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  1. Sounds to me “some” get one more often???
  2. I think it makes a difference if a Suite is involved as one of the cabins and the other is not. Suites come with some perks that those staying in other cabins may not share.
  3. Thanks. Good reason to get unearned blocks. I qualified my post as saying “some”. That doesn’t imply all. I do believe “some” acquire UNEARNED BLOCKS from the LA. By what means, who knows. In my opinion
  4. So, you believe as I do, that some get unearned blocks from the LA? in my opinion as well Thanks
  5. I can’t read your post. My eyesight is not very good. Please use a different font.
  6. It’s a math game. A 1000 points, entitled to receive 7 Crystal Blocks. 1500 would be 10. I can see getting duplicates. I feel sorry for the LA having to deal with the requests/pressure to hand out blocks not officially earned. in my opinion
  7. Great vlog. Subscribed for some time. so your salary is not taxed? How do you handle/report tips in the casino?
  8. I believe, in my opinion, some pressure LA onboard for Crystal Blocks NOT EARNED on that cruise. Anyone willing to admit guilt?
  9. That’s your opinion. We enjoy looking back and talking about what a great time we had. Hoping my new iPhone 11 Pro Max has a better camera.
  10. Mario returned to Serenade two weeks ago from vacation. I’m don’t know which Lounge.
  11. I have a bunch more.... pictures from the front or side. Those were just the two most frequent. Have Hall & Oates too. your correct, it’s not a cruise ship.
  12. First, we always pre Purshase the drink package. Except when we cruise on Oasis Class, I ask the Concierge to stock my in room cooler/refrig with my preferred beer. Generally, about a 12 pack is all that can fit. I make sure the Concierge has a nice tip and I track down the bartender who stocked the cooler. They also get a nice tip first day.
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