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  1. Don't fall into the overrated marketing trick of "getting to try all these new drinks". If you drink alcohol, there are plenty of other times in life to try new drinks at a bill far smaller than $860. Who's really even trying that many drinks either? The only time I did Cheers was with a cruise with the guys. My girlfriend definitely wouldn't get enough use of it. I barely did. I got a lot of alchemy drinks to "break even." The end result was feeling like crap and spending more than I would have otherwise spent. For me the best value is: - Bring two bottles of wine (<$20) - Buy a 1 liter bottle of Woodford Reserve $125 - Buy a few cocktails and beers here and there <$150 For 2 people, we have yet to break $300 on drinks (at least on the boat, ports are a different story). And that right there is PLENTY of alcohol. It amazes me how often I hear Cheers is a great value, yet the bottle is overpriced.
  2. To be fair, you hear negatives about every aspect of every ship. I haven't sailed the Sunrise yet to know for sure. I have been on the Victory, and it wasn't that packed. I find it hard to believe adding 8% more passengers has pushed it over the tipping point.
  3. Never ever cruise outside of the school year if you don't like kids. But there are also premium lines to further limit it
  4. I did that cruise last February after years of being weary of winter vacations after a trip to Key West was freezing one year. New Orleans wasn't as warm as I wanted it to be. However, that's not really much of the allure of the city, plus it was way warmed than my home town. Went to Montego, Cayman, and Cozumel. You never would have known it was winter. Plus, like others said, less kids, and great prices. Hard to go wrong
  5. Exactly. This is why I never get much extra on my cruises. As with anything in life, a party will look at $1000 in potential profit differently than $50.
  6. I love when people contact corporate thinking that they will hear something they have never heard before, and will change their operating model
  7. Stayed at the Roosevelt last time. Nice little historical hotel. Expensive though. That's fairly normal with staying in NO in general.
  8. Bottled (or however you want to package it) water is the biggest scam of all time. Compare a fake flavor perception to drinking plastic chemicals and huge markups on a nearly free resource. Plus, they are probably doing this because of the negative publicity around plastics. Aluminum is much better for the environment, right>
  9. I can't remember too many times where they weren't showing what I wanted to watch. The channels they have in there are different from what you can access in the room. The biggest problem was always finding a seat
  10. I've been on a few 4 night cruises, highly dubbed as "booze cruises." They are barely different than 7 day cruises. Just more urban legends of the internet
  11. Getting my average up to about 15 days a year. Not too bad for having a full-time job. I think next year I can hit 20 🙂
  12. No point forcing yourself to spend a certain amount or limiting yourself to make it "feel all-inclusive". I've seen enough people forget to cash out.
  13. I don't even know how many times I tried a TA and wasted my time. The best offer I ever received was an extra $25 obc. I tend to book lower categories. I've been on enough TA websites to see they clearly give perks if you are buying some premium balcony for $6000, but little to nothing for a lower category. There is not enough markup in those rooms to give you much. It's like people who tell you they got a free macbook with the purchase of their car. Little did they tell you, they bought a high-end Mercedez at sticker price. You sure swindled them. Most people bragging about their free bottle of wine or gratuities paid, aren't telling you how much they spent on their cruise. Also, they "found the best, secret TA"
  14. You have to pay gratuities on Cheers too. So that will be a $600 tab for two people. Paying $12 a drink, that is 50 cocktails to break even. Most couples just aren't spending that. They just aren't
  15. Without cheers and having an interior vs balcony, you will likely be saving $1000 up front costs. Same boat, same food, same ports, same entertainment. That's almost enough saved to do a second vacation. I like cocktails too. We just aren't going to drink 50-60+ of them in 5 nights. Bring wine, buy a bottle, buy a few cocktails. Plenty of alcohol, less than half of the price.
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