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  1. Can the calling feature be used on Messenger, as that is free with Wi-Fi at home.
  2. I suppose all we can do is ‘wait and see,’ although I have read that the technology will be in place when she comes out of Dry Dock. We are sailing on her 01.08.20.
  3. Did you book direct or with a TA. If TA, they should sort it for you.
  4. Smoking area is Deck 5 Port side. Are they called Hurricanes so far north? AllI can say is that we did a repositioning crossing 9/9/16 from Southampton to Montreal and we had to sail south towards the Azores to avoid the eye of a Tropical Storm. However, the itinerary does appeal, probably because it leaves from Southampton and goes to Boston, which so far we have not visited.
  5. This is sailing away from Europe across to US.
  6. Didn’t ‘Move Up’ start after this date?
  7. Only trouble with that is that you have to take what you are given, you can’t choose a room in a desirable location.
  8. I’m sure South America will be considerably longer than a week, which is what you asked for in your initial post.
  9. Only done one 7 day cruise and that was Alaska, but it was the beginning of a 3 week trip, which ended visiting Canada. . We usually do 14 nights, it’s not worth the prior travelling for any shorter time frame.
  10. I have NEVER had access to a Concierge and have always sailed in balcony cabins. I have often asked for larger towelling robes as the standard in the balcony rooms don’t fit. I was once told that the concierge cabin ones were bigger and thicker.
  11. Are you comparing apples to oranges? I am sure you are aware that now the US have 2 bookable options, refundable deposits and non refundable deposits.We only have one option, the non refundable deposit. US sites do not include the taxes and fees. How are the prices quoted on the ship, US/ UK.
  12. We’ve had buffet on Eclipse 2015 and plated on Silhouette 2018. I think some rules came in pre 2018, where buffets were not allowed to be served on carpeted areas.
  13. Only time we have been left messages on our phone, is when they are trying to sell us Speciality Restaurants. Waste of their time as I am Dairy Intolerant, so object to paying extra for food I cannot eat. We have been Elite since Sept 2012.
  14. No one has mentioned the Elite coffee break. We usually go on a Sea day, Speciality coffees, mimosas and plated continental breakfast is served. The attached photo shows the Ultimate platter, which I had shared with my husband, he had also had the cheese, as I am Dairy Intolerant. You can also choose a fruit platter. It is held in the Tuscan grill.
  15. You cannot change an assigned cabin via ‘Move up.’
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