a loop hole. 😇
  6. I’ve been enjoying the Tour. They seem to have managed in their bubble. 7 tested positive in first rest day but none of the riders and direct team/staff members. Nobody tested positive the second rest day.
  7. Haven’t tried them on the grill but sounds like something worthy of a try. Today it raining so I found something I could cook inside. M8
  8. Good stuff. I never ate lamb much until the boss made it once. Now I’m hooked. 😎
  9. I suggest you go back to your sequence of posts beginning with #32. You basically said NYC is a tourist town. I said we are not going back to NYC (as a tourist) They need clean it up and return funding to the Police. Again, you injected Miami. I could care less where Cruise ships sail from in that area. Peace M8
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