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  1. I believe that if a certain cabin can't be opened, it will tell you on the cabin page on the website.
  2. Not for us either on one cruise. Between the Casino discount and the fact that a cabin in your category must be available and there are only 2 Window Suites on the Enchanted, it's a no. But with the casino discount, even if we buy the drink package and pay the grats, we still come out ahead. Cruise #2 is available but still waiting on final pricing. If I can get for the same as my original booking price, it's golden. If not, it should still be a good deal but waiting for my PVP to let me know.
  3. Why don't you just cancel it and then purchase the PBP before you board? Price would be the same.
  4. Last January our cruise on the Grand out of SF got pushed back until 6 waiting for late flights. Then the weather took a turn and the closed the port. We went to bed at 1, still in port. Only issue was not being awake to see sailing under the bridge.
  5. That's not really true. On the occasions that we don't book a suite, we write in what we want such as bacon, scrambled eggs etc and are always able to get it.
  6. Because you have to get dressed. I love sitting out on my balcony in my robe enjoying the food. Different strokes!
  7. If you go to the Princess Website and look up suite benefits, it'll tell you which ships have DVD players and which ones have Movies on Demand. When I was on the Grand last year with a DVD player, I didn't find the DVD list to be very extensive but I didn't look at Children's movies.
  8. Definitely late. Takes the rush out of your day.
  9. I don't think they will adjust or everyone would do it.
  10. Medano Beach is a big long beach with plenty of options of places to just hang out...Buy some food, use a table chairs etc. You wouldn't have access to a pool but the ocean there is lovely and you can play in the surf.
  11. I would assume it's a mistake, I've heard of that happening to others. Club class is only for CC Mini's or full suites. I would guess it will change on the website.
  12. I would book the direct flight with a princess transfer from the airport. We were delayed once, got into FLL at 4:30 but Princess was waiting for us at the airport and they held the ship. If that doesn't happen, they will fly you to your first stop...probably Grand Cayman? and you'll board there. That would not be horrible.
  13. Mine finally has 2 of my next 3 cruises linked. At least the next one is on there....Guess I'll worry about it in a few months but who knows, it might magically appear.
  14. 250 https://book.princess.com/captaincircle/membershipBenefits.page
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