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  1. They sure did and were really gooey and sticky. Will definitely have another.
  2. Would recommend getting the App and check a current sailing on your ship- On Millie currently and for Embarkation Lunch MDR - Concierge + Zenith, B2B's and High End Blue Chip Sushi on 5 Luminae (Suites Only) Pool Grill Spa Cafe
  3. I get a call from a Shore-side Zenith Concierge every cruise. Even though we don't have access to Retreat they are your point of contact pre-cruise for reservation, special request and any problems you may have. Last cruise when in a suite I got a call from both the Shore-side Concierge and the Zenith Shore-side Concierge asking the same questions. We often like to dine in Specialty Restaurants on the fist evening.
  4. Would be best for you to call your insurance provider. We have Kaiser Senior Advantage plan for Medicar and they covered both. We had one test at a lab for $95 and was advised to file a claim. We had our Booster Shot done at Walgreen and they wanted our Medicare Information but had my 1st 2 shots at a County Mass Vax site and they didn't even ask for insurance coverage. I plan on filing a claim for my Abbott home Proctored Tests.
  5. Thanks for posting. I'm sure our Canadian and British friends with mixed vax will be happy to hear.
  6. I had mixed results on filing on a B2B. Even though I filed for both using the web portal form. 1st came through within 48 hours but the second didn't. I resubmitted again and after 5 days no response. In both cases no confirmation of receipt or when credit was issued. It just showed up. I finally filled out the form and submitted via e-mail. Got an immediately confirmation of receipt and got the credit the next day.
  7. I just checked and the Spa opens at 11:30 on the current cruise of Millennium (boarding began at 12:00). You can check on your ship using the App and select Spa from the Menu with the ship icon.
  8. Looks like there were many hugs going around. I guess it can be as safe as a hand bump if they are wearing masks. The staff are probably safer than anyone we know as they are PCR tested ever 7 days and were just tested 2 days ago. We probably won't be as careful of wearing masks on this trip since we have cleared for the B2B. Having the booster and Flu shot make a lot of difference in my state of mind. Glad you are aboard and stop us and introduce yourself if you see us.
  9. Many people feel the same way but after being banished from Retreat while in Aqua it felt SO GOOD to be back in. I actually love the interior much better than the old dark Michael's Club decor. I can understand your feeling and would think you would really love the Edge Retreat which is very much like the Sky Lounge ---- All glass walls over looking helm of the ship.
  10. I'm not sure which looks better, your beautiful Lab or the treat. We use to have a Golden that we lost a couple years ago. I still have a fondness in my heart for Retriever's of all type.
  11. No - Zeniths and other like high end Casino are still restricted. It really was a bummer when we were in Aqua but understand for now. We hope it will be reinstated soon. On this cruise there are 12 Zenith's
  12. After lunch we came back to room. Nice bouquet of flowers has men delivered. Also had a bottle of bubbly and 4 bottles of win from various staff. Really thankful for all the gifts. Running out of counter space with tea kettle, cups and tea supplies set up.
  13. We had a nice cappuccino in al Bacio and then went to visit Retreat. We were the only ones there until David and Kim som fellow Zenith’s arrived.
  14. This shot was at 11:46 just before boarding. 10 minutes later an announcement was made that all staff to position to begin boarding.
  15. They started boarding exactly at 12:00 - It may have been a little later than last week (11:30) because they had a mandatory test of the electrical systems on the ship and were tripping fuses in the test. B2B were cautioned to avoid the elevators to assure we didn't get inconvenienced.
  16. Feel free to continue posting. It will give a good variety of the meals. I of courses don't always remember to shoot a picture before my first bite and will not post a pictures of a partially eaten plate. We were also at lunch in Luminae with some friends. I gad the Luminae burger and Pear Clafoutis but forgot to take pictures. I love the fish dishes quite a bit.
  17. They do have it in limited supply. one thing I learned from a passenger on Equinox was they removed Excedrin and Tylenol. They don’t want passengers self medicating to reduce temperatures
  18. If you go right away and don’t mind being on display they usually offer a comp session for showing the massages during the tours.
  19. Just checked. It doesn’t show on the first page on the app but if I click view Xpress pass it shows on bottom left
  20. They are yummy. I didn’t discover the sticky buns until this morning. They are incredible.
  21. It is relatively quiet. The Aqua spa is above and occasionally hear some movement. Not at all disturbing.
  22. Beautiful morning. Ship is almost empty. No huge crowds and very organized disembarkation.
  23. Looking forward to it. The ship is getting ready for you. We have to go to immagration at 9:00 but have not gotten to move our items in the safe as of yet.
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