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  1. This is a new one on me. I know if you book in Australia that tips are included in the cruise price and I had heard that it was being considered for UK as it isn’t in our culture to tip, but we always do. And yes, at one time it was essential if you booked Select dining, but that was removed years ago. If that is Celebrity’s new selling point, I will be looking at Azamara cruises, which are ‘All Inclusive.’ Yes, the price point is higher, but basic drinks and tips are included, as are courtesy buses into the local town.
  2. Certainly not had to do it on our 2018 cruise on Silhouette. Tips were included as part of our booking in August 2020, which of course was cancelled.
  3. This pricing is seldom available in UK. A deposit is never refundable. The best I have seen is the addition of a Classic drinks package, although the last cruise I booked included gratuities, which brought us in line with cruises booked in Australia. Sadly that cruise was cancelled, as it should have sailed on 1st August 2020.
  4. Gov.UK still advise against cruising. Initially it was for the over 70’s, but now it is for the whole population. I certainly won’t be booking a cruise in the near future, as I am 79 next birthday. I will wait for an effective vaccination.
  5. At one time it was said it was so that the agent could earn interest on the money, but now I think its to keep the agent afloat. We were told by the agent that we were using for our last (Celebrity) Cruise, that we could push the payment from 5th May to 3rd June as Celebrity require their payments 57 days before sailing day. We should have been sailing 1st August. I know it was an attempt to persuade us not to cancel the booking, as at the time I wanted to cancel as Celebrity required a ‘Fit to Sail’ doctors letter for the over 70’s( which I knew I wouldn’t get as I was Shielding). As Azamara are in the Royal Caribbean Group, I fail to see why the T&C are different for payment dates..
  6. I have never seen this before, it seems to be limited to .com site. Is it for TA’s, as at the bottom it says ‘ Learn more from CRUISING POWER.’
  7. Just had an email from Azamara Circle, confirming the teams will be rotated between ships. They claim that the staff are ‘Excited.’ I wonder? https://click.email.azamaraclubcruises.com/?qs=32e66a0b29f07548fda9d8c90da7a1af9e6d1ee68dc7f4f1c2c22ede2164b68377b4772c46a4a75b69a2aaeef01a2be52c3ef6ca75ae2cbd
  8. I see 3 pairs of Captains and CDs, but only 2 pairs of Hotel Directors. I know Philip Herbert has just left Azamara Quest, but wonder who the HD will be, as Quest is scheduled to be the first sailing in March 2021.
  9. I’m waiting : a) for a vaccine, as I was Shielding, so certainly wouldn’t take any unnecessary risks, b) until the ships start sailing and will assess the restrictions.
  10. Philip watched me checking out what I could eat at a lunch time buffet and approached me with concern. When I explained that I am Dairy Intolerant, he arranged for the chef to make me a ‘Special ‘ sweet nightly. This was on the Quest TA, 09.09.16. Thank you.
  11. Ditto. I cancelled our cruise in April due to Celebrity then requiring a ‘Fit to Sail’ Doctors letter for the over 70’s. Even though the Cruise company had changed their T&C since we had booked, I was told that my booking was not eligible for a refund, only a FCC. We have never been issued with the FCC, so eventually I contacted the Credit Card company, who are contacting the cruise company and the TA. So far we’ve heard nothing. I’m obviously not another cruise any time soon.
  12. UK bookings have always been non refundable, due to our T&C.
  13. You will have the opportunity to sign up before your cruise, via CC. If there are 25.members, a meeting will be held. This is usually on the morning of the first sea day, but you will have a card left in your cabin informing your the venue.
  14. Just wait a few days and I think the N of England will be put into further lock down.
  15. Only just been sent the email by Celebrity, I can’t understand why we have to wait so long in UK, but at least I do eventually get them.
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