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  1. Dogs4Fun...what do you do to "search" for a location from a random picture. We have some pictures that we have managed to forget where we were and my husband's labeling of the days' pictures some how seems to fail (human error)! Would love to able to identify buildings and city.
  2. I guess if I can book LAST minute and had the correct Visas I might consider them again but this is horrid customer service!!! I wonder how they are financing their new expedition ship...it looks beautiful but I sure don't want to trust my money with Vantage right now.
  3. I have NO idea but I am going to see it when we can travel!!!
  4. Queen of Everything you are CORRECT!!!! Mitina great sleuthing the flag and figuring out what villages produce pottery! What a fabulous trip we had! Vantage did an great job but the guides made the trip....I received an amazing education each day building on the previous day with the same guide!
  5. I am ready when someone wants to give up their turn for me!!!
  6. ok I will let you all know when my stash of pictures are available...I promise some good choices...but husband is not always inclined to fill my requests immediately I am QUEEN of nothing!
  7. WE are suppose to be on the yangtze river right now!!! Undiscovered China! It will take a bit to get a picture from husband's computer. Can I pass for now and get my chance back? I am sure we have loads of interesting pictures!
  8. I agree this is FUN! Thanks for the great idea!
  9. I am worried about toting luggage if we do "Norway in a nutshell " on our own on a cruise that ends in Bergen.
  10. We did Lantau Island on our second visit to Hong Kong. We did take the ship's tour and it was excellent, great guide and a very small group! The cable car ride was great.
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