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  1. Calling all Nancy Drew's our muster station is B02. Not really sure how to figure it out from there.....
  2. Nooooo Biker 19... bad mojo!!! LOL we are only having good balcony thoughts.🤗
  3. So true, lesson learned! Is what it is... Thank you hoopster95, fingers cross we might get one.
  4. But we didn't pay for an obstructed view GTY, do they do that a lot? First and probably now last GTY we book, if that happens.🤬
  5. We booked a GTY on Ovation for Aug, going to Alaska. We haven't received a room number. Edocs say deck 6, and the category XB. I went on RCC website and couldn't find XB. Any ideas what XB stands for?
  6. I second for Park connect, seems to good to be true, but we used it last Jan. works like a charm. We paid $28 for 5 day cruise. When we did it, it was automatic for Channelside garage, and they just said welcome. We could park anywhere. Maybe because we were the only ship at port. I read everything I could find before we tried it, so glad we did. I wish it would expand to other ports!
  7. We found it moved very fast. The line was not held up at all. I find more and more people are doing it.
  8. Just made a reservation with Seattle express, pier to sea-tac, aaa discount $34, two with bags. They say they run every 15 min from 7-11am. 5 star review from tripadvisor.
  9. Following as well. Please let us know what time your thinking of disembarking? will you be using Seattle express then? (thank you for that tip I am googling right now)
  10. Going on Ovation out of Seattle in Aug to Alaska. I've been waiting for the entertainment to open up and make reservation. Can anyone tell give me a rough estimate of when they open the reservations? So far they only have Pixel, and we are 73 days out. I do check everyday and thank goodness I do because they had the north star open to book, and now its full.
  11. please forgive this stupid reply, are you talking per day or is that for the whole week?
  12. Please excuse this silly question.... I see on the taxi sign they take major credit cards, is that the only form of payment. Do they take cash? Gosh it sounds even more stupid when I say it.....🙃 Have never been to Seattle before.
  13. Is there a water taxis that takes you to Atlantis? Looking to just explore. For those who are familiar with Atlantis, can you just walk around and visit the shops or is there a fee to get on the property? Is the taxi near where the ships dock? Thank you.
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