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  1. I don't think that the rules don't apply to me. In fact, I am a rule follower to a fault. However, I have been burned before when I wore (and packed) formal clothes on a cruise line that had a formal dress code but didn't enforce it. I found out the first night that I was WAY over-dressed and wore more comfortable clothes the rest of the week. Many people have posted that they like cruising because they get to dress up for dinner (which I respect and understand), but there are many of us who wear formal clothes for work and would prefer to dress down on vacation. Shorts and a nice, button-down shirt are not disrespectful to other diners. You will see me in the MDR on the Equinox dressed according to the dress code. Still shocked at the animosity toward a simple and innocent question... what are these forums here for if people are going to be rude?
  2. Thanks to all (well most) for quick and helpful responses - that was just what I was looking for! I am aware that there are dress code differences on every line, but there are also enforcement differences, which is what I was interested in. Just curious why people get so easily annoyed in forums like this when someone dares to ask a question looking for a specific answer.... if you don't want to see another dress code thread, then don't read them (or reply in them). Sometimes searching for topics doesn't always find exactly what you are looking for, which is why people turn to community forums such as this. No need for animosity, in my opinion. Thanks again!
  3. Hello, all! My husband and I are cruising on Celebrity for the first time (Equinox) and are excited to try a new cruise line. I have done some research regarding dress code at dinner in the MDR. It seems that they prefer that you do NOT wear shorts or flip flops at dinner in the MDR. Is this something that is actually enforced? Will we be asked to leave and change into pants and closed toed shoes? We also cruised on Symphony of the Seas at the beginning of June and wore shorts and flip flops (with a nice, button-down shirt) to dinner each night with no problem. I'm definitely willing to wear pants and closed-toed shoes, however I am always WAY more comfortable in shorts and flip flops -- especially in the hot Caribbean weather. Just curious if anyone has insight into the enforcement of the Celebrity dress code. Thanks, all!
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