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  1. I have not used the minutes in many years but the program use to tell you how many minutes you have remaining when you log off. It is really important if you are using free minutes that you log off after you complete your session or you will come back an realize all your minutes are gone. The clock continues until you MANUALLY logout. When you first create your account it will give you the choice of either the Unlimited (with the CC discounted already applied) or Free Minutes. Everything I have read recently is that it is either/or not both (Free Minutes or Discount).
  2. Thanks for the information. I think I'm covered. I booked shore excursions with a discount sale recently. I figure that I could always cancel them 24-48 hours prior to tour if decided otherwise. I'm 90% sure that Internet will be hit with VAT. I believe I mentioned that we were on Constellation last year and every other cruise had NO-NON-EC stops. Many of the staff (room attendant, Suite Manager and MCC) indicated they were topping up their minutes prior to beginning the next cruise (no-Non-EC Ports) because of being hit with VAT.
  3. Would be interested to find if you identify with being an Millennial? Many if not most millennial I know don't like the label any more than baby boomers think of themselves as being labeled and grouped by characteristics with such a broad classification.
  4. Really curious if you are making assumptions. My experience is not the same as yours. Following are prices from Silhouette out of Southampton. Example would be a Budweiser would be $7.00 and they automatically add on 20% (not VAT this is gratuity) for a cost of $8.40. and the amount is EXACTLY 20% not rounded up and of course all billing would be in USD.
  5. I guess if the above recommendation of late pizza at OV you always have room service available for a late night fee.
  6. I would have to agree with you regarding Millennial having good jobs and money. We live in Silicon Valley which I am sure is an anomaly. It is not uncommon for a younger folks from companies like Google, Apple or Facebook to buy $1.5 Million + properties for all cash.
  7. Wendy - Thanks for your input. Was curious if you could find out if they charge VAT on shore excursions in excess of the published price on Celebrity Web Site.
  8. Thanks Fog - I believe this is different than an TA. I do recall that Celebrity was charging VAT for purchases within Spanish Waters. As a matter of fact it is very common to be hit with VAT or Sales Tax while in port. I have often been charge Florida State Sales Tax for drinks while in port but once at sea there was no Sales Tax. In the case of N0 EC ports - VAT is charged on all taxable items regardless of location for the complete cruise. Since we will be on a B2B we will defer any purchases until the second cruise. I've been pre-booking all of our tours and already have free Premium Drink Package and Internet.
  9. Not sure what type of Toothbrush you use. I have a SoniCare and although I have a travel charger have never had to use it. The charge has lasted me for over 30 days without needing a recharge.
  10. I noticed the same. I believe that Internet is taxed with VAT if purchased on board. While the letter doesn't specifically say, a number of the crew on one of our cruises were saying they had to top up their Internet before the next cruise (No-EC Ports) to avoid having to pay the 21% VAT Your PDF worked perfect but here's a screen shot -
  11. Thanks for taking the time to post a very well written summary of your cruise.
  12. it can be very worthwhile if you are able to obtain an upgraded room for less than if you had paid for the full upgrade. The downside is you may receive a cabin in a location that is either noisy or obstructed view.
  13. Not sure if things have changed but originally they had both a Beef Burger and a Lamb Burger alternating. I much preferred the Lamb Burger. I was recently looking on the App and it was just showing "Luminae Burger" - didn't say beef or lamb.
  14. We were on Summit last month and they invited guests to drop off their luggage in their room on boarding but asked that you remain in public areas afterward until all cabins were ready.
  15. You can switch off between unlimited devices but only one device can be logged onto one account at any one time. It as easy as logging on with you User Name (you select) and 4 digit Pin ( which you also select). If another device is logged on it will ask you if you want to log on this device instead and it will knock the other off. It is not ship dependent and will be the same on all ships.
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