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  1. Following, we have the Amalfi coast in our itinerary next summer. We have never been there.
  2. I live in UK, so if we cancel a cruise we loose our deposit, but we are used to these T&C. However, a few years ago, I had to cancel a cruise due to a change in circumstances, but I was told that I could move the cruise to another booking at a charge of £75, but I would have to pay for the flight that was attached to the cruise. I objected, but was told that I was told this at booking. I said I wasn’t. The agent said they had listened to the recording of the booking, but I couldn’t, which I said was unfair. No where did I have anything in writing about the air fare T& C. So I resorted to Celebrity’s Social media site. The air fare charge was dropped ‘as a gesture of goodwill,’ within a couple of hours.
  3. I am surprised that you have been assigned an accessible room as a Guarantee. I thought they were kept for guests who need the extra space for scooters etc.
  4. Are you sailing on an S class ship? If so, there are glass sliding doors between the lifts and the corridor that the cabins are on. We have been close by on the ‘hump’ many times and I have never been disturbed by noise. After a recent experience on Royal Caribbean, I would never book Guarantee. We had been invited to ‘Royal Up’ right up to just one week before our cruises. On the Tuesday before our Saturday sailing, passengers who had booked Direct with Royal and also booked Guarantee were being rung and asked if they would change their cruise to a later one, as there were no available cabins. We didn’t get the phone call, as we had chosen our cabin and also booked via a Travel Agent. I had also decided not to go for Royal Up, as I was happy with the position of our cabin and once you are assigned a new cabin, then you cannot change the position ( I book with UK T & C).
  5. This is exactly what we did. We were 2 points off Elite status before a14 night Caribbean cruise. I felt as you are feeling, so decided to book a 2 night repositioning cruise, Amsterdam to Southampton. Repositioning / short cruises are very rare from UK, but this one was a late addition due to an altered itinerary. Constellation had been taken away from Israel and moved to Amsterdam. Then in the Autumn, she was doing some wine cruises down to the Bordeaux region of France. We had never been to Amsterdam, so it was a good opportunity. We had some friends who did the same cruise, for the same reasons, but they were more points away from Elite than we were. They booked a concierge cabin, we booked inside. Minimum spend/ Maximum gain. The reason I wanted to become Elite was for the priority tendering. We had spent 3 hours trying to get off Eclipse in Split in 2010 and I never wanted to experience that long wait again. I also find the bag of free laundry very, very useful on a longer cruise, which all ours are. As mentioned previously, there are not many shorter ones from Southampton and if we fly to embark then we want to make the most of the effort of flying.
  6. Midnight sun in the Baltic Sea at the end of June 2018. Sun is setting, moon is rising.
  7. But won’t be Reflection be Revolutionised by then?
  8. We too were lucky on 03.09.19. We saw the blue and green lakes, which can often be shrouded in mist.
  9. Glad that they are not messing up the Sky Lounge. P.S I think the quote should be credited to Groryjm, but I cannot delete. Sorry villauk.
  10. Thank you Bonnie, good to have Southampton Arrivals/ Departures in one place.
  11. I was cancelling a cruise and the agent was trying to get me to rebook another cruise when I was told about the Elite perk. That was in 2015.
  12. I have always rung to book, since I was told it was impossible to pay via the web site. In the UK, our T& C have always dictated that our deposit is non refundable. You can however change your booking ONCE ONLY, at a fee of £75, unless you are Elite or above and you get it free.
  13. So sorry you are missing the Azores. We were there 03.09.19. Ponta Delgada reminded me of Funchal, but my lasting impression was of cows, greenery and hydrangea hedges. .
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