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  1. Not always. I would never leave the country without a passport. Not that difficult.
  2. Friday happy hour has already started here in New England! Cheers!
  3. Agree. Our first Med cruise was in July - never again. Way too hot and crowded.
  4. Agree, I've never heard of anyone trying to opt out of the gratuity on beverage packages. If it were possible I'm sure there would be countless threads on here discussing it.
  5. This is my thinking as well. I personally would tip in US$ if the exchange rate stays as it is.
  6. Voyager was my first ever cruise on Royal. She'll always have a special place in my heart.
  7. I experienced this once as well. I called for a small price drop - believe it was around $30 - and the rep seemed to be annoyed that I was bothering him for such a small drop. I wouldn't take $30 out of my wallet and throw it away, so why not?
  8. December is a great month for a Caribbean cruise. Weather is great - hot but not too humid. Early December you will not have too many kids as opposed to late December.
  9. Wow I never knew that. I know my IQ and feel pretty smart now!
  10. Pat so sorry for your loss. I know how difficult that is. My little Tiger fur baby goes nuts when I return from a cruise. He won't leave my side!
  11. Do self carry off and you should be fine. We made a 10:30 flight with plenty of time.
  12. Turn the towels in and you won't have a problem. Takes a minute. Irresponsible teenagers are no excuse.
  13. When we sailed Anthem there was also a great deal available for balcony GTY. I called and asked the rep what the chances are of getting an obstructed view. He said to assume you're going to be allocated an obstructed view and possibly be pleasantly surprised if you're not. I chose to pay a little more to choose my cabin.
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