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  1. For a lot of people, they just want a nice beach. At many islands, to do that is time and money, finding transportation and the beach itself, which adds stress and less relaxation.
  2. While it may be unlikely, it is certainly possible. Imagine something happening to a 20 year-old that was drinking, and Carnival knew about it. I just did Cheers again last week, and I wish I didn't. We spent more than we normally would, to drink more than we normally would. To gain more weight. To feel sluggish. My favorite combo is to bring on wine, buy a bottle, and to pay out of pocket for a few cocktails, especially for a longer cruise. Cheers is more reasonable for 3-4 days. For 7+, it is completely out of the question. If you're constantly worried your bar bill is going to exceed $1000, chance are, you have other, more pressing issues.
  3. They told us last week the shots would be discounted to $5
  4. "How is that person in such good health?" "They put Himalayan salt on their steak"
  5. I am very sorry to hear that. I hope all is well with that terrible process. With that said, if every company allowed the rules to be bent for someone's personal circumstance, where do you draw the line? Then everyone has a great reason to cancel. Then it's those who follow the rules who end up getting hurt. Instead of travel insurance, if you travel often, I recommend you get a good travel credit card with a high annual fee. The package of benefits I get, pays for itself many times over. Plus I get huge rewards. Plus I get travel insurance. The only times I recommend buying insurance is if your card won't cover you and/or you're going on some really expensive, high-risk vacation, or you're a risk for health. Paying $100-$150 a pop to get 75% back on your fare is a joke. Know your options. Know what works for you. In general, buying insurance for everything in life has been shown to be a colossal waste.
  6. The biggest perk is that you get to work it into every conversation you have on the boat, that you are in a suite.
  7. Many bars do not use these because people take them, and add a huge expense
  8. It's a fantastic bar. The servers are fun. It's very sociable. Drinks are great. It's a staple for any cruise for us. With that said, these are not drinks I want to drink all day. Maybe 1-2 cocktails, then it's back to straight whiskey. Too much sugar.
  9. Hour and a half is just one of many cruise exaggerations. You might encounter a 20 minute or so wait here and there, especially with a larger crowd. At this point, I don't know why you and 90% of these posters wouldn't just do the early dining. Your table will always be ready for you. The dining process will usually end around 7-7:30. For me, I am done with dinner at that point. I want the rest of the night to enjoy.
  10. When people are tearing apart the Vista, they are largely talking about not liking the design of the atrium and liquid lounge. Many people will tell you that these things are not ruining the vacation for them. Meanwhile, the Vista holds quite a few extra activities and dining options that cannot be found on the Breeze. Both cruises, you will have a good time. I think often, we over analyze this type of thing. Normally, I would gravitate towards the longer itinerary and extra port (as long as the price is similar). Because that's more vacation and more memories! However, you'd have to decide what is right for you. In this case, the extra day comes with a fairly hefty price tag of another $1000. While I have not yet been to Belize, Roatan, and Costa Maya, they also do not seem to be fan favorite ports. I loved Grand Cayman!
  11. You would think this is the end of the world because they aren't giving away a $10 bottle that you can bring on yourself. Here come all of the examples on how it's worse than that.
  12. To each their own I suppose. I tend to find that those looking for cruise lines to pamper the hell out of them, tend to be the ones who are always the most disappointed. Sure I like a certain level of relaxation and service. However, I don't expect the employees to be impressed by me and worship the ground I walk on. Let's be real. That is not vacation to me. Vacation is having fun. Vacation is disconnecting from work. Vacation is about friends and family. Too many people try to find their fun in spending money. "It must be a better vacation if I spend $10k on it. I'm going to splurge." Then they find that all of the nonsense you buy doesn't add that much substance. I took some amazing vacations this year, and never paid more than $1000 for myself. The enjoyment was because I decided to have fun.
  13. Usually comes from the people who want new things, but are afraid to try new things. I went out of my comfort zone earlier this year, and tried the indian vegetarian dish. Now, I very much look forward to having that again. There is always something on the menu.
  14. Was on it in February. Was excited to try Tandoor, but it was sadly gone. As far as what is unique to the Dream, it is fairly similar to many of your other Carnival ships, just bigger than most classes. A few things I enjoyed that you don't always see was the large amount of TVs in the casino (although at the loss of SkyBox), guys pig and anchor bbq, and a ton of hot tubs
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