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  1. You could very well be right. I'm just curious what data we're looking for that we don't already have in a half of a year. Seems like just more panic than anything. People are losing their mind because we are finding more people positive as compared to times when we had little to no testing. All the while we're finding people were asymptomatic and have been all of this time and no more people are dying.
  2. I was at a sizable resort two weeks ago. They put 4 stickers in each elevator, signaling that was the max capacity, and everyone keep their distance. In the time I was there. There were no elevator police. I don't think it was violated once. I would imagine cruises would do something similar. Every embarkation I have been in, has employees at the ground floor, directing traffic. I don't see why they couldn't do something similar, while combining reduced capacity, staggered check-in, and whatever else. Nothing is going to be perfect all of the time. As long as they can put on a good enough dog and pony show, they can show they are doing something
  3. I notice you have some really nice sailings under your belt. Yacht club deluxe suite and Haven Penthouse. Options with an experience that are tough to match. I have not sailed them, so I don't know, Still, I wonder with the immense cost of such rooms, how much the perks balance it out vs just buying what you want. It appears that you cruise about once every 2 years. I cruised last in March, and am itching to go again.
  4. The amount of cases has "gone exponentially up" yet the amount of deaths has stayed relatively the same. We can justify whatever technicality we want to push whatever statement we want. At the end of the day, more people are being tested. More people are coming up without symptoms. Smaller percentages of those being tested are found negative. Deaths are staying constant. The best counter to this is "well it's younger people who are making up the cases". Right now the enemy is "cases". Largely asymptomatic too. That sounds like a false narrative more than anything else to me. Then there's countless instances out there of people in authority saying people dying with COVID are counted as COVID deaths. Not necessarily because of it.
  5. In which every day, the data becomes clearer and clear that it was more contagious than we initially thought and less deadly.
  6. I would probably want to at that point, only to justify that huge cost. I couldn't imagine spending 3x the cost of my cruise, and doing less cruises, so I could stay in a bigger room. To each their own
  7. The council of men cannot disclose such ancient secrets
  8. I always thought I would get bored of a 62 day vacation. The longest I have ever done is 2 weeks, and most are about a week or less. I can't ever remember a time I wished a vacation would end. I think I may have to start pushing those limits
  9. Prices starting from does not mean a price you will get
  10. I will always find it funny when people think buffets will ever go away on mass-market cruise ships for any reason. There really is no better way to serve thousands of people, and it's what they want. Worst-case scenario, how it transfers from the ship to the person is the only thing that may modify.
  11. You lost me with the first half, won me with the last half. Seeing everyone's art, political statements, and everything else with their masks does nothing for me Thinking chair hogs will be gone is wishful thinking. If there's less people on the deck, there's likely to be less chairs too. Social distancing. I do like the ability to have more room in more areas. However, again, I expect removed chairs and social distancing.
  12. When I first read this thread, I thought it was the most out there thing I've heard in a while. The more I think about it, considering the way the world is going I actually wouldn't put it past this being the future, or at least an option.
  13. I must say I did not know that. I assumed by the picture I saw that it was grand and huge. Looking at it again, it definitely looks 3 decks high. I still can't wait to see it. The variety is nice. I do love Carnivals standard atrium, but it loses its allure when you see it every time
  14. If the stress for this is causing you hardships, you are best to just cancel. No one has the answer. Things will probably change and change again.
  15. Men have developed a system since the beginning of time. No one uses the middle urinal
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