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  1. We are coffee and tea drinkers. I'm still on the fence about it. But, yeah, all will be considered when booking.
  2. I am most likely going to book with no perks. The numbers just don't add up to pay extra. If I thought I would drink more than one or two alcoholic drinks a day I might do the two free perks when booking.
  3. Hmm....If there are people readily selling beverages at the ports, this might be a game changer. Time for more research. Recent experiences in the Mexican Riviera taught me that packing my own water in 2 of 3 ports was a good idea. Margaritas are easy to find in Cabo...bottled water....is pricey and rarer.
  4. As we are not big soda drinkers, probably not.
  5. Is sun screen included in the price of this cruise? I do truly want to know. I'm fascinated by this concept. That and the itinerary for this cruise looks fantastic. I can just imagine how much SPF 100+ it would take to get me through the week. Also are there excursions to clothing optional places on the islands? Thanks for answering questions.
  6. Because the last thing I need to worry about when we go ashore is whether or not we can keep track of the refillable bottles all day long. When I have to buy a new at at $5-10 each, it's gets rather expensive. Instead I like to have a couple bottles that can easily be recycled/thrown we we are finished with them for each port day.
  7. So how are the hot dogs then?
  8. I'll be waiting to see what the reports are from San Juan this winter. 🙂
  9. Thank you everybody for answering the questions. Happy to hear about the ice cream...and yes that is the most important of the question...that could have been a deal breaker.
  10. I'll be able to bring on a case of water? If that's the case...sweet! Really just want a stockpile to take off the boat on port days. Having something to drink keeps me out of the bars longer. 😉
  11. I am following that one closely. Can't believe the balcony furniture.
  12. I'm seriously eyeballing an April Summit sailing from San Juan, but I have questions. I poked around the Celebrity website and couldn't find a place where I could order bottles of water to a room in advanced. Did I miss it? Also no shorts in the dinning room, at least for dinner? Early morning food options---we are early risers, might even be worse coming from the west coast to the Caribbean, will the buffet have coffee and some sort of food out early? Coffee, tea, and drinking water are free from the buffet right? What's the ice cream situation? Thanks for helping me out here. I over think and over plan everything.
  13. We were driving between Parker, AZ and Needles, CA when that happened. Trying to figure out why the car was shaking like it had a low tire. We got to feel the bigger one the next day on Mesquite, NV. Thought for a minute we were back on the cruise ship! I love the ease of the Long Beach terminal. I've been eyeing the Catalina-Ensenada 4 nighters for a while now. But the price difference to just hop on the Splendor for 7 days has been so little that's what we did instead in the past. With the Panorama coming, the price difference is much bigger now. So I'm thinking the Imagination or Inspiration are in my future. After a cruise leaving from San Juan--that's the next one. Just gotta figure out the details.
  14. Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I was looking at booking deck 6 or 7, very front of the ship, if I book. How did you like the Imagination? I've been very tempted to grab a last minute offer and jump on the ship.
  15. Very specifically I was asking if there was much difference between the cabin at the end of the hallway and the one 6-10 doors back, or towards mid-ship, when it comes to noise from the front of the ship. I do know they are all classified as forward cabins.
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