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  1. suekel

    Skagway Train

    Thinking of doing the Luxury Car train tour out of Skagway. Anyone have experience with this and is it worth the extra $$ TIA
  2. When we're in a suite we put it out when we go to dinner and it's always back by the next day before dinner. We exchange the gin and courvoisier for more scotch and vodka. The tonic water for club soda and the diet coke for sprite. It's a wonderful perk. My favorite thing is ordering dining room breakfast to have on the balcony in warm climates. But the suite breakfast is good too!
  3. We were supposed to be on a TA this fall. We had already booked Alaska for 9/2021. Even though we had booked they gave us the extra OBC. That was a nice surprise.
  4. I always notice the weight restrictions. My husband is 6' 7" so he's too big for a few. I was able to add excursions to a wish list for my 9/21 cruise to Alaska.
  5. It includes most everything except the higher shelf whiskies and some of the wines in Vines. I like the Toasted Almond Martini and a nice glass of port after dinner.
  6. For my cancelled November cruise, it still shows on the personalizer but it has disappeared from Delta.
  7. Mine for November are off the Delta website but are still showing on Princess.
  8. I would have loved that. We got a Window Suite on the Enchanted for the November TA for less than the price of a balcony. Plus more OBC than we could spend...It would have been wonderful.
  9. I faxed in for 2 cruises on the 20th and got my OBC on the 21st
  10. We're doing that cruise. We did Alaska last August and had terrible weather. But, the beauty is drawing us back. This cruise being 10 days will show up parts of the state that we couldn't see on a 7 day. I just pack an extra carry-on bag to hold our winter and rain gear.
  11. I don't feel that I should post the number. If one is eligible for this, they would have received an email and that included the number.
  12. I did the first time but haven't had to since.
  13. I read today that they are starting to open up the shipyards in Italy. And the Enchanted was almost ready for sea trials when they closed.
  14. What I was saying is that this is not the regular princess number and it is not for people trying to use FCC's. This is just for the people who got the email for a casino deal last thursday. So yes, there is a great casino deal and that is what these people are talking about.
  15. This is a different number for a casino deal that went out last week.
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