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  1. No. She was supposed to be going to Europe but they are moving her. I think LA but not sure. They're still moving ships around.
  2. It sounds like you will only be able to get off the ship if you are doing a Princess or select vendor excursions. It's gonna hurt the ports financially if that happens.
  3. I would advise taking a copy of your travel summary. Last cruise the casino had no record so I had to show them my summary to get the $$ they offered. Just to be sure. Granted, this wasn't a casino cruise but they had still given me some casino credit.
  4. There were no precautions in the White House. Princess will be socially distant and enforcing mask wearing.
  5. We'll be on the TA with you. I'm hopeful about that one.
  6. I'm anxiously awaiting Fall of 22. Already had one cancelled, booked another for April, so we'll see. But I really want to start in Barcelona.
  7. After all of these cancellations, I don't think the extra FCC is guaranteed
  8. This offer is different than just getting the casino rate. It's free. It's just specific cruises.
  9. I got it and unfortunately, with 3 cruises booked for next year, I can't fit it in. The one I have in February was an Oceanview with $500 in free play and all the perks. (Upgraded my cabin) Much better deal. Now just hoping we go!
  10. Yes. I even tried to change my password and still no luck. Finally it said they are having technical difficulties.
  11. I think by January, instant testing or at home testing will become the norm. At my hospital we're testing out a new nasal swab that just goes a bit into the nose, so easy it can be done at home and dropped off at a lab. But, I think all this leads to will be testing that takes an hour or less, can be done at embarkation. Israel is making strides on this too.
  12. This is one of my favorite cruises. We hired a car to pick us up at the airport. Depending on your hotel, it wasn't much more than an Uber. Spend a couple days in SF. It rained the whole time in SF but it was still wonderful. Go to the Buena Vista for Irish coffee. We didn't leave port until 2 am due to the harbor closing because of the weather. Once we got to sea though we had perfect weather and calm seas the entire time. I've spent a lot of time in all the cities it goes to except Manzanillo. We did the luxury sailboat ride in Cabo, saw lots of whales and dolphins. In PV, we just hopped on the bus to the malecon and went to some of our favorite haunts. Cuates y Cuetes, Los Muertos Brewery and just wandered the romantic zone. Mazatlan, we walked into downtown and had a lovely lunch. After walking the Malecon for a bit we grabbed a pulmonia and went to the Costa De Oro hotel. Paid $27 each to use their facilities but then got $27 in free food and drink. We ended up just staying on the ship in Manzanillo and enjoyed a quiet pool day. It's a wonderful cruise.
  13. We went in August last year and it rained the whole time. The weeks before and after us were beautiful. Next year we're going in September so crossing our fingers.
  14. We've only had one cancelled so far, the TA on the Enchanted in November. We used our FCC to pay for the TA in April that was supposed to be on the Crown, now the Sky. Still have some left over hoping to use on an already booked Alaska for next September.
  15. I would guess if they didn't transfer you over automatically, you'll have to start from scratch. My Crown went to the Sky and they said explicitly in the email that they were moving me. I can't imagine how they would give anyone priority. My email stated.... VOYAGE REDEPLOYMENT - CROWN PRINCESS Please be advised that due to deployment changes, your voyage will now sail on Sky Princess rather than Crown Princess.
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