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  1. I don't tend to make many big purchases of gifts, jewelry, etc while on cruises. On the rare occasion that I do, I use a credit card. However, I tend to snack a lot from vendors as I walk around. I also tend to buy little inexpensive trinkets. Hence the choice of having small amounts of local currency in my zippable pockets. Even in my home base in NYC, I tend to be a cash payer. My husband is the opposite. He's got his Fitbit pay setup and does almost everything with a bank card. Mock of you will, but from time to time, my way has gotten us out of a bind. 😉 I'm old enough and have traveled enough to know what works for me. I use cards judiciously, but also prefer to have cash ready to go. I am a planner who likes to be well prepared. Again, thank you for sharing your suggestions in an effort to help me decide how to handle this matter. And look at it this way, if I find that the cost of acquiring currency from those 3 countries in advance is ridiculously exorbitant, I'll simply have to wait to find an ATM upon disembarking. More stressful for me, but definitely doable. Either way, thanks for your time.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to advise me! After reading your suggestions, I'll look into getting small amounts of the currencies I need for these countries, along with the euros I typically get in advance from the bank.
  3. Hi! We're set to sail on the Brilliance of the Seas in August. Being that 3 ports of call: Denmark, Russia, and Sweden use a currency other than euros, how would you suggest we go about getting local currency? We will be with a shore excursion during each of these stops, so I don't foresee having easy access to an atm. How have you handled this situation? Thanks in advance.
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