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  1. Our transatlantic cruise will be on the Sea!!! Maybe we can wave!! We leave from San Juan not Miami!
  2. Dave ...I humbly disagree with you. We have spent a lot of time aboard Viking Ocean Ships. We are scheduled to do a TA crossing in March. VERY few ports, so this cruise unlike most of Viking Cruises is all about the ship and her wonderful amenities and crew. I am so looking forward to long sunny days at SEA. We enjoy the aft pool and outdoors ....we are always one of the people on the Terrace or pool. One of the greatest memories on the ship was a "dolphin show" that went on for 45 minutes best observed from the Infinity pool! We would be unable to cancel the cruise (don't have cancel for any reason insurance) BUT I certainly would NOT have booked it if I knew access to that pool and area would be closed! To each our own!!!!
  3. deec


    the best ever was the expresso martini up in the Explorer's Lounge !!!! Honey Bunny (can't remember his real name) used to infuse the Vodka with coffee beans....and the caffeine never bothered my sleep😴!
  4. the ships from the Sun on have a bigger gym which is an improvement. We had yoga by the pool many times on cruises that I have been on.
  5. We are on a transatlantic in March and received the email from Viking. Sure hope that people are honest about travel and their health status. I just read an article about Diamond Princess quarantined in Japan, a situation that does not sound like something that I would enjoy!
  6. deec


    hockeyup, Was this a cruise you were already booked on? or was it an advertisement?
  7. deec

    Sky Buffet Bar

    During our WC the Captain's wife was onboard and she was delightful and very much a part of the "crew" acting as official hostess many times as we were in first time Viking ports. On occasion she was dressed in an elaborate and beautiful Scandinavian costume. She was so very friendly and engaging definitely added to the Viking experience. We have always enjoyed when some of the entertainers become "escorts" during excursions...always thing of it as a "back of the house" tour too! Thanks, Viking!
  8. the secondary health screenings are relying heavily on "self reporting". I am skeptical and think many will be selfish and "go on their vacation" and hope for the best!
  9. please!!! how easy to get to the airports on your own? we would be ending out trip with a flight from BA to Rio and then to the falls. thank you!
  10. The Visas may be good for more than a year, so you could use them in the future.
  11. deec

    Sky Buffet Bar

    I think on the newest ships there is a cooking station in that area now too. Anyone from the Orion or Jupiter can you comment. Clay totally agree The evening "special dinners" set out on the Terrace an be very good!!!
  12. Thank you all so much for the information. I think we may book this!!! CC Wine Lover...definitely will have more questions over a glass of wine while watching the Norwegian Fjords with you!!!!
  13. We leave October 13...so should miss the Holiday by a week. Thanks for the information.
  14. Was most of the trip warm enough to use the pools (open roof)? Thinking of this trip mostly to escape Northern Winter!!
  15. deec

    Sky Buffet Bar

    My favorite place for breakfast if I can not go outside is back there!!! Great drinks from that bar for the infinity pool and hot tub.....great place for sail aways!
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