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  1. Does anyone know the Suite Manager is for Equinox and the Retreat Concierges.
  2. When on Edge recently they had installed partitions between the smaller cabanas and also to the pool lounge area. Here's a couple pictures. No rear partitions installed for the larger Cabanas The pool deck chairs at rear of cabana
  3. Yes. The way it works is that any charges including daily tips are first charged to non-refundable OBC and then to Refundable OBC.
  4. When we have dined with 3 they use a 4 top or larger depending on availability. They sometimes put 2 each 2 Tops together.
  5. You will also have the Mast Grill for Hot Dogs and Hamburgers.
  6. Not sure if just a fluke or the way it worked BUT --- I have a B2B booked with 1st cruise non-refundable and the 2nd refundable. On making final payment on the second cruise 2 days before final payment date I asked the agent if it was too late to change to a non-refundable for the discounted price. I was told... Not a problem and she processed the new discounted rate. It isn't a risk for me as I know I was going on the cruise.
  7. Fun to watch. Thanks for posting. She will be in her dress blues when she departs.
  8. Happy that you are enjoying Edge and you have a wonderful cruise.
  9. You may find it is not as much of an Oasis as you think. On a recent B2B Greek Cruise and TA there were only two rented the complete 2 cruises. When I first looked they were totally booked so they must have had lots of cancellation. The ones that were booked were used for a party with about 10-12 guests Just my observation - Most of the time The Magic Carpet was parked right in front of them blocking most of the view of the sea. There is a main walkway inches from your cabana with seats that people use for free staring right into the Cabanas. As far as I could see they are totally shaded and void of any privacy. Recently they installed dividers so you have a little privacy from the adjacent cabanas. Will be really helpful if you can come back and post your experience.
  10. This really could be a gating factor on whether we use this program or not. I can't see leaving my backpack with my meds and valuables ashore. We will be on a B2B2B so will watch how things go on the first two cruises before making our final decision.
  11. Once in a awhile I have seen the Dinner packages discounted pre-cruise. While aboard I have ALWAYS been offered discounts. They usually have a rep outside the OceanView soliciting bookings. Just ask and you will be rewarded.
  12. Yes it will automatically show up on your account approximately 2nd or 3rd day. Most OBC' from agents are refundable so if you don't use then it will be credited back to your credit card. FYI - for best deal I usually book aboard and ask the reservation not be applied to my current TA. I then contact a couple TA's I use and ask what they will offer for the booking.
  13. Yes call and they should be able to give you the additional perks. If they hassle you and you are a U.S. booking just cancel and rebook with the new perks.
  14. You should post this on the Roll Call for this cruise. You will find others on your cruise there who might be interested in your tour.
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