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  1. Agree. We were on track to reach P by early 50's. Now who knows.
  2. Yes, on our Dubai cruise there were only 150 North Americans onboard. As I said earlier we loved it and wouldn't hesitate to go back. A big part of the problem for us North Americans, along with with reluctance by many to travel to the Middle East, is distance. Many would rather travel to Australia/ NZ or Asia if traveling that far.
  3. Agree. We loved our Dubai cruise back in 2012. Fascinating part of the world. Still one of our most memorable. Would love to go back someday when the pandemic settles down and/or a vaccine becomes available. Just wish it wasn't such a long flight to get there from the US!
  4. Tough to choose but I'd have to say July 2014 13 nt Baltics cruise on Brilliance. Amazing itinerary/ports, beautiful weather, and one of the best passenger mix I've ever sailed with. Met so many great people and have even run into a few on later cruises.
  5. Yes they did. Don't think that would work in the current environment!
  6. I simply said I didn't care for it but it was something. Just because I wasn't "thrilled" doesn't mean I didn't appreciate the effort. I just liked being able to access the CL better.
  7. I turned D about a year before they kicked us out of the CL. DL's didn't exist at that point. Didn't really care for the Nightly Diamond Event but at least it was something.
  8. D members had access to CL's at one time as well. Don't believe D+ existed at the time but I honestly can't remember for sure.
  9. St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Barbados, ABC islands, Bermuda (I realize it's not in the Caribbean but still beautiful)
  10. Agree with above and also January is too early to book another cruise IMO.
  11. Yes. I believe he would cruise 50 weeks/ year.
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