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  1. I wear a suit and tie everyday for work. The last thing I want to wear is the same on my vacation. On formal nights I wear a dress shirt and tie with slacks. You will see some people really dressed up and others not. Don't worry. After dinner I usually change to be more comfortable. Hope this helps. We are getting on Harmony the day you guys are getting off. Enjoy your vacation.
  2. You are going to love Susan as your Genie. Please tell her Brandon and JJ said hello. She is one of the best!
  3. From my experience on two Star Class cruises the allowed amounts go by the deluxe beverage package, however we have gone over the allowed amount by $5.00 for a glass of wine and when the bill comes the waiter will say "because you are Star Class we will not charge you the difference". I'm sure if its way over the amount they will charge you. Hope this helps.;)
  4. Thanks to both of you for the pictures of the seapass cards. We are looking forward to our next Star Class cruise this coming November. This will be our 3rd one and unfortunately wont book anything less. We are spoiled for sure. I find it hard looking at other cruise lines because of the wonderful service Star Class gets. I even looked at The Haven on NCL and from what I see it doesn't compare, however I could be wrong because I have not been in The Haven yet.
  5. Quick question. Do the Star Class cards look the same as before? I heard on another thread they had changed a bit. I'm sure they are still the deep dark purple but was wondering if the design had changed?
  6. Haven't seen any for RCCL in a long time, however Got 4 for CCL in the last year, about every 3 months. Three of them were for 100.00 off each when spending 500.00 or more and the last one was for 7,500 bonus points when spending 350.00.
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