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  1. I think your voyage would be a tad on the rough side for me and I am sorry that trivia is not going as well as expected. Is it a problem with the sort of questions being asked, are they skewed towards one nationality rather then broad brush? Mind you , I recall one colonial gentleman chastising us for pronouncing Wodehouse - as in P.G.- as "Woodhouse". He was volubly insistent that it was pronounced "Woadhouse". Gentle readers, we keelhauled him. I simply cannot imagine 17 teams in the bar, however, it must be bedlam. Hope things improve but if not , keep taking medicinal spirits. Rp
  2. Not brilliant. The Champions League final was unobtainable on the Wind this year with a very British passenger list. Actually. You might be lucky on the Spirit. Four years ago OH reminds me we were able to persuade the CD to show some games in the card room. Rp
  3. I have seen immaculately tailored evening Bermuda shorts,with a dinner jacket long socks and patent leather evening pumps of course, at Glyndebourne. If they satisfy the dress code there, then I can’t imagine how they would transgress the dress code on P&O. Rp
  4. Good luck everyone. This puts our political storms in perspective. Stay safe. Rp
  5. Do you get to do a Melania, Jan, and snog that rather pretty Mr Trudeau? Rp
  6. Spam, spam , spam, spam, spam wonderful spam.... We had spam fritters at school and the memory is not a good one. Lois, do consider staying on the Ile St Louis when you visit Paris, it is so central but has a village atmosphere, with far friendlier Parisians than elsewhere in the city, also the best ice cream shop in the entire world, Berthillon. If you have time to visit more obscure places when you are there, do consider the Musee du Cluny/Musee du Moyen Age, which houses the most wonderful set of tapestries , The lady and the unicorn. The planning will be as much fun as the visiting Rp
  7. Perdidogirl, thank you for putting down your comments. It sounds like you were badly served by your butler and I am sorry you experienced this. Whilst hindsight is a wonderful thing, you should probably have asked that another one be assigned to you. Who wants the hassle of that, however, in the middle of what is supposed to be a relaxing cruise. Filling out the mid cruise survey is always an option, of course, but I do think it would be no bad thing for the head of housekeeping to contact each suite to see if they are happy with things. A card left in each suite inviting direct comments to him/her would be easy and cheap to achieve, even better would be a short visit to each suite a few days into the cruise to check that all was in order. I am interest in what you say about portions in La Terazza, we were on the Wind a couple of months ago and portions were so large there, I couldn't finish them and I am greedy so and so. Fortunately, my OH has hollow legs so hoovered up my left overs. I agree about the coffee cups with room service, what a good idea to bring an insulated cup on board. Thanks, I will remember that for the future. Regards Rp
  8. Ok, so how do I get to become an airline pilot in short order? This thread has been an eye opener. I suspect that the well kept secret should have stayed as that. Rp
  9. Hip hip hurrah! We were on the Wind in May when it was docked next to her Viking ship in Bergen. It was very odd to hear her voice over the Viking tannoy welcoming guests to the Viking Jupiter. The world will soon be back on its axis. Rp
  10. You can be keel hauled for less than that, TTS. Rp
  11. I think it is a repeat - Mary Beard's Ultimate Empire, I just hadn't seen it before. ~sorry to have got your hopes up. Rp
  12. Have you been to Ostia Antica, TTS? I think you would enjoy it though you have to use your imagination a lot more than at Pompeii. And you are missing Mary Beard doing one of her Roman things on BBC4, it was on last night but I exact being on the Whisper might help you get over your disappointment at missing her. Rp
  13. If you liked Pompeii, go to Herculaneum next time, unless you have already been. I agree that Pompeii is magnificent, and it does seem odd to refer to site of death and destruction in that manner, but Herculaneum-much smaller, more compact and more immediate -human and so very poignant. We went by train from one of the ports and were able to avoid traffic. Glad the ship waited for you, there would have been a mutiny on the board if you had been forced to leave us dangling! Rp
  14. I wish I could join you, TTS. We are off to Llandudno next week- not quite the same ambiance but hopefully fewer self aggrandising gits than you are having to put up with. Did they show anything of the Open on board at the weekend? Royal Portrush did a grand job by all accounts. Rp
  15. 33 degrees? TTS- you wuss. It’s going to be 38 here in the Smoke on Thursday. The Tube is going to be such fun!! Rp
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